Coming Home

After sitting on the plane watching my twin daughters Emmalin and Carlie playing for four hours I felt bad for not coming home sooner. They were both missing out on so many things that Forks held just because I was disappointed with their father. I would right this mistake once I had settled back into town. I decided to let my mind wander and travel back to happier times. It was hard to believe that seven years ago I was on a plane similar to this going to Forks to live with Charlie my dad. I was only seventeen and felt a pull to spend my last two years of high school with him.

I can still hear Renee telling me I'd hate all the wetness of Forks. She was right at first I disliked everything about the town of Forks, especially the fact that it drove my mom crazy – to the end of her rope. I was two when she fled from the small town moving us to Phoenix, Arizona. Of course she divorced my dad and then I was forced to visit him there every summer till I was fourteen when I put my foot down, making him come to visit me instead of the other way around.

My sophomore year in high school two things happened that made me flee; one my mother remarried a baseball player named Phil Dryer and my mom gave birth to Lily my half sister. I decided that I needed to let them be together and for me to be with Charlie. I missed my dad at times and was thankful that he openly accepted me when I moved to live with him. I had everything packed and ready right after school ended I boarded a plane and flew to Washington. I knew that my decision made him excited for once to spend the summer with me.

It was during my first week in Forks that I ran into him, the man that would change my life forever. He was out running errands for his mother Esme with his twin sister. I knew my father had poor eating habits but was surprised to find that he didn't have hardly any food once so ever in his kitchen. I was at the grocery store when I ran into Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen in the pasta isle.

I was getting a couple different types of pasta noodles when I accidentally pushed my shopping cart into his. When I looked up horrified I thought a Greek God had come down from heaven. He was well built with striking emerald eyes and very messy almost bed head bronze hair. Of course Alice was following close behind him with some food. She looked a little like a pixie with her spiky black hair and piercing baby blue eyes. She looked a lot like her brother and then at the same time different. I was taken back by their natural beauty and graceful essence.

That very day without knowing much about either of them I fell head over heels for him. I loved him with my entire being; heart, body and soul. When school started I met their older brother Emmett and their adoptive siblings Jasper and Rosalie Hale. They were all so very nice and welcoming to me. Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie were seniors and Edward, Alice and I would be juniors. I enjoyed all of them and miss them each very dearly.

I was brought out of memory lane by my little girls' laughter and the weird expressions the person in front of us was making. He seemed to be a very nice and looked like he knew how to entertain children. It wasn't until now that I realized the man looked very familiar to me. Once I realized that it was indeed Jasper Hale my breath caught in my throat. I blinked my eyes twice to see if I was imagining it or if this was really real.

"Girls, please don't be bothering the nice man," I said as I pulled Emmalin's hair back into a ponytail since it was working its way out.

"It's alright. They really aren't bothering me they kind of remind me of my son and nieces," he said eyeing me up. I was pretty sure that he knew full well exactly who I was.

"Momma, the nice man told us he was heading to Forks just like us. Maybe we will see him there," Carlie said as she pulled a coloring book out of the carry on bag.

"Really," I asked in a questioning voice.

"I have lived in Forks since forever. My wife and I made our home there when we got married," he said as he gave the girls a silly face. I knew that was what they did from the periodic letters I received from Alice.

"Well that must be nice to have your family close by," I said as I pulled Emmalin up to sit beside Carlie.

"I have been traveling for work and when I found out about a family friend had been hurt pretty badly in a car accident so I started making my way home," Jasper replied quietly.

"Our grandpa was in a car accident, that's why were going to Forks," Emmalin says as she looks up to me. I make the mistake of allowing my eyes to meet his and I know he knows. I was indeed sure he knew who I exactly was.

"I'm sorry about Charlie," he whispers. I felt slightly relieved to have someone who

I knew from there with us.

"Jazz, it's alright. I was told he's going to be just fine," I quietly say confirming that I did indeed know him. A smile begins to play across his face.

"Does anyone know you're coming home," he asks letting the girls play with his hands.

"Only Billy Black, I wasn't even sure I was coming until he talked me into it. Well after these two had finally nagged me enough to come here for a while," I say plastering a fake smile on my face. I didn't want to make it look like I wasn't happy to see him, but I still wasn't ready to face one certain Cullen.

"So I'll keep it a secret until you decide to visit or else Alice will drive us all crazy wanting to see you," he says with a huge grin. I knew he was a good man, but Alice did get lucky when she got together with him.

"I'm sorry I missed your wedding" I whisper as I watch him play with Carlie's hand.

"Alice hope you'd show up, but was sure you had a good reason for not. I'm sure these two were part of the reason, the other being a brother of mine," he replies with a smirk.

"It was the second thought," I said in a snappy voice.

"Alice really thought that was the reason, yet didn't want to say it," he exclaimed.

We talked for the next hour and a half about our families getting caught up in it all. I had learned Rosalie and Emmett got married shortly after I left while Alice planned it all. They have two daughters Sara four and Katie two. He and Alice have one son named Jackson who was three. It felt weird that my little girls were the oldest out of all of our children. Esme still has the family dinners I once enjoyed every Sunday. Rosalie and Alice co-own a Boutique in Forks. Emmett went into law enforcement and is a Deputy for Forks police and will be filling in as Chief while my dad was out. Carlisle still works at Forks General. Jasper told me he was a Professor at the university in Port Angeles. I was surprised he never brought up Edward.

"Jasper, what about Edward," I ask. He turns his head from the twins to look up at me with sadness in his eyes. I almost regret asking him.

"He took your leaving really hard. He didn't understand what went wrong. At first he put a lot of effort into trying to find you, but always came up empty handed. That first year was the hardest on our family mostly Esme, Alice and him, then he just seemed to snap out of it. He continued going to school and finished the top of his class," he paused as if he was thinking of what to say next.

"Jasper," I said trying to read his face.

"During that first year he spent a lot of time with your dad. I think it was Charlie who helped snap him out of his slump. Charlie always did know what to say to keep Edward from losing it," he muttered. I looked away trying to think of how I was going to see my dad without running into Edward. He stopped there and I didn't push any more. I felt that the plane was beginning to descend so I settled back into my seat to just let things settle. I had started picking up all of the girls things when I felt a hand touch my arm.

"Bella, you'll have to tell him sooner or later about them," he said as he motioned to the twins.

"What do you mean?" I questioned dumbly. He held a smirk on his face.

"They look just like him. Alice is waiting for me, I'll try to get her out of the area before she sees you. No promises though," he whispers as he bends down and kisses my forehead. My heart hurt just from watching him walk away from me. How I have missed Forks and my family, holding onto my carryon and the twins hands I walk out of the terminal just in time to see Jasper and Alice leave.

"Ms. Swan," a young man asked as he approached us.

"Yes," I answer.

"I'm Sam Uley. Billy Black sent me to bring you and your girls to Forks," he said.

"Well that was nice of him," I said as he gathered our bags and led me to where he parked my dad's Audi.

"Your dad's car," he whispers motioning for me to follow.

"Has he even driven it," I mutter. He laughed at me and loaded the bags into the trunk.

"Probably not," he says as he finishes up with strapping the twins in and gets into the driver's side. He drives us to Forks quickly all the while answering any questions the twins ask him. My heart flutters as he pulls up into my father's driveway.

"Thank you," I say quickly helping to take out our bags.

"My wife has bought some groceries for you all when Billy told us you were coming," he says with a smile.

"Thanks," I say.

"You've been the talk of the town since your dad's accident. Everyone wanted to know if the big time publisher would come back to the small town she's from. Would she allow herself to come back to where she belongs or did any of this even matter to her," he quietly says in a joking manner. Yet in my heart I knew everything he said was probably was what was on every one's mind. That's the cost of living in a small town.

"They're not all talking about me are they," I ask.

"Most are," he mutters.

"That's just great," I now mutter.

"Emily's inside waiting to see if you'd like her to watch the twins while you visit Charlie," he whispers as he climbs into the other car in the driveway and drive's off.

I was home and I knew in my heart it was where I was supposed to be. Well actually it was where my heart wanted me to be. I also knew I would have to face my fears sooner or later or should I say my problems. I knew the problems I had come home to I would have to face head on or I wouldn't be able to survive it. I was in for the ride of my life and it was only my fault.

A/N: This is going to be an all human story. The thought came to me sometime in the middle of the night. I jotted down some thoughts and then this morning started typing it out. Please let me know what you all think about it.