Spider Speed

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Epilogue: Separate ways

Sonic woke up to a blur "I can't remember anything after Black Doom killed Shadow but I can see Shadow in his super form"

"Shadow what happed to me"

"You mean you don't remember"

"No why is there something to remember" Sonic sees Eggman leaving in his Egg-mobile "Later guys I got to go my next adventure awaits me so there's no time to waist"

As Sonic darts after Eggman, Spider man started to talk to Shadow "Why didn't you tell him?"

"Spiderman I know from personal experience that some things are just better left forgotten"

Spiderman was about to say some thing but a tingly feeling told him that it was his time to go too. "Later Shadow nice meeting you but you know people to meet crimes to stop and all undercover"

Shadow looked around the base he saw that Rouge was gone and he saw that a small vessel with the G.U.N. logo was approaching him "Guess it's my time to go too. Maria is this what you had in mind. To keep the world safe always. If it is then I finally kept my promise to you"

He walked towards the ship "but something tells me this is just where my journey begins"


Final Authors note:

SNA: So Fenir what did you think

Fenir: I'm just glad that we got away from all those angry Carnage and Shadow fans. What did you do to them?SNA: Oh that's simple I made them watch the 4kids version of One Piece

Fenir: You maniacal ba…

SNA: Keep it clean Fenir

Fenir: You evil person

Angry Shadow and Carnage fans: NOOO STOP THIS IS TOURCHER

Okay real Authors note


2. Thanks to Fenir for proof reading my papers and writing that fight with Venom and Anti Venom. Thanks to Sega and Marvel for making such great characters. And Thank you for reading this. You all rock!