" Attack! Blood for the Blood God!" Bellowed Kars as he moved through the crowd, slicing with his roaring chainsword, above him the Chaos Titan bellowed and fought, crushing the feeble machines of these primitives.

Typical. Mused the Khorn-Worshipper Kars. A new world is finally drawn into the eye of terror and it's no sport at all! They had all had such high hopes for this one. It seemed somehow they had struggled to create an alternative Terra. The fools! Thought Kars as he murdered them, their primitive weapons bouncing harmlessly off his Power-Armour. The fools didn't know the true meaning of the Blood God!

Well, he would show them! The red liquid spilled again as he beheaded a man reaching for his gun. Pathetic, they cannot even wage war! Where are the tanks, the air-craft? They clearly have the technological level required for such devices yet they show no sign of them! So, they thought with guns, hastily constructed barricades, all around them their city burned, blood flowed like a river and yet.... and yet they fought on.

Kars had to admit, as he cleaved through the skull of yet another, that such determination was a thing to be admired, even as he slaughtered them for their weakness. Behind him, along side the titan there strode a Bloodthirster, a former Space Marine ascended to the rank of Daemon Prince. Kars was honoured to fight alongside him and even hoped one day to fight him -- win or loss, it would be an honour. His bolter barked and the last organised resistance fell, the people ran screaming, scrambling over their own dead to escape the barbarous monsters that had descended from the stars to slaughter them. While the majority of his men chased them down and added their blood to the tally, Kars led the core of his force farther in, the massive titan bellowed and struck out at buildings; sending rubble cascading down to the ground and ending more fleeing lives. Vermin. Spat Kars. In a strange way, he could respect those who stood and fought, even though they knew they would die. That was well and good, that was even a form of Worship for Khorn! But the runners, they were pathetic wretches, worthy not of the Blood Gods attention, though they would have it anyway.

A massive screen had been built into one of the taller buildings and it was now displaying the calm face of a man wearing a suit. He might have been talking about the weather, for all the change it made to his tone and face: " All citizens are ordered to move to the centre of the city. Once there, you will be evacuated while this new threat is safely contained. Do not panic, do not attempt to fight off the invader-" The screen flashed and went black as it's shattered glass fell to the floor.

Kars lowered his bolter. " Cowards. Just when they were starting to earn my respect. Follow me to the city-centre! We'll slaughter them as they run."

There were screams as the Khornite Space Marines penetrated deeper and deeper into the city, like a sword lancing into an unprotected body, they could not be stopped. Barricades were burned or destroyed, the Titan could still be seen in the background, tearing apart buildings and the Bloodthirster had followed them at it's own pace, slaughtering any who got past them.

Soon, they had arrived. Before them, the crowd mulled uncertainly, the transports were still being loaded they appeared to be primitive space-ships. Fools. Thought Kars with a snort, You are in the blessed space of the Warp now, there is no escape1!

There was screams as they saw the blood-soaked Chaos Marines but they were quickly downed out by the bark of Bolters, people to the back of the crowd fell, the rest, as panicked mammals are prone to do the universe over, stampeded. Kars laughed out loud, his chainsword roaring as he closed on the crowd.

" Blood for the Blood God!" He bellowed, his mighty voice carried high by the winds of war, the burning was back in his blood, he needed to take skulls, needed to fight. Luckily, he would have his skulls this day!

He sized up his first kill, a young girl left behind by the massed humanity, crying as the giant charged her. A single strike would end her life -- no need to inflict pain, that was the domain of a different God than Khorn. If she saw the massive man baring down upon her, she gave no indication only continued to sob. His chainblade sliced for her throat, ready to draw blood for it's master! There was a flash of red and for a second, Kars grinned, then he realized, it was not blood, but cloth?!

A blonde-haired man had pushed the crying girl out of the way, barely avoiding the descending blade himself, he was sprawled on the ground, a single blade clutched in his hands. Rage at the loss of his kill was rapidly overtaken by joy due to finding a foe capable of fighting back.

" Blood for the Blood God!" He bellowed, slicing downwards, the man was strong, noted Kars, he held his own even when his blade snapped he managed to dodge the strike, sweat dotted his face now, his muscles were good but Kars' were so much better. The man had pointed teeth, Kars saw. Perhaps some kind of tribal mark? He knew that this world was primitive but not that primitive. With a mental shrug he turned back to the job at hand -- killing. The crowd had moved quite a distance now, his men was chasing them, diving into the sea of panicked bodies, their progress marked by bloody waves in the human tide.

The blonde man must have known that death was looking him in the face, he did not run or hide, he fought! With a roar and a surge of muscles, he hurled himself at the space marine. Against a human, it might have worked, but the reaction times of even a none-corrupted Astartes are so much faster than the norm, and Kars had served Khorn for many years. He was far above the average Space Marine. With a simple back-hand he sent the man flying, tumbling helplessly as he struck the ground hard enough to break bones. The man paled and tried to rise, but Kars towered above him, blade raised for the final cut.

" Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

Then, there was a blast of light, intense, all consuming light tinged with green. Kars cried out and staggered, his advanced senses feeling the brunt of the new assault. Then, the very ground shook and Kars -- acting on instinct -- launched himself to the right, it was just in time too. A massive armoured foot stomped down upon where he had been standing. Vision clearing, the Chaos Marine looked up at his attacker and was truly impressed for the first time. Maybe, these primitives did have some idea of war after all!

It looked to all the world like an infant titan. It was small, little more than a face with red eyes and legs, a massive cannon protruded from it's head, it turned and fired the head-cannon, striking the Daemon Prince on the arm, there was an explosion and blood soaked the ground, but his wounds quickly healed and with a roar, he charged the thing.

Killing forgotten briefly, Kars watched the fight, the Bloodthirster was strong and fast, but the miniature Titan had fire-power, it's cannon roared again and again, each time it tore a bloody wound in the chest of the Daemon Prince. He didn't stop, Khorn cares not from where the blood flows. Kars smirked, knowing that this promised to be a most satisfying fight for his God. The blue titan was well-made, he could see, but it was using primitive and out-dated technology, once he closed to range, the Bloodthirster would destroy it with one swing of it's axe.

Then, in a very true way, Hell came to this world. The Chaos Titan that had been rampaging throughout the city died in a fiery explosion, the mechanical screams of rage could be heard and all the marines saw what came next. It had turned it's back to them, fighting something else. but now they could see that it had been pierced many times by small sharp instruments, they had turn through it's heavy armour, coming right through it and out the other side. It still twitched, like a dying insect, the Daemon-fused machine spirit still lusting for battle. Then, a fiery bloom overcame the titan and it died. The roar of the explosion spread out, the shock-wave bulldozing several buildings. It took all of Kars' incredible strength just to stay standing, the crowd were by now much farther away but that was no protection, they were hurled like leaves before a storm.

He could hear the thumps and bangs as the parts of the titan fell, smoke still obscured the area of it's death but Kars could pick out an outline, as tall as the titan itself, the monstrous mecha was clearly a product of the primitives. Kars likened it to the small one that had been fighting the Bloodthirster. Then, it strode out of the smoke, it's eyes blazing. It looked to all the world like a red titan, it's chest contained a second face sunglasses glinted in the light, it wore some kind of crown-like half-moon symbol on it's head. Where the drills had come from, he had no idea as they seemed to have vanished.

Sensing a worthy opponent at last, the Daemon Prince bellowed and charged, axe swinging, the mecha met him, running, it's foot-steps seemed like earthquakes as Kars watched the two giants approach. The Daemon slashed with it's axe but the mecha turned it aside with a block, Kars was somewhat surprised it had the strength. The Daemon roared: " Blood for the Blood God!" It's axe found purchases then, in the neck of the mecha. The machine seemed to stagger for a second, livened by this show of weakness, the Daemon Prince wrenched his axe upwards, ready to behead his enemy, then, there was a flash of light and Kars felt..,strange. Kars was no stranger to the Warp and anything that can make a Chaos Marine feel strange is certainly a thing to be avoided. Then, the mecha seemed to grin to itself and a thousand drills lanced from it's body like snakes, somehow flexible, they turned and weaved around the giant form, digging deeply into flesh, the Bloodthirster roared in pain -- it had never been entrapped in such a way!

The mecha raised a hand, three drills extended from it like claws, " You are pathetic." Said a voice coming from the robot. Somehow, Kars knew it was from the pilot. " Attacking a defenceless city like this."

Kars found himself backing away, he was not a berserker like some of his brothers, he knew an impossible challenge when he saw one -- this was really impossible! Without a Daemon or the support of a Chaos God how could this titan look-alike defy logic so easily?

" Wh-what is that thing?" He wondered aloud, Somehow, the pilot heard him and turned, the sun-glasses on it's chest gleamed, " who am I? Who am I? Who the hell do you think I am?!"

Then, there was a faint whisper from the crowd behind him, Kars heard it -- barely -- and figured it was the name of their defender. He spoke it then, the words felt right somehow, as if they could not possibly be wrong.

" Gurren Lagann."