Chapter Eighteen.

It had been weeks since I'd last eaten any kind of fresh meat. I was irritable and half the time I couldn't think straight. I actually brought home a trash can one morning. That was it. Just one single can of trash.

Dr. Neville wasn't even angry. He actually seemed quite amused. However, when he asked me about it and tried to take it from me, I very rudely snarled and took a swing at him.

"Hey! What the hell're you doing?" he demanded as he leaned away from my hand. Sam growled and hid under the dining table.

"Don't touch my trash. . . ," I growled, hugging the canister to my chest and carrying it up to my room. Sam started to whimper and growl, so I turned around and let out a screech, shutting her up, then I shut myself up in my room, setting my trash bin in the corner.

I lied down on my bed but soon found out that it wasn't all that comfortable. I tossed and turned and growled for hours to try to fall asleep. Between that and my hungry belly, I was getting no where fast with sleeping.

Snarling, I sat up. The battery clock on the wall said. . . one. . . one something. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, but that didn't make it any easier, so I just tore the damn thing from the wall and threw it in my new prized possession—the trash can.

Panting—well, more than usual—I went and stood in an empty corner. It just felt safer and it was more comfortable then lying in that prone position.

That was how I actually fell asleep. Standing in that corner. I didn't wake up until the sun was completely under the horizon as usual and I turned from the corner and looked around. It was dark. Good. I was still hungry. Not good. There were sounds coming from downstairs and a voice. I narrowed my eyes. Also not good.

Growling, I walked toward the door. I stared at it though, suddenly wondering how I was going to open the thing. I could break it, but I knew there was an easier way. . . Somehow. . . I felt along the door, cursing my hunger.

The doorknob! That's it! I let out a low growl of satisfaction and turned the knob, pushing the door open. The voice was still there and someone was walking around. I growled, wondering what or who could be in my place.

My stomach clenched in pain and I hissed. Whoever was down there was going to feed me. They would rue this night. . .

I slowly made my way down the stairs. I could smell them. . . One human and one canine. My dry mouth watered and a growl started in my chest. A lovely meal they would make. Just a few more flights, then I wouldn't be hungry anymore.

"Stay here. I'm going to go and check on Alexis," the human said. I froze. The human was coming up the stairs.

I smirked. Right into my hands.

Silently—except for the sound of my rapid breathing—I waited. Just a few more seconds and the human would appear. I growled with the anticipation. Then, his head appeared around the landing. He looked up at me and I let out a low whine.

"Alexis, what—?"

He didn't get to finish his question: I threw myself down the stairs at the human, cutting him off. We tumbled down the stairs and he landed on top of me. I snarled again and then bit into his shoulder. The human gave a pained cry and I tasted the glorious tangy flavor of his blood in my mouth. . . . Oh how wonderful it would be to devour him. . . .

My head suddenly cleared and I released Dr. Neville from my teeth with a terrified squeak. Sam had appeared nearby, barking and growling, but she never tried to attack. She knew me, but now I was hurting her master. I knew she was confused.

Dr. Neville got up off me, holding his shoulder and glaring at me. I scrambled up against the wall, still sitting, and my hands over my mouth. "Doc—Robert, I—I—!"

"What the hell was that?" he yelled. He turned to his barking dog. "Sam! Get out of here!" She whimpered by scampered off, glancing over her shoulder and lying down somewhere.

"I'm sorry! I don't know what—I was so hungry! I didn't mean to. . . ," I said after he turned back to me. "I lost myself, I guess. . . I didn't even know who you were anymore. I didn't remember you lived here. . . I was just so hungry, you were just a piece of meat to me. . . Are you ok? I made you bleed!"

I let out a low wail that only an Infected could make.

Dr. Neville lifted his hand to look at the wound I had given him. He took a breath then shook his head. "It's fine. Nothing a little gauze won't fix." He shifted to walk to me and the air swirled. The smell of his blood hit me like a ton of bricks.

My stomach clenched painfully with my hunger and I got the urge to attack my friend again. My vision swam and I growled. Dr. Neville stopped, narrowing his eyes at me.

"You smell good enough to eat," I sighed, forcing my body to be still. Everything right then was demanding that I attack. With him so close and bleeding, it was getting hard not to throw myself at him and rend his flesh from his bones. "I need to get out of here."

He nodded and stood up to walk into another room. I could still smell him and his delicious blood. But I had to leave. Preferably before my mind was wiped clean and I forgot what I had to do. I had to leave and keep myself from hurting Dr. Neville. Or worse, hurting Sam.

After a few seconds I got to my feet and hurried toward the front door. I ran as far as I could from the house—which was pretty far—and stopped to rest.

I never took the car when I was hunting. I moved more silently on foot.

There was nothing on the streets except the Infected. They had bigger numbers, so I paid attention to their screeches. I wanted to know who was successful with hunting. I would steal their prize.

It took quite a few hours, but I finally heard what I wanted to hear—the victorious screeching of the Infected. I snapped to their heading and sprinted for the area I thought they were in.

The Infected were in the middle of the street, huddled over a dead something. I snarled and they all whirled around to face me, hunched over and mouths open as they growled back at me. I stormed toward them, murder on my mind, and a few ran, but some stayed behind.

They looked just as hungry as I was.

"Mine!" I declared in a ferocious snarl. More tore off for safety, but there were still those that were going to challenge me for the meal. That was fine. Maybe I could get rid of some of this anger.

I launched myself at the nearest one. It screeched and held its ground, but I bowled him over and slammed him against the ground. The others scattered, some grabbing scraps of meat, but others tried to help out their buddy.

I quickly dispatched my first victim and squealed as another Infected dug his teeth into my biceps. I whirled around and elbowed him in the nose with my free arm. I heard a satisfying crunch and the Infected went reeling.

The third one backed off, narrowing his eyes at me. I snarled at the others around and stood over the dead. . . deer. They had caught a deer.

Anyway, I snarled at them and turned a 360 to keep them at bay long enough for me to rip off one of the deer's legs. I glared furiously at the Infected, then I walked off, leaving the rest of the carcass there for them.

I turned a corner and settled myself in an alley, then started to dig into my boon. I stripped the fresh meat off the deer leg and completely cleaned the bone. There was not a piece of venision left to devour when I was finished with that limb.

It's safe to say that I was satisfied. Completely. My stomach no longer panged for food, my vision was crystal clear and sharp again. A fog had been lifted from my mind and I could think clearly again.

I sighed a huge sigh and leaned against the brick wall behind me. I would have to start getting meat earlier, otherwise I was going to end up seriously hurting poor Dr. Neville. That wouldn't be a very good thing. For either of us. I wouldn't be able to make it through the world anymore if I became the reason for Dr. Neville's death.

For several hours I just sat against the wall, my eyes closed, and listened to the sounds of the night. An owl hooted somewhere and that surprised me. The Infected were loud. I knew now why Dr. Neville was always so wary when he went to sleep.

I didn't move from that spot until the sounds of the effective soon dwindled to nothing and the first hints of daylight turned the sky a light gray. I got to my feet and slowly walked back to Dr. Neville's fortress.

The sun was completely over the horizon by the time I returned home. I could already feel the effects of the sun on my skin, but I got inside before the burns got too bad. The blinds were still drawn so I didn't have to worry about wondering around in the house.

I waited on the couch for Dr. Neville to wake up. Samantha came padding down the stairs, whining slightly, when she heard me come home. I smiled at her and held my hand out. She sniffed it, then nuzzled my hand with her nose. I started to scratch her ears and she sat down, looking up at me from the tops of her eyes.

"That's a good girl. You're such a good doggy," I crooned in a whisper, smiling down at the dog. I started to stroke her cheeks with both my hands and Sam's tail thumped happily against the ground.

After I few minutes I made myself a dinner. Well, it wasn't really dinner. I was quite full from the deer leg, but I had gotten a little peckish after my walk, so I got myself a small bag of Gold Fish. Dr. Neville said I shouldn't eat snacks, but he had all this snack food. How could I not?

It was another hour before Dr. Neville woke up. He came tromping noisily down the stairs, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hand. He had his shirt off and had bandages wrapped around his shoulder and pecks to deal with my wound. I felt myself blush with chagrin.

He looked up at me, his hand still in his eye, then dropped his hand. "Hello, Alexis. Did you have a nice night?"

I nodded silently, not looking at him. "Got something to eat," I murmured.

Dr. Neville nodded and looked at his dog. She tilted her head and cocked her ears up. "How'd you sleep?" he asked her, walking into the kitchen. I looked down at Sam, she glanced at me, then followed her master.

Sighing, I leaned forward and propped my head up on my elbows. I rubbed my face with my hands, feeling absolutely horrible.

The sound of dishes and pans met my ears after a few seconds, then I heard Dr. Neville approach me. I tilted me head back to look up at him and expected him to be glaring at me, but his gaze was soft and sympathetic.

"You don't have to feel bad, you know. I know you didn't mean to hurt me. We've still got a lot to learn about your condition. It would seem to me that the hungrier you get, the quicker you transform into one of those things. Your hair has been looking stronger since we cut it."

I ran my fingers through my chin-length brown hair. It was still frighteningly thin, but it was soft and felt more like hair instead of crunched up, dry leaves.

"I'm sorry," I muttered, indicating to his shoulder.

He lifted his hand to touch his shoulder and waved it off. "Oh, I've had worse than that. Do you want some breakfast?"

I took a breath, then got to my feet and shook my head. "No. I just want to go to sleep. I got enough to eat for the day," I said, walking toward the stairs. He nodded, then I trekked up to my room.

Slowly, I closed the door behind me and walked to my bed, standing over it. I just stared at it for a few seconds, then I walked over to the corner with my precious trash can. I stared at it blankly, wondering why the hell it had been so important to me.

When I couldn't come up with anything, I just opened my door and set it outside. I would just let Dr. Neville deal with it if he came up to check on me. I wanted some sleep.

However, I didn't much feel like sleeping on the bed. I gave it a look, then I went and stood back in the corner. It was much more comfortable than lying down. I felt like I could relax easier, too. It was odd.

Maybe I was becoming more and more Infected the longer the virus was allowed to run rampant in my system. . . .

I didn't want to think about that. It would only be a matter of time before Dr. Neville found the cure, anyway. I didn't have to worry so much.

Well, there is little left for me to say. I fear that my story is coming to an end, as there is little that I can write that hasn't yet been said. I've told you what life was like with Dr. Neville in my little entries. You know the story up until we met, and nothing else exciting happened.

Well, nothing worth talking about, anyway.

Yes, it took some time getting used to living in a city alone, but with Dr. Neville by my side, there was nothing I felt I couldn't get passed. He is my guiding light, and I am his sanity.

The day is September fifteenth. It has been a while since I started to work on Chapter Sixteen.

I will still probably continue to write a journal, but it will be like a real journal. I'll be adding to my story, but it will only be added once something important comes up. For the most part, all I wanted was to tell people my story up until this point in time.

I'm glad I took the time to write this. It took quite some time, but it's done. Now, if I were die, no one will forget me. If Dr. Neville cures the world, they will be able to read this. My story will be known.

Of course, I don't really plan on dying. This is just some insurance. Heck, maybe if the world gets back in order I could publish this thing. Why not? People will want to know what was going on during all this.

Anyway, it has really been good for me to write all of this down. Dr. Neville has been reading when he has the time, and he says it's given him a lot of insight to what it's like to be me or what it's like to be an Infected. I continue to become more and more like them, but I still have my hair and my sanity. Sunlight has become even more unbearable than it was before.

The Infected continue to avoid me at all costs. The Alpha hasn't changed at all since the guy with the cargo pants took over. It seems that he's a good leader for them. At least they think he is. I could care less who was in charge so long as they didn't cause me any trouble.

I have since come to terms with the fact that we are probably the only two survivors left. I understand that Dr. Neville hasn't given up. Well, actually, I know he has given up, but he still goes down to the dock and makes that silly little radio broadcast. It hurts me on the inside because I know it's just part of his routine.

Anyway, I'm going to stop here. Thank you for reading this. It means the world to me. But for now. . . . Good-bye, dear reader. Until we meet again.

And that concludes part one of We are Legends. I am currently almost finished with part one, but I will let you all soak up this part for a little while before I start to post chapters from part two. A little bit of information about it, though, is that most of it is just I am Legend in written form, but with Alexis thrown in there every once in a while. It's not finished as I've been quite distracted, but I'll try to update every now and again.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have all enjoyed this. I know I enjoyed writing it. =)