Operation Chapter 1. Waiting

Tuesdays were usually the same as any other days at Trinity Hospital in the heart of downtown Washington D.C. Alwasy with the same waves of anxious faces egger for any news about loved ones, coming through the waiting room. Today however, the receptionist could say that she was experiencing something completely knew to her.

At almost exactly ten that morning a large group of people had rushed into the surgical waiting room. They all imediatly made a beeline to her, all talking at once- demanding information on someone. Somehow she had gotten their chatter to die down and she had asked who they were looking for. Faces... no, beautiful faces looked at eachother and then a tall handsome man stepped foreward. He was extremely muscular with a toned jaw, slightly tossled brown hair and deep brown doe eyes that captured her attention almost instantly. He looked at her for a moment, which ultimatly made her heart skip. Was he checking me out?

Then looking her right in the eyes he introduced himself. "Hi Jessica, my name's Special Agent Seeley Booth, we're family of Dr. Temperance Brennan and we were wondering if you could tell us any information you might know about her condition." Heads nodded behind him.

They all wore the same mask of worry and concern but his was the deepest set. Something about the way he had tried to smile at her made him look close to tears and Jessica felt horrible. Beautiful people shouldn't suffer so much. Being in pain didn't suit them.

She felt even worse because she could only tell them that Dr. Brennan had gone into surgery about an hour before and that she didn't know when the procedure would be over. The defeated group hung their heads and as they slowly made their way over to the cluster of chairs, they each sank roughly into their seats. Except for Agent Booth, who had started to pace back and forth in front of them.

Their depression seemed to envelope the entire room and Jessica hung her head for a moment. Then something caught her eye. Clipped to her scrubs breast pocket was her hospital ID card. As she fingered the piece of plastic the realization dawned on her that Agent Booth had no interest in her what-so-ever and when she had thought that he was checking her out, he had in fact, only been reading her nametag. Knowing this caused the raincloud she imagined hanging over the room to turn compleley black.


Three hours later it was still there, and Agent Booth was still pacing. When he wasn't pacing he had either been making calls on his cell phone or going to get coffee. He was never gone for more than five minutes, but during that time it allowed Jessica a break from staring at the handsome man and a chance to finally notice his companions.

There were four of them. Two women and two men. One of the women was an african american beauty; tall and slender with straight black hair that was pulled into a no-nonsense bun. Everything about her attitude would have screamed 'fierce', but today her eyes were closed and her head was leaned back against the wall in what seemed like and admittance to defeat.

To her left sat the other woman. Caucasian this time with brilliant brown eyes that were overflowing with silent tears. Her heart shaped face was framed with soft billowing brown curls that were currently being squashed as she laid her head on the shoulder of the first man.

He had been just slightly shorter than her, but he made up for it in other ways. His tired face encased large sea blue eyes that popped against his creamy skin and copper colored hair. Jessica thought he was handsome... when Agent Booth wasn't around. Not that it mattered anyway, he was obviously taken. She could tell because he had his arm wrapped around the shoulders of the woman next to him, rubbing her arm supportingly and had the fingers on their other hands entertwined.

To his left was the second man- boy, Jessica ammended. He looked to be at least ten years younger than the other four. His boyish face was set in a frown as he stared at the floor. His almost too long hair was slightly shading his eyes from view and it gave Jessica the impression that he didn't really know what was going on.

For the better part of the time they were there they sat quietly but everyonce in a while one would wisper to the other to low for Jessica to hear. Whoever this woman is she better make it through. She thought to herself as she stole periodic glances at the group. She seems really loved. She's lucky.