Quick one, just for now :]

"Good morning." Chris smiled as his best friend walked into his living room. Alex groaned, raising a hand to his ear. "Stop shouting, you goofy bastard." Chris just laughed, turning back to the TV.

"Baby, do we-" Ava froze, seeing Alex standing next to her boyfriend.
"Goooood Morning." Alex cooed, looking everywhere but her face. She really shouldn't walk around the house in her underwear, you never know who could be there.

"I swear to god I'll claw your beady little eyes out, Shelley." Ava yelled, walking back to the bedroom, looking for a sweatshirt.

"You know, you really can't stay here every night, Alex. Ava will eventually kill all of us." Chris spoke, not even looking from the TV.

Ava returned to the room, honey brown hair tied up and one of Chris's old shirts on. "You two better hurry up if you want to get there in time." Alex sighed, looking at the clock on the wall. Late again.

"Come on, stretch." Chris laughed, slapping his best friend on the back, going to get dressed...