Meet Me Halfway

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A/N: I got this story idea from hearing the song Meet Me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas.

A/N2: I know I have a lot of stories still going on, but I just got this idea, so don't worry my stories will still be getting written… GFD is really bugging me so I'm probably not gonna continue with that might do a epilogue and that's it, cuz I don't want to leave you guys hanging.

Summary: Mac and Stella meet in California, what happens when they meet, will there be sparks or not. Will they get to know each other and have a new life or will they want to return to their own? SMacked… of course and possible DL and F/A.

Sorry, if the times are mixed up I don't really pay attention to time in other places out of the US, and some info may not be exactly perfect, but it's the best I can do and it's fiction.

San Diego, California

Mac wakes up bright and early, he is living with his friend Danny Messer that he went to college with. Danny used to live in New York City, but then he moved and met Mac they've been great friends and were living together ever since.

Mac gets up and takes a refreshing shower and once he is done he goes into the kitchen and sees Danny cooking breakfast.

"Morning Danny."

"Hey Big Mac, good morning. So it's your last week of freedom, and how are we going to spend it?"

"We can go to the zoo one last time."

"Yeah Mac, we go to the zoo like once a month, and I haven't heard of any different kind of animals that exist yet," he grins and gets to plates and split the breakfast in half.

"Thanks Danny."

"For what?"

"For being a good friend, not many people like to stay around me for almost eight years."

"Well Mac, I hate to break it to you, but we have no life."

"Yeah, unlike Don, he's married already and us two haven't had a date in years."

"Hey I think Don should visit us, and his wife she is gorgeous man. We can never get a girl like that."

"You're probably right about that," Mac frowns as they both sit down and eat their breakfast. "Yeah, and I'll think I'd like having Don over, before we can't hang out for like a few weeks. I start my Marine training next Saturday."

"Sounds like a plan, I can't believe we won't be able to live together anymore… eight years is a long time and then you just get up and leave me like that."

"Danny, I could never leave you for good, I don't have anyone else except Don, and he's too occupied in his own life."

"Yeah, well when we're done eating I'll call up Don and we can hang out, but he'll probably want to bring his wife with him."

"So it'll be one couple and two guys? That sounds lame."

"Don't be so sure of yourself Mac, we might be able to find women," Danny grins and Mac shakes his head.

"You'll probably have more luck then me. I have nothing to offer woman."

"Stop self doubting yourself, a woman will be sorry not to go out with a guy like you."

"Thanks Danny, well thanks for the breakfast, I'm going out for a run and you can call Don."

"All right buddy, well see you later," Danny calls out as Mac is out the door.

Athens, Greece

The sun just started to set, Stella Bonasera and her best friend Lindsay Monroe were sitting by the beach.

"Stella, this is just beautiful."

"And I'm glad I could share it with someone."

"So am I, you are like my bestest friend, and I wouldn't want to have it any other way."

"So, what are we going to do since it's spring? I was thinking that maybe we could go visit the states."

"Lindsay, I don't think I want to go to the United States."

"Come on Stell, it'll be fun… and we have to go because I already bought the tickets."

"Lindsay, you didn't?"

She nods, "Yeah I didn't want to tell you because you wouldn't want to go."

"Well you were right about that."

"You might even meet the man of your dreams there, these Greece men aren't really attractive…"

"Well, where exactly are we going in the US?"

"San Diego."

"You mean San Diego, California?"

"Yep, that's the one."

"What do you expect us to do there?"

"Go around, I've always wanted to go see the zoo there."

"A zoo? Are you kidding me?"

"No, I love animals, but if you don't want I can invite another friend."

"Lindsay, I'm the only friend you have."

"The problem with that answer is that it's true," she frowns.

"Lindsay, what if you meet a guy and want to stay?"

"Yeah right Stella, do you know me at all?" she laughs.

"I guess not, so when's the flight?"

"Tomorrow around noon, the time we get there it'll be lunch time there time."

"Where are we going to stay and for how long?"

"Stella, I got this you worry too much."

"Yeah I know, it's a habit of mine."

"And a bad one at that."

They chat a little bit longer and then head back to Stella's place. Lindsay moved in with her a few years ago. They discuss what to pack and make a list and they will pack before they have to leave tomorrow.

San Diego, California

Mac gets back from his run shortly. Danny greets him.

"Hey Mac, Don is coming over today and tomorrow, and yes before you ask the missus will be coming too."

"Okay, so what time is he coming?"

"Noon, we will go out for lunch and leave the rest up to whenever."

"All right, sounds like a plan," Mac grins and goes changes into comfortable clothes.

They just talk about things until Don and his wife comes over. They pause from talking once a soft knock was heard on the front door.

The guys get up and answer.

"Hey Don… and Jess is it?" they greet them as they enter. She just nods, her and his hands were still connected as they sat down. Danny and Mac looked at each other and showed the exact frown.

"So… you guys have been married for, how long?"

"Two years, but we've known each other for seven," Jess explained and then kissed Don.

"She is great, you guys need to find a woman this perfect."

"Don is great himself, the best relationships are ones that keep you interested and happy."

"Nice theory," Mac frowned. "So, where we going for lunch?"

"Don't worry Mac, you'll find somebody," Don grins.

"Sure," he rolls his eyes.

"I've heard great things about you MR. Taylor," she smiles. "A woman would be very lucky to have you in her life."

"Thanks Jess, and call me Mac."

"And does your friend have a name?"

"Yeah, it's Danny Messer."

"Oh, so your Mac's sidekick?" she grins and Danny looks at Don and Mac laughs.

"If you say so," Danny frowns.

"Anyways, we should be heading to the restaurant…"

They all agree and head out.

What's to come with Danny, Mac, Lindsay and Stella, keep on reading to find out… may seem slight similar to AiP's Target Specific story, but trust me it is FAR from the same thing. Please review and let me know if I should continue.