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NOTE!: Spoilers within. If you haven't read New Moon, then don't read this. It contains events and happenings from the novel .. just a warning.

The proud parents of Isabella and Jacob watched as they played in the sand in front of Billy Black's house, smiling happily. Isabella was running after Jacob with a pail of sand in her hands, but the tables turned and Jacob tackled Isabella to the ground, both laughing so hard they were tearing up.

"They're adorable, aren't they?" Renee Swan asked, clasping her hands in front of her heart.

"It's like they're meant for each other," Sarah Black replied, looking equally as thrilled.

"They're going to be together forever." Renee added, and they sighed contentedly, thinking of no other way that their children could go besides each other. Billy Black and Charlie Swan looked at each other and rolled their eyes at their wives, taking a swig of beer, but were happy all the same.

Isabella and Jacob came towards the parents with their hands clasped together in front of them, looking devilishly at their parents.

"Look what we found." Isabella's high-pitched squeal sounded out, and Jacob giggled. They opened their hands and a frog jumped out. They scrambled after it to no avail. It was gone. Isabella sunk to the ground, her lower lip turning inside out into a pout. Jacob knelt in front of her, putting his arms importantly on her shoulders.

"Bewwa." He said, his speech not quite formed yet. "We'll go get another one." He grabbed her hand and pulled her up so that she was standing, and drug her off to a large puddle in the driveway.

"Bella, what a nice nickname he has for her," Sarah said, looking at Renee. "a lot easier to say than Isabella."

Renee looked thoughtful: "It is a nice nickname, Bella." She smiled. "I like it."

"Jakie!" Bella squealed as he splashed water on her. She splashed back and they both tottered over into the water, now soaked and continuing to run around chasing each other.

"Well, they're already close. We know that for sure." Charlie put in gruffly, being as typical as any father at the thought of his daughter with a boy.

"Oh, Charlie. They're just friends." Sarah scolded, glancing over to the children. Jake was now sitting behind Bella, running his dirty fingers through her mid-back length hair sweetly.

"Pretty good friends too. Let it be." Renee swatted Charlie, grinning.

Inevitably, the parents were delighted at how close their children were, and how close that they would grow to be.