An- Hey all! First off, may I thank you for opening the link to this story! You're awesome already! So this isn't my first BTVS story (I had one other written before, but it got deleted when a friend hacked into my account when we were having a fight), but I haven't written one in years (I think 2003). This is a response to a challenge I saw on Bloodshedverse (# 434). As I've seen in other fics, all the requirements for the challenge will be at the last chapter. First off I think I should make a few things clear: this is based in Season Two.

This is obviously AU. Season One happened exactly as it did on the show, as did the first episode of this season, but now everything will be a changin'. Things like this: while there are obviously bad demons, there a good ones too (think Clem and Lorne). These good demons are in as much danger as humans from both other demons and humans like Slayers. In order to protect said good demons, there is a Slayer of Slayers and a Demon Council. It works almost like Slayer/Watcher Council, but is you know, demonic.

Thirdly, this is a Spike/Buffy story. If you don't like the pairing, don't waste your time reading this just to review and tell me that you don't like the pairing. There will be other pairings, but I'm not saying who yet.

I have this rated as M, but I'm not sure if it'll hit that. I have it rated for safety and to give myself breathing room.

That's all I can think of! So enjoy the story!

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Once in every immortal generation there is a vampire given great power and strength. He, and he alone, will protect the creatures of the night from those that would seek to destroy them. He is the Slayer of Slayers.

When the girl was first called, they saw no reason to worry. She was a far cry from what made a good slayer; a typical, clichéd cheerleading valley girl would never survive the dangers of being a Slayer. Not when so many well trained girls died so easily.

They were sure she would not last long. They were wrong.

The girl defeated Lothos, a powerful Master vampire who had killed the trained Slayer who had tried to destroy him. Yet this young girl, untrained and undisciplined, did just that.

It made them sit up and actually take notice of her. When the Council of Watchers moved her to the hellmouth, they began to watch her very carefully.

Especially since it was the hellmouth that The Master was trapped in.

Though they had no desire to see the Master succeed in his plans, his existence was needed to keep order. They had assumed that she would stop The Master's plans…to keep him from rising. She had proven herself capable to handle that. What they had not expected was for her to kill him. Keep him trapped yes, but kill him no.

When she stopped the plans to resurrect him, they knew that this Slayer was too dangerous to let live. She was unravelling a very thin balance, and that wouldn't be allowed.

For the first time in twenty years, they needed their greatest weapon to do what he was created for…they needed him to slay the Slayer known as Buffy Summers.


When he was first called they thought that there must have been some sort of mistake. He was a far cry from the type of vampire that was normally called; he was part of the Scourge of Europe. He was taught by Angelus, one of the worst known vampires at the time. He was barely past fledglinghood, not even twenty years old. He revelled in the bloodshed and slaughter.

They considered destroying him just to bring fourth the next chosen one, but they decided to watch him first. They could not kill him before they had proof that his calling was indeed an error.

They found that he was different; despite his desire to suppress it, the spark of humanity still burned within him. He wanted the violence that all vampires craved, but wanted it through the thrill of the fight before the bloodshed of slaughter and torture. Where many vampires killed their family for food he killed his mother in order to save her, only to kill her again when he realized the demon was no longer her. His heart was filled with love for his sire, who would never love him back the same way and always hold another above him.

In the words of his mentor, he wasn't 'demon enough',

It was just what they needed.

This vampire might resist the calling, but he would do it. Unlike most of his kind, he could change…would change without too much trouble.

To their surprise, he not only accepted his calling, but embraced it. To him it was an opportunity to prove himself. He found joy facing those who were his ultimate enemy. Unlike those before him, he looked forward to the dance with death.

There were times they wished that he was not their chosen one. He was reckless, impatient and impulsive He drew out his fights for pure enjoyment when it was safer to end them quickly. All in all, he danced to his own tune.

Yet he was good at his job. He killed two Slayers when it was needed, one right after he was called. He took on demons more powerful than him when they came too close to destruction. He protected their world without question, even if there were many complaints.

So when it came down to it, they saw no reason why he couldn't go against this newest Slayer. Yes she was different compared to others, but so was he, Where she was no ordinary Slayer, William the Bloody was no ordinary Slayer of Slayers.


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