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Prologue: In Westapolis immediately after the events of Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic, Amy, Rouge, Tails, E-123 omega, and Cream look on thinking about what Shadow went through to get to this point: The destruction of the Black-Arms

Sonic looks at the drifting shards of the black comet. "To think Shadow you used to want to destroy this planet know look at you. saving it and even my life Shadow that was incredible."

Rouge looking the same direction " I really hope you're okay but why do I care so much?"

A mysterious voice came behind them " So how did I do?"

Sonic responds "Shadow that was tight!" as he gestured a thumbs-up

Shadow respond "Don't get used to it Sonic. I don't plan on ever saving you again"

"Aww come on Shadow what would you do without me?"

"I'd probably enjoy the peace."

Rouge piped in " So Shadow what do you want to do now?"

Shadow thought long and hard about this" I'm taking two of you guys to New York I want to see what the Black-Arms did to it."