Rukia sighed, living as a human was hard and annoying. She had to go to school and make sure Ichigo didn't get into to much trouble, especially when he was needed as a Death God. Being human again did have a few perks, she could feel again. She had the gift of emotion, something only humans were granted. Really the only emotion she felt was annoyance, towards Ichigo. She guessed she had grown to care atleast alittle for the teen. She also now sort of had friends, they were mainly Ichigo's but before she had never really needed friends.

She was snapped back to the present when someone waved their hand infront of her face. "Hey Rukia, have you figured out 4 yet?" Tatsuki asked standing infront of her and holding her paper. "Oh, uhm yes," She replied and Tatsuki smiled and spun the paper so she could read it. The two were working together in math. They had split the problems. When class was over Tatsuki asked, "So would you wanna hang out after school?" "Uhh sure i guess," Rukia replied. Tatsuki grinned then said, "I'll be at the front."

When school was over Rukia found Tatsuki who was right where she had said she would be. "So what had you been wanting to do?" Rukia asked as they started walking. "Wanna go to the park?" Tatsuki asked. "Sure," Rukia responded.
When they got to the park Tatsuki asked, "Do you fight?" "Yes, why?" Rukia asked. "I had wanted to fight you," She said. "Ok," Rukia said and put her bag by Tatsuki's.

It was a while later both girls were breathing hard, neither had won yet. "You're better than i expected," Tatsuki said. Rukia merely nodded and jumped at her faking a knee to the stomach to hit her in the face then she had Tatsuki pinned to the tree. "Looks like i win," Rukia smirked. "Yeah," Tatsuki agreed slightly breathless. Rukia slowly leaned forewardand Tatsuki moved as well, their lips connecting in a soft yet lustful kiss.

Not much long after both were naked. Rukia kissed and sucked Tatsuki's neck as her fingers lightly rubbed the girl's pussy. Tatsuki groaned softly, becoming wet on Rukia's fingers. Rukia shoved her fingers deep into the girl as she bit her neck. With her free hand Rukia played with Tatsuki's right breast. Tatsuki came on Rukia's fingers and Tatsuki grabbed the shorter girl by the waist with one arm and shoved three fingers into her. Rukia gasped, falling into Tatsuki. Tatsuki leaned her against the tree and knelt down. She carefully inserted another finger then closed her fist and shoved it inside of the girl. Rukia gasped sharply. Tatsuki pumped her fist into the girl hard until she came. Tatsuki stood as Rukia fell against her. Tatsuki kissed her one last time then they started gathering their clothes and left the park, Tatsuki grinning, Rukia blushing and smiling.