Remember that Alex Shelley story I mentioned?
Well, here it is... Well, the beginning anyhow.

And Yeah, Alex is allllways the ass.
It's how I like him, deal

Sun glared in through the light hotel curtains right into the girls face. She was 23, maybe 24. Light brown hair down to her shoulders. Gorgeous face, with big blue eyes that were just opening thanks to the aforementioned sunlight.

She smiled, remembering the events of the night before. Her small smile broke into a full blown grin as she thought of the man laying beside her. Alex. Alex Shelley. Alex 'Best Night Of My Life' Shelley.

She turned over, moaning as she stretched out her back. "MmmmmmAlex." She smiled into the pillow, rubbing her hands across the sheet, hoping to find Alex's perfect chest.

She sat up, feeling nothing but cold bed under her fingers.
"Alex?" She called out into the tiny hotel room.

The bathroom door opened, out came a fully showered, dressed, and ready to go Alex Shelley. He smiled in her direction. She smiled back sleepily. "Come back to bed, my little sex god."

He held in a laugh. "Uh. I would but..."
He didn't even bother making up a lie.

"Thanks for last night Julia, it was amazing, really. But my rides here." He left her with one more smirk and opened the door to the room. "Oh, and check outs at 11."

The girl sat shocked. "My names not Julia, Asshole!"