A/N: Drabble I've had in mind for a while; finally decided which characters worked best. Based on the idea that everyone is connected to everyone else by six degrees of separation. Takes place just after Doomsday and the Battle of Canary Wharf.

Six Degrees

Jimmy Stones scans down the list of the dead; he's not really sure if he's actually looking for anyone he knows or used to know or if he just feels obligated to see who died. Most of the deaths were from the area around the epicenter at Canary Wharf, and he hasn't really talked to anyone from London since he got out of prison.

His eyes halt on one familiar name, and in his mind he sees the face of a blonde girl with big brown eyes light up as he flashes her a cubic-zirconium ring and promises of a happily-ever-after that don't require her finishing university. Then he can see the pity on her face the night he called her to bail him out of jail melting into indignation and then into fury as she is told what, exactly, he is being arrested for; that's how he's always remembered her: hurling the ring back at him and shouting, "Well, use that to post bond! You probably stole it anyway!"

Jimmy can't imagine what she was doing at Canary Wharf, but he can imagine where she might have ended up if she hadn't met him, and for the first time he actually feels guilty.

"'Scuse me." Jimmy looks up from his newspaper to see a small blonde boy standing in front of the bench on which he is sitting. The boy smiles at him and holds up a lollipop from the bag he's holding in his other hand. "You look sad."

Jimmy slowly takes the purple candy from the boy's hand and smiles. "Thanks, kid."

"Steven!" Jimmy watches the young boy as he runs back to his mother, a dark-haired woman a few yards away. The woman takes her son's hand as he returns to her and sends Jimmy a sympathetic smile, nodding at the headline on the newspaper: Official Battle of Canary Wharf List of Dead Released.

And Jimmy can't explain why, but he feels a bit forgiven by that simple gesture. What he'll never know is that Steven Carter has a life because he gave Rose Marion Tyler one of the worst days of hers.



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