I don't own anyone-- they belong to Ms. Harris alone... I'm just borrowing them. This is only my second fanfic I've ever written.... I kinda have an idea where I'm going... yeah this will most likely be more than a one shot.. I'm a little afraid.

Merlotte's was starting to get packed and I knew if I was going to get out before Sam asked me to stay late, it was now or never. I hurried from the employee entrance to my car. Some women would be rushing for fear of the night and what goes bump in it, I was just trying to avoid anymore overtime. Within a few feet of my car I was approached by a man, or at least a male. He was obviously a vampire and I was in no mood to deal with him.

"Can I help you?" I asked the question, but had no intention of actually doing anything for the vampire.

"You look tasty." He sneered at me. A normal woman would have shivered in fear, but as I said, I wasn't in the mood to deal with him.

"Thank you. Go away." I attempted to pass him and make it to my car, but he stood in my way. Now that much closer I could see he was young, at least he was when he was changed, maybe twenty one. He had brown curly hair that stuck out in a million directions. He was taller than me, but who wasn't. The sneer didn't leave his face as he looked down at me. "What's the deal?" I wanted him to get to the point so I could get home.

"Like I said you look tasty." His fangs were fully extended as he looked down at me.

I sighed, I hated name dropping. "I'm with Eric." I looked at him waiting for a reaction, possibly an apology. Instead he moved closer. "Hello, I'm with Eric." I waved in his face he obviously wasn't getting the point.

"I don't care who your boyfriend is lady." He licked his lips in anticipation. He was going to make me say it and I hated him for it.

"I am…" this was going to be painful, "Eric's." The idea of being property sickened me, but it kept me safe and I had to deal with that. The vampire stopped with an odd expression on his face. He obviously was not getting what I was saying. "Eric, your sheriff, Viking, ring a bell?" he still looked lost. "I…" I was really starting to hate this vampire, "belong to him. You can't drink from me. You can't even touch me without his permission." The vampire stood there and blinked. I was getting annoyed. Sigh. "I'm pledged to him, bonded, we are…" deep breath, "wed." I used the words Eric had used after the knife exchange.

The male vampire stepped a little closer fangs still extended. "You talk too much." Fear finally started to kick in when I realized he obviously was not knowledgeable of how the vampire world worked. I silently wished for Eric to be my side. I could probably feel where he was or what he was feeling if I wasn't so concerned with my own neck.

"Who's your maker?" I hoped if I could get him talking I could avoid being his meal for as long as possible. It worked for the moment. He stopped edging towards me as he thought.

"I don't know. I woke up alone." After he answered he started back towards me.

"When?" I was sure I said it louder than I needed to, my fear was starting to get the better of me.

"A few weeks ago." He didn't stop this time to answer and I started to back up. "You aren't thinking of running are you? I should warn you, I'm very fast." In the blink of an eye he was on top of me. He dug his fingers into my hair and bent my head to the side. I could feel his fangs brush against my skin as he inhaled my scent. He shuttered as his tongue ran along Eric's old fang marks. I felt the bile crawl up my throat as I silently screamed Eric's name over and over. The young vampire pulled back his head and reared to bite. I held my breath.

"You would be smart to remove yourself from my property." Eric's smooth voice came from behind me. I had never been so relieved and so pissed off in my whole life. Property… hmph. The nameless vampire didn't move, but he didn't bite either. "I don't know who you are, but you should know you are on very dangerous ground." I could kill Eric for being so calm. The vampire released the hold he had on me and pushed me hard. I would have fallen to the ground if it weren't for the 6'4" Viking waiting to catch me. I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him for saving my ass or punch him for taking so long. He winked at me before setting me on my feet to stand on my own.

"Who are you?" The young vampire asked with no disrespect, obviously understanding that Eric was not someone to mess with.

"Did you not listen to a word this woman said to you?" He didn't wait for a response, instead he continued on his own line of questioning. "Am I to understand that you were turned recently and were left by your maker?" Eric looked down at the new vampire who nodded his answer.

I looked up at Eric, "How long have you been here?" He seemed to have a lot of information for someone who showed up in the nick of time.

"Shh lover, you were in no danger." He whispered as he traced my bottom lip with his thumb. I felt compelled to bite, not for sensual reasons, because he had obviously been watching before he made a move to stop my attacker. I glared up at him and he smiled back. His smiled faded when he turned back to the young vamp.

"What's your name?" he asked sternly.

"Benjamin." He answered quickly; obviously Eric's power wasn't lost to him. Without another word to him Eric picked up his phone and murmured something in a foreign language. When he finished his call he put his phone back in his jeans pocket turned his attention to me.

"Lover, you're exhausted, go home… I'll come by soon." He brushed his lips against mine and then turned me back towards my car. I shot him a dirty look for instructing me on what to do then slid into my car and drove home. If I didn't really want to leave I would have fought him on it.

He was already sitting on my back steps when I pulled into my usual spot. He got up at once and met me at my car door. "Lover you really need a better car." I couldn't tell if he just hated my car as usual or if he meant that he had beat me to my house with no trouble.

I ignored him, "What's going to happen to the kid?" I knew it was ridiculous referring to the young vampire as a kid, but wasn't that just what he was.

"The kid?" Eric asked with amusement in his voice.

"Benjamin…" I reminded him.

"Oh, that kid" he leaned into me, pushing me back against my car. I gulped. F'ing bond. "That all depends on what happened." He leaned his mouth to my ear and whispered, "Tell me what happened."

"You saw what happened." I pushed him back a bit and he let me, "Why did you wait so long to swoop in and save the day?"

"I told you, you were in no trouble." He traced his finger along my jaw line as he stared into my eyes. I pushed his feelings of lust back at him and fought the urge to give into his lame answer. "I thought for sure you would feel me there, besides, you weren't even afraid until he reached you. You were more annoyed than anything." He smiled at me, proud of my bravery. "Tell me what happened before I got there." He was back to whispering. I gave in.

"I left out the back door and he was there. He said I looked tasty." I shivered inside disgusted by the young vampire's words.

"And this annoyed you?" Eric looked at me incredulously, left eyebrow lifted.

"I was tired. He was annoying." I continued my story ignoring Eric's amusement at my unusual reaction to my attack. "I tried to explain to him that he wasn't allowed to touch me because I'm with you, but he didn't seem to get it."

"You said that you were with me?" His hands held my face close to his as he asked, emphasizing the word with. I knew what he was after and I sighed.

"Yes, I said that I was with you." I replied and he waited, "That of course didn't do anything." His smirk started to flicker in the corners of his mouth. "So I told him I am yours." I mumbled it but knew he could hear it with his stupid vampire hearing.

"What did you tell him?" he asked as if he hadn't heard. Why couldn't he ever just be nice? I rolled my eyes at him and hoped he would give up, but the smirk that had finally arrived on his face told me different.

"I told him that I am yours." I said through gritted teeth. My plan was to say it and leave him behind; my plan did not work out. He pinned me against my car and pressed his lips to mine. His kiss was hard and urgent. Apparently he enjoyed hearing me say that I belonged to him. (Go figure) When he finally released my lips from his I tried to stop the smile that automatically appeared on my face. Again, I was unsuccessful.

"I've waited a long time to hear those words, my lover. Why is it that you can say it to a random vampire and not your bonded?" He asked quietly before laying gently placed kisses on my jaw line and down my neck. I took a deep breath in attempt to keep my voice steady before answering.

"I was trying to not get killed." I answered a little shakier than I intended. "So what's going to happen to him?" I tried to get him focused, but the only thing he was focusing on was my collarbone. I felt my heart rate go up and willed it to slow down. I felt something vibrate up against my hip and silently thanked whoever had gotten me out of whatever was about to happen. I also damned them somewhere deep down inside.

Eric didn't move from pinning me to the car, but his voice was all business when he picked up. "Pam." He paused and I assumed she was talking to him, "I'll be right there." He sighed and rested his forehead against my shoulder. I cleared my throat not sure what was happening.

"Eric? Everything okay?" I asked quietly, his silence and stillness was starting to creep me out, and possibly worry me (oh like you admit everything you are feeling all the time.) I opened myself up and felt for the bond. I held in a giggle when I realized that Eric was filled with frustration, of the sexual nature. He must have felt my amusement because he growled a bit before pulling away from me and looking in my eyes.

"Something funny?" he tried to look angry, but I could see the humor in his eyes.

"Problem at the office?" I asked as innocently as possible while making sure to run my hands up his chest.

He raised his eyebrow and looked down at my hands. "Nothing I can't handle, I have to find a mentor for our orphan vampire." He took my hands from his chest into his hands and moved them to his lips where he laid a soft kiss on both my palms.

"Adopt a vampire?" I asked with a laugh.

"Something like that. I have to go." He said before leaning in and brushing his lips against mine sending a shiver down my body. Well played Northman. "Come to me tonight?" he asked sweetly into my lips. He asked. Well, there's a first time for everything.

"Eric, I'm exhausted." I realize that's not really an answer, but my heart was going to betray my mind's decision to say no and I couldn't let it. He placed another soft kiss on my lips.

"Sookie…" He whispered into my lips. He pushed desire, lust, and something I couldn't quite put my finger on through the bond and I found myself surrendering. I sighed. Mother F'n bond.

"Alright, I'll come by in a little while." I kicked myself for being so easy. With my answer he kissed me one last memorable time and took off into the sky. I stomped my way into the house, a battle going on inside on whether or not I would actually go to him. Of course, I knew I would. I always would.

I promise something will happen when she goes to meet with him...... something exciting. :) This has merely been a set up.