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Well, seeing as my first attempt to write yaoi failed so dramatically that it and no other yaoi will ever grace my profile, I decided to make an attempt at yaoi's (in my opinion) hotter counterpart, yuri. Enjoy

Akatsuki's Angel

In a small clearing outside the Hidden Leaf Village, a pink-haired kunoichi was training by attacking targets attached to the surrounding trees. Her name was Sakura Haruno, and she was one of the most powerful and skilled medic ninja in Konoha (second only to Tsunade herself, actually).

As she launched three shuriken into the air, each hitting their target dead center, she spun around and leapt at another, a pale blue aura beginning to emit from her clenched fist. Her blow made contact with the tree and not only destroyed her target, but also uprooted the tree and sent it spiraling away.

Sakura was so intent in her training, though, that she didn't notice the two sets of eyes peering at her from the shelter of the trees. One pair looked more or less normal, besides their rather unusual violet colour. The second pair, however, looked more demonic than humanly, with red where a human's eye is white, lime green irises, and no pupils.

The bearer of the violet eyes- a silver-haired man with a three-bladed scythe attached to his back- moved to attack her, but his partner reached out and held him back. Hidan looked up at Kakuzu's masked face and hissed "Jashin dammit! Can we just fucking get this over with!?" "Have you ever even tried thinking, Hidan? We have to bring her back unharmed. Her medic skills will be useless if she herself is injured." Hidan grumbled slightly before calming himself down.

"So what the hell are we going to do?" Kakuzu turned to survey the diligently training kunoichi before answering "It's actually quite simple. You leap out, do some of your insane religious bullshit, and divert her attention by engaging her. Remember-no injuries. Afterwards… I snare her" As he spoke, a number of thin black tendrils emerged from Kakuzu's sleeve. Hidan shuddered in spite of himself- the things had always creeped him out.

As his quintuple-hearted partner crept away, Hidan turned back to the girl and gripped his scythe tightly. He may have been immortal, but he had no desire to suffer the same fate as that tree. So, after a few seconds of mental preparation, he leapt out of his cover and landed with a thud behind her.

She was good, alright; he had barely hit the ground when she was facing him, two shuriken gripped between her middle and index fingers on both hands. Upon seeing who had surprised her, her face whitened a bit; but otherwise she stood her ground. Hidan grinned manically and gripped his rosary, then launched himself at her.

She managed to block his first two strikes with kunai, then used his shoulders as a support to flip over his back and kick him into a tree. Hidan cursed and turned around to find her standing about twenty feet away, two wicked-looking knives held ready in her hands "Why are you here?" she asked in a shaky but loud voice. Hidan just grinned "I think you're about to find out" Sakura looked at him questioningly, then her eyes widened as she felt somethingwrap around her wrists like steel wire. Swinging around in alarm, she was greeted by the sight of two black threads gripping her arms and many more emerging from the ground.

Sakura attempted to jump away, but the two tendrils gripping her yanked her to the ground, smashing her head against the dirt. The last thing that she saw before she blacked out was a cloaked figure bursting out of the ground and his companion shouting "Oh, sure- I wasn't fucking allowed to hurt her!" at him.

When her eyes began to flutter open, Sakura became aware that she was swinging around, as if suspended in midair. Then, the last traces of unconsciousness faded away, and she was being supported along a dirt path through the trees, with an unknown masked ninja's tentacles gripping her around the wrists, elbows, legs, and waist. The silver-haired man that had attacked her was walking a few feet ahead.

And both wore the cloud-adorned cloaks of Akatsuki members.

Panic was her immediate reaction, but then she remembered something Master Kakashi had told her-

Fear does nothing but cloud your judgment. Don't let it control you

Sakura took a few deep breaths, calmed down, and began to access her situation. Her arms were pinned, as were her legs, but her weapon pouch hadn't been removed. And her right hand was almost directly beside it. She shifted slightly, afraid that the masked Akatsuki would feel her movements as she reached into her pouch and extracted a shuriken. She lifted the star and took careful aim at the scythe wielder.

Scythe wielder? An Akatsuki scythe wielder?

Sakura frowned slightly. She was beginning to recognize the pair now. They were two Akatsuki ninja named Hidan and Kakuzu, both of whom were considered the most effective pair in the organization. She remembered that there was something else about them, but what?

Never mind, she thought. I'll figure it out later.

She lifted the shuriken once more, held it steady, and let it fly. The throwing star flew past Kakuzu's tentacles and buried itself in Hidan's lower back- directly into one of his vitals. Sakura smiled in triumph as she heard him curse in pain, but her triumph quickly turned to frightened shock when he simply pulled out the shuriken and turned towards her, his eyes filled with killing intent. It was then she remembered that last fact about the duo: they were both considered immortal

"Hidan" Kakuzu said warningly as his partner unhooked his scythe "Seriously?! This bitch just put a fucking knife in my back!" "I know. I should have done it hours ago. Now shut up and keep walking" Hidan growled at the ex-Waterfall nin, then turned and kept walking.

Sakura, realizing that physical attacks were pointless, turned her attention to Kakuzu. "What the hell are you doing?! And where are you taking me?!" Kakuzu looked her in the eye, and the Konoha kunoichi couldn't help but shiver as his eerie eyes settled on hers. "Right now, we are transporting you to the Akatsuki's hideout. By the way, you've been unconscious for several hours, so don't bother trying to find out where you are. Once we get there, you will be required to heal our leader's partner. Afterwards, you will be released" He paused "In what condition is up to you"

"Hey- Konoha bitch" Hidan shouted over his shoulder "Before we release you and everything, I have something I want you to do for me" Sakura looked coldly at him, but as he was about to continue, Kakuzu cut him off "Basically, Hidan will screw anything that has a pretty face and boobs, so I'm assuming…"

There was no need to finish his statement, because Sakura's face had abruptly taken on a death glare that would make Itachi proud. "Frig you! I am never getting in bed with you!" Hidan just smirked "I'll change your mind before this is all over"

Sakura's death glare faded and she answered softly "No, I don't think you will" "And why the hell not?" Hidan retorted. Sakura closed her eyes; she had no idea why she was about to tell them this, when she was having a hard time convincing herself. Probably because if not, they (and by they, she meant Hidan) would be hitting on her the whole time.

"Because…" she continued in an even quieter voice "I like girls" Hidan had abruptly frozen, a look of complete shock on his face, and Kakuzu was obviously torn between surprise at her reply and amusement at his partners face.

Sakura, eyes still closed, thought about how she had found out. How it had started when she caught herself staring at parts of her girl friend's bodies that she normally punched Naruto out for looking at. Then, at Kiba's New Year's party, she had had a bit too much to drink and wound up making out with Hinata (who had drunk so much that she thought she was kissing Naruto). Although her friends had quickly accepted her lesbianism (some, like Lee and Kiba, took a bit longer- Lee because he was interested in her and Kiba because he was interested in every teenage girl in Konoha), it had resulted in her dating life becoming nonexistent.

Sakura was abruptly jerked out of her flashback by a strange sound. She listened closer, then realized it was Hidan laughing! Beside her, Kakuzu was even chuckling slightly to himself. Sakura's eyes flew open and she gave Kakuzu a weird look "Did I miss something?" Hidan turned to Kakuzu and grinningly asked "Should we tell her?" "Be my guest" Kakuzu replied.

Hidan turned towards her "See, it's like this" he said in a tone normally reserved for explaining things to students "The bitch we're taking you to heal swings the exact same way you do" Sakura's eyebrows shot up so far that they were in danger of disappearing into her hairline. "She's a she?! And a lesbian?!" "Yeah. It's a bit of a shame, really, 'cause she's a really hot bitch" At this, Sakura relapsed into thoughtful silence and Hidan began looking forward again just in time to run into a tree. The resulting curses sent every bird within a two mile radius screaming away.