"Okay," Arthur hiccupped, slightly tipsy. "I've never drank one of Gaius' potions," everyone out of the four except Gwen didn't drink. They all turned towards her astounded.

"You've never?" Morgana asked.

"Yup," she replied. "Never, I've not needed to."

"Double negative…" Merlin prompted, and received a playful shove from Gwen.

Gwen thought for a little while (even though it had been a tripple negative, though she'd not mention it), and then grinned. "I've kissed Arthur," Arthur scowled, as both Merlin and Morgana took a drink from the wine cups. He kicked out at Merlin, making the young warlock yelp.

"It was a accident!" Merlin cried, annoyed beyond belief.

"Yeah right!" the prince retorted.

"Just cause you liked it!" Morgana chanted giggling – Gwen grinned, the woman really couldn't hold in her alcohol.

"When did you kiss Arthur?" Gwen asked interested.

"A while a go, it was to pay him back really." Now again it was Arthur's turn, he grinned as Merlin topped up everybody's drinks.

"Right, who's ever had a crush on Merlin?"

Only Gwen drunk - glowering at Morgana and knowing the secret truth. Poor Merlin's ears literally glowed in the dark light of the courtyard. Arthur smirked, and Morgana smiled.

"Who's ever been properly kissed?" Gwen asked, although already knowing the answer. Both her and Merlin drank happily, as the other two raised their eyebrows.

"You two have… when did we miss this?" Morgana asked surprised.

"She thought I was dead…" Merlin grinned.

"Your heart stopped!" retorted Gwen indigently.

Merlin shrugged, though smiling. "I still don't see why you apologised."

"Because the action was completely spontaneous!"

"Completely spontaneous actions are normally very rewarding…" Arthur stated wisely.

Merlin suddenly felt very, very, sober. "I've wanted to kiss someone the second time – without them apologising."

Gwen swallowed, well she had to drink, didn't she. She felt all eyes on her, and the tension in the air was so think that you could cut it with a knife. Surprising everybody Morgana broke the ice before taking a drink of her own goblet.

"Arthur apologised when he kissed me," she told everybody knowingly.

"It was a impulse!" the prince was indigent, but took a large gulp of his own goblet.

"Are you going to kiss her then Arthur?" using the pause in the conversation to break the connection between him and Gwen, (which both where glad for). Morgana went bright red, as Arthur leaned towards her, in a second their lips met, in a acholo fused kiss. It started innocent but gradually turned passionate. Merlin and Gwen titled their heads to the side.

"I didn't know that was actually possible," the young warlock sated at their current position.

"Niether did I," Gwen agreed. It was like a horrible incedent, you wanted to look away but you just couldn't.

Both realised that they had done something very bad. Arthur and Morgana – together, it would all end in tears. A guttural moan from Arthur made them suddenly realise what they where watching. Merlin stood abruptly, pulling Gwen up with him.

"I think that we should go now," he recommended to his companion.

Gwen nodded. "But what about-?"

Merlin cut her off. "I think they'll realise before the inevitable happens."

The blacksmiths daughter grinned.

"Do you want me to walk you back?" he asked.

Gwen shook her head. "No thank you, I still had some things I needed to finish in the castle." Merlin nodded, the moment suddenly becoming awkward.

"Er, right, okay," Merlin rubbed the back of his neck. Suddenly Gwen leaned in a kissed him. It was brief, and neither had time to deepen it.

"A kiss without a apology," Gwen smiled, and with a little peck she left the courtyard, leaving Merlin with a goofy smile on his face.

Thank god it was Saturday tomorrow. He was going to have one hell of a headache.


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