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Love's Consequence

My mom and Alice had been calling me almost non-stop since I ran out of the house this afternoon. I was so upset with myself for the trouble I had caused to Bella and even to my family. I wanted to just give her some space and learn to come to terms with all that has been happening lately. My dad had some family in Chicago so I drove to Seattle and booked the earliest flight there which was at eleven p.m. tonight. I knew everyone in the family probably already knew how I flew the coop and ran, but it didn't matter to me. Only I could make the decisions in my life now and I needed to think things threw before returning.

While waiting to board the plane I allowed my mind to think about Bella. I hated to bring myself to admit how much I would miss her even though we were not together. I was thinking about the night she disappeared; she had asked me not to drink but I did anyway. All I wanted right now was to have her in my arms, holding her close to me. I still had almost two hours before I could board the plane. Looking around me I saw a bar, I needed a drink.

"What'll you be having?" the bartender questioned as he came over to me.

"I'll just have a coke," I say knowing alcohol wasn't what I needed right now.

"Sure thing," he replied as he got one and poured it into a glass and set it in front of me. I could hear the news on the TV, but it held little attention to me until I heard Bella's name.

"This is Angela Weber reporting right now in Forks right outside of Chief Charlie Swan's house where firefighters have been fighting a dangerous fire. It was reported just moments ago that Acting Police Chief Emmett Cullen and Deputy James Victors rescued two little girls from the upstairs bathroom. The girls have been taken to Forks General where family has been seen waiting. From the girls description their mother Bella Swan had left them in the bathroom while she went to another room. No one has seen Ms. Swan so it isn't clear if she has been found or not. Part of the upstairs had already collapsed before emergency workers arrived on scene. Right now all we can do is hope and pray that she is safe," she finished speaking as they still filmed the raging fire.

I don't even remember getting into my car and starting it, but I was in it and heading back to Forks. I couldn't believe that something like this could happen to Bella or my little girls. The whole drive back my heart burned with anger; trying to think of why this would happen and if someone was responsible for it. Why would anyone or anything want to harm someone as sweet and innocent as Bella? My car was pushing beyond 80 when I decided to call someone from my family.

"Hello," Alice said sadly as she answered on the first ring.

"Any news about Bella," I forced myself to ask.

"Edward, it's terrible they just brought her in. I can't believe she's….." she was cut off. The damn phone must have lost service. I didn't know if she was dead or alive. I just knew I had to get there so I pushed my foot down harder on the gas peddle. Once I hit Forks city limits red and blue lights flashed in my rearview mirror. It didn't matter to me I only had one mission and that was getting to the hospital, to my Bella. Once I saw the hospital parking lot I slowed down to pull into my designated spot, then ran into the ER where I was ambushed by Alice and our mom.

"Oh, Edward. She's not doing too well at all," my mom cried.

"How's the girls," I ask.

"Bella saved them with her quick thinking. She got both of them into the bathroom with water and wet towels. They were in Charlie's room which collapsed shortly after she moved them. That's where they found her within the rumble of the bedroom," Alice rasped out as she pulled me to her.

"Emmalin said Bella to stay put until help arrived," my mom said knowing I knew full well how difficult it was for her to know she might lose a child of hers. Bella was always like a third daughter to my mom and she always would be. She knew just how to protect them, but I wished she would have stayed with them until help had arrived.

"Edward!" my dad exclaimed looking at me.

"Dad," I whispered.

"Well we've got her stable, but she's not out of the woods just yet. Thankfully she is still alive and should be able to make a full recovery," he said looking directly at my mom and not at me.

"What I don't understand is she just had dinner with us. How could something like this happen so fast?" Alice seemed to say thinking out loud.

"She had dinner with you all," I ask trying to think positively about it.

"Yeah," Esme said giving a small smile.

"Here Edward! I was going to leave it in your office, but since you're here you can have it now," my dad said as he handed me a note with my name on it. I noticed that my name was written in Bella's messy handwriting. I opened it and began reading;


It's hard to imagine that night five years ago was what caused all of this grief and sadness in our lives. For the first year after I left I blamed you non-stop, but now after reading your note I feel awful knowing you didn't even know why I left. I find it hard to continue blaming you for something I helped cause. You suffered just as much as I did but in a different way for a whole other reason than I did. You meant everything to me, you were my life. There is still a part of me that loves you very much. I mean our time together gave me two very wonderful little girls.

They made me forget the past and helped my life be a little bit more bearable without you in it. Over time I found it hard to be mad at you when the girls reminded me of you in everyway. Our daughters made me remember the amazing times in our relation. They kept my horrible feelings for you away, but seeing you all wrapped up in Jessica brought them all flooding back to me and it hurt.

For five years my heart only belonged to you even though you hurt me, and broke me it was yours. You have been the only man I have ever let into my life and even in my bed for that matter. No one else has ever held me close to them or given me in pleasure of any sorts. It seems when I left Forks I left my heart there with you. I'm not saying that we will ever be like we were, but I don't want to fight with you either.

I want our little girls to be proud of their mom and dad. I want them to know that they were created out of love and not hate. They need to know that we will work together in raising them. I mean maybe one day we'll meet someone we fall in love with; we will need to be able to share them and not tear them apart by any disagreements we might have with each other. Our daughters should always be our number one priority from now on.

You might be wondering why I'm writing this letter to you. I want you to promise me if anything ever happens to me that you'll take care of our daughters for me. I don't want them to grow up without you in their lives. In my heart I knew I would eventually have returned home to you sooner or later. I was just trying to fight my heart and soul. Emmalin and Carlie mean everything to me without them my life would have no meaning. Take care of them as if they were me.

Don't worry about any paperwork your on their birth certificate as their father. I even have all of my bank accounts and property in your name as well. Funny how I used you all this time, yet I couldn't bring myself to come face to face with you. I hope you'll never have to be put in this position, but I even left you as my health protector. I couldn't leave Charlie or Renee to make those choices for me, knowing they would do whatever they felt in order to keep me alive. On the other hand I'd like to think you would make the choice I would if you were in my shoes. Take care of my life because now it's in your hands.


Bella Swan

I couldn't believe it. She did still care for me, that thought alone tore me apart. How could I have been so horrible to her? Why didn't I try harder to save our relationship?

"Where are my daughters?" I questioned just as I saw some police officers coming toward me.

"Mr. Cullen, you need to come with us," an officer said as he approached me.

"You can go to hell," I snapped at him. I saw Emmett coming out of a room just as the officer threw me onto the ground and cuff me.

"Hey! Jerry what's going on," Emmett said running over to us.

"I'm sorry man. I know he's your brother, but I chased him here speeding through town," Jerry said coming face to face with my brother.

"Jerry, Edward raced here because the two girls from the Swan fire are his daughters. Let him up and uncuff him. Charlie would have our heads if we arrested him for trying to get here to help with his granddaughters' well being," Emmett said as he moved closer to us. The man uncuffed me and gave me a slight push as he walked away.

"Where are Emmalin and Carlie?" I questioned.

"Cool down, Edward!" he whispered quietly as he moved make toward the room he had just exited. I moved past him to see Jasper sitting beside a bed where both girls laid. When he saw me he stood up quietly and left with Emmett. I went to stand in front of my little babies. As I looked at them I noticed how they looked just like each other. They held a lot of my features and Bella's wavy hair.

They would now need me more than ever, since their mother was unable to tend to them. I would have to learn how to tell them apart because to me they looked exactly alike. I was memorized by their beauty. My heart broke knowing that they would be hurting when they found out about their mother. One of the girls started to stir; she turned and looked up at me.

"Is my mommy okay," she whispered. I wanted to lie and tell her it was alright, but my heart wouldn't let me.

"She's here in the hospital. The doctors say she's hurt real bad, but she's a fighter," I say as she seems to stare right into my eyes.

"You're Mr. Edward," she replies.

"Yes I am," I say.

"Mommy told us you're our daddy, but that you didn't want us," she states quietly.

"Oh! I'm so sorry," I say as I gather her up into the safety of my arms. She just cries, not holding back any tears.

"I'm Emmalin," she quietly says as she pulls her face out of my shirt to look at me again.

"It's nice to meet you Emmalin," I say hugging her tightly.

"Carlie, use to ask mommy why you never came to see us. That's when she told us, before we were born she ran away from you. Did you hurt mommy to make her leave," she questioned me with tears again in her eyes. What was I going to do lie? Could I lie to my little girl?

"Emmalin, I'll never lie to you. I'll always be as honest as I can with you and Carlie. I did hurt your mommy long ago, but I didn't do it on purpose. It was an accident," I say.

"You're not going to leave us are you," she asks softly.

"I'll never leave you. I'll stay with you girls until you tell me to leave," I gasp out as she tugs me closer to her.

"Never, we'll never ask you to leave," she says with a small smile on her face. She was such a pretty little girl. Carlie was starting to wake up as my dad and mom opened the door to come into the room.

"Son, Bella left you as her health adviser. She's not doing too well," my dad says as my mom places her hand on my shoulder.

"Daddy, you're not going to leave us are you," Carlie asks as she sits up reaching for me.

"Never!" I say tugging her up in my arms.

"Edward please leave the girls here with me," my mom pleads.

"I'm not going to lie to them. I already told them she's not doing too well. They deserve to be near their mom if she does die," I retort back. As I walk down the hall toward the ICU area my heart begins to beat faster. I haven't even seen how bad Bella looked and I was bringing the girls to her.

"Sir, you can't be down here, nor are you allowed to bring children in the rooms," I heard the voice of Jessica Stanley.

"Dr. Cullen," she gasps out.

"Ms. Stanley, Bella Swan was in the fire from last night. I am her health advisor and I have come to check on her. These are our daughters. They'll be going anywhere I go," I snapped back.

"Your daughters," she mutters as I leave hearing her continue to mutter and swear under her breath. It was a little amusing.

"Who was she?" Emmalin questions as I knew it was her due to a ponytail that was in her hair.

"She's a nurse and receptionist here. I also dated her for a little while," I mutter afraid to look into her eyes.

As we walked into the room I caught my breath, Bella was covered in bandages lying right in front of me. She even had several different tubes running in and out of her. There were so many different machines hooked up to her that it was hard to know what was what. She looked like a mummy with all the bandages around her. I set Carlie and Emmalin down to pull the only chair in the room up to the bed.

"Okay, girls sit in this chair, while I go find her chart. I do not want you leaving this spot," I say motioning to the chair I just moved.

"Dr. Cullen, I wasn't aware you had returned," Dr. Martin said as she came around the corner.

"I just got back a little while ago. I heard about Bella Swan and the fire. I rushed here as fast as I could," I say quietly.

"Edward, I'm her normal doctor right now as I was five years ago. The day I told her she was pregnant was the best day of her life. I could see the excitement written all over her face. Several weeks later she comes to me saying she was moving. The father of her baby didn't want it, so she wasn't going to stay here any longer. Of course I found it intriguing that when she comes back that you decide to leave. You were that boy she loved more than life itself," she said already knowing the answer to her question.

"I've made mistakes then and now, but I will not make them again," I say as calm as I could.

"I can see the passion in your eyes. No one will question you down here. I've began setting up a bigger room for her with two beds one for her and one for the girls. It will probably become their home away from home," she said sadly handing me Bella's chart.

I took a huge breath because now Bella Swan's life laid in my hands. Could this be the chance to for me to fix the wrong's I have made? Yet the real question would be would it matter to Bella or not?