Because I love to have like
a GAZILLION things to do!!!!

Actually this was an idea I had for a while
just needed the right wrestler for it.

Everyone writes about Edge or someone else being a whore
so I decided to get an inner muse for this one
a muse I didn't think I'd have
a muse I didn't KNOW i had

So this is for my Cody Rhodes muse.
Each chapter will circle around a song
NOTE: some songs will repeat if the lyric fits


Chapter 1: She Can Get It

"Yeah she don't stop
She working' it all about
She moves it around the clock
And she can get it, sh-sh-she can get it
Don't quit, the way that she moves it
She's making me lose my grip
And she can get it, sh-sh-she can g-g-get it"

-Kevin Rudolf "She Can Get It"

Another city, another day and another guy to sneak out of their hotel room. Luckily she decided to wear flats because the last time she wore heels to land a guy, the hotel room he was placed into didn't have carpet. Try sneaking out of a place while wearing heels and the guy tells you he's a light sleeper. That was a huge no, because he asked her to stay the night until the morning. That was against her rules, hell being there for that long while debating how to sneak out was against her rules. In her eyes it was get in, get what you came for and then get the fuck out of there.

Too bad sometimes she wasn't so smart and slept with her own co-workers. I mean there was that whole Evan Bourne situation. She had slept with Evan while they were touring and he was on ECW. Smart right? Not if the next day was some blockbuster trade set up by Donald Trump and now he was on her show. He followed her and asked why she was not in the bed with him in the morning. She didn't properly know how to explain that; nor did she think something like that was going to happen to her.

Then there was the time before the draft in 2008. She was originally on Raw and it was Wrestlemania weekend. It's the only weekend where regardless of brand; they all came together on one stage. One too many drinks later she found herself, hands tangled in the blonde mane of the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Now usually she would have groaned in such disappointment, however this was Adam Copeland. Newly single, equally slutty and majorly hot in her eyes. There was no disappointment there.

There was an almost time with John Cena, way before he was a huge name. He was just really starting out on Smackdown and she was a brand new diva on the same brand. She watched relationships start and die while in training and saw how they became so complicated and weird after being near someone for so long and now have to work with them. It was then that she cut off John, leaving him confused… and with a serious case of blue balls.

Now here she was, sneaking out and slowly closing the door of the hotel room that belonged to another stupid mistake… or as she would now joke as a 'Miz-take'. How could she sleep with someone so lowly and small on a match card like Mike Mizanin boggled her mind. That was until she saw her two partners in crime standing by the hotel elevator doors, holding in serious giggles. Of course someone like The Miz would be considered a joke and better yet in her eyes and basing it on the amounts of it sitting in the hands of her best friends, a nice piece of chump change and something to do to kill spare time.

This person was none other than Alyssa Foster. Alyssa has been a WWE Diva since around late 2004 and is currently the Diva's Champion. Her light brown hair and hazel eyes have always been the kryptonite to all men. The way she would carry herself in her small, yet sleek and fit 5' 7" frame was a turn on for the male species. In her eyes, Alyssa was the perfect female; she wasn't clingy nor was she looking for a relationship at the moment. Alyssa was the kind of girl who didn't want any kind of strings attached while she knew she could experience life. Yes, she was promiscuous at the tender age of 25, coming into the business when she was just about to turn 19, but it was her life and she made sure she was protected because people carry diseases, like pregnancy.

Alyssa slowly laughed and stumbled to her friends at the hotel elevator. One being the past Diva's champion, Maryse Ouellet. Yes, the Canadian French beauty was her partner in crime when it came to exuding confidence and sex appeal. The tall blonde bombshell had befriended her when she was participating in the Diva Search. When Maryse went to training facilities, Alyssa took it upon herself to train her as well. Alyssa likes to say and take any credit of Maryse being a tough competitor, and Maryse just giggles and speak in French, throwing off everyone except Alyssa who understood Maryse.

The other was an unlikely consort, being the cocky and arrogant third generation superstar, Randy Orton. Now, you would think because he's a male and she oozes sex appeal, they've slept together. Well, you'd be thinking correct. He was about to be drafted over to Raw and she was staying at Smackdown. One night of passion formed the only string they both were happy to carry, friendship. Now Randy was married, but was still just a big of a whore as Alyssa was. Although she'd never call him a whore, and he would never call her a whore. In Randy's eyes, they were 'the welcoming committee' and that's the title they were sticking to.

"Now I didn't think you'd actually do it Aly" Randy started while choking back fits of laughter. After all it was close to 2 am, and everyone was sleep, including Mike. "Either you were seriously bored or you've lowered your standards. If the second one is the case, then I think I deserve another shot"

"Keep it in your pants Orton" Alyssa started while smiling and grabbing the money from his hands. "After all, when you and Maryse put up five grand each to complete a dare, I'm all game for it. I'm expensive, after all. You two now know that for handing me over the easiest ten grand I've ever made. Besides… Randal, what would Sam think?"

"Who said Sam would know?" Randy asked as his face crumbled a little, realizing that she was right. That was the easiest ten grand she ever made, and she was the highest paid Diva.

"Well maybe now Mike can be off of my back" Maryse started while handing over the five grand that was enclosed in her hand. Flipping her long blonde locks of hair behind her shoulder she giggled and inhaled. "après tout des gens de son statut ne peut même pas respirer le même air de l'un comme moi"

"Now you understand how I felt in there Maryse" Alyssa responded quickly, fully understanding the words from Maryse's lips. "Ugh, people of his kind should not be near people like us. Just like people like Barbie should not have been near you at any point in time Randy. I say this because I care, but she has like some weird thing going on with her eye when she sees you"

"Well Barbie is the least bit of your worries. I hear ECW has this new general manager and this set of twins there. I'm thinking I should pay a visit that way" Randy joked while wiggling his eyebrows, making Maryse and Alyssa laugh loudly and then run into the elevator.

On the elevator Alyssa thought about what had just happened and laughed. This whole new roster of newbies made everything cramp her style. No one here was worth the time or the chase. Yes she should focus on defending the title, but besides Maryse who else would dare to challenge her? Alyssa could beat anyone who even dared to try. However now she needs something to do with life.

"So what's next?" Alyssa mumbled while looking up at Randy. The doors opened and they connected eyes with a young and brooding Cody Rhodes.

"Game on…" Maryse mumbled before walking off with Randy on her heels, chuckling.

"I think so…" Alyssa whispered while keeping eye contact with Cody. The game was definitely on.