Just the Beginning


Mikan Sakura, a beautiful high schooler with perfect grades without any parents but rich, though she is cold-hearted. What will happen when she discover her alices and have to move to Gakuen Alice, catching attention of a lazy Kuro Neko? Adventures and love awaits for her of course.

Author's Note:
Konnichiwa minna-san!! This is Chu-heart147 talking! Please just call me Chu or Chu-chan. This is a rated T!! This is also my first fanfic of all time and i hope to make more fanfictions or one-shots. Anyway lets get this started already! Flames are allowed but please don't be too harsh. Please and Thank You!!


Normal P.O.V

It was a bright yet cheery morning. Students were buzzing around in the school's campus, talking about the lastest gossip, newest trends, but mostly everyone single student at Angel High were talking about their very own sweetheart, Mikan Sakura. She wasn't cheerful nor she showed she actually gave a damn for the world. But deep inside, through all the angust she had suffered, she was a very kind and gentle person. No one in the Angel High had seen their sweetheart, blush, smile, or being blessed in happinese. Well she wasn't anywhere close to happiness.

The gate opened, which was rare and caught every single students' attention. A shiny black new limo drove into the school yard. By now everyone was crowding around it. All wondering who was inside this beautiful limo, the tinted window slowly slide down revealing a beautiful brunette wearing purple Chanel shades. Her face was oval and kinda pointed, her skin tone was a beautiful pale white and her lips were plimp and red without any make up on her.


Mikan only glared and snorted at the annoying comments from her fanclubs, she calls them attention-seekers when they calls out those stupid comments. "Listen you annoying people I am leaving for Alice Academy so beat it." She growled. Soon enough everyone heard clearly of her and started crying and begging for her not to leave. The truth is Mikan never wanted to go and tell everyone, she just wanted the school staff to tell and her getting her way to Alice Academy. She was also relieved that gay blonde teacher gave her an alice controler which was a bracelet, or she would've killed everyone with one single snap of her fingers. The windows slowly rolled up again and the limo started moving through the giant gate.

Soon after Mikan can no longer hear the screams and cries from her fans/admires. She sighed looking down thinking what had happened earlier.

'I was sitting at the kitchen by myself as usual with only a few maids around me. Ding-Dong. Tch... who would ring somebody's door bell only at 6 in the morning. 'Whatever' i thought as i walk down the hallway wanting to get it instead of the maids. I opened the door and there standing in front of me, was a 30 yrs old dude with curly blonde hair wearing something so frilly that I don't even have in my closet. He had purple eyes-a light shade- and cheerful smile on. Ugh... how much i hate cheerful people. "What!" I glared at the gay dude. He just ruined my perfect quiet morning with his stupid smile. "Ohayou I'm Narumi your sensei. You have two every special alices and need to come to Alice Academy." He said still smiling, doesn't he get tired of that? Anyway I knew exactly what he was talking when he meant 'special alices' and 'need to come to Alice Academy' my mother explain it to me when i was 5. You see i have nullification and S.E.C alice. So my mom trained me into using it probably and controling it. Though she told me to hid it from everyone, scared that the AAO would come and take advantage of a fragile 5-year old kid posessing two rarest alice of all time. Since I wasn't talktive or hyper of what-so-ever i just nodded at that Naru guy and followed him to the limo. He explained rules, classes and etc... He also told me that he already told my school where i am going but I need to go and say good bye and I was this Special star and belongs to some sort of dangerous ablity class. tch....'

Mikan's P.O.V

"Here we are!" I heard Naru say. We walk out of the limo and was about to go to the gate when an explosion was heard. The tall wall surronding the Academy broke a few, and standing in the smoke on top of the wall was a boy around my age, wearing a cat mask. Though i can at least see that his hair was raven and through the mask his eyes were red, crimson red. He had a nice figure and had a fire ball in his palm. "Ah Mikan-chan i want you to show me what can you do with your Alice, so can you talk care of Natsume-kun please?" So this guy was called Natsume? Tch.. whatever taking him will be as easy as breathing.

Natsume's P.O.V

A girl? Naru wants me to fight a weak little duckling? Even though that duckling might been a beautiful one, hn... the more beautiful the more weak they are. I looked into the girl's eyes, they were hazel, she looked like a angel she also had a good body. Her eyes. They were empty, they were just plain like mines. She had a poker/cold face, looking like somewhat between me and Imai. I had a urge that i had to fight not wanting to battle the beautiful girl. But I did had to because of my stupid pride.

Normal P.O.V

Mikan jump up in the air foaming ice daggers that were sharper than normal ice daggers and more clear, she shot a cold icly glare at the boy before shooting. Luckily Natsume (the boy) had the fire alice or he would've been half way to the hospital since Mikan's aim was so persice. Natsume made a come back firing some fire balls at her. The fight went on for an hour. And Narumi decided to stop them so they had to stop. They were both gasping for air. Panting Mikan asked. "Naru pant can pant we go?" Too lazily to be so too cold. Narumi nodded and took Natsume with them as well. Unknown to them someone was observing the battle from the dark shadows from the forest near by.

Someone's P.O.V

Hm... this is interesting, the new student seems more trained than the kuro neko just a few more experiance she would be more powerful then the whole academy, but something was strange about her fight for kuro neko, Natsume looked like he had to fight his own mind into battling her...mhm... this is interesting, might as well play matchmaker making something more interesting.(LOL XD i couldn't resist)

Normal P.O.V

Narumi took Natsume then Natsume went away saying his not going to his room, instead he was aheading to a different direction. While Narumi escorted Mikan to her Special star opened her Special star room, and believe me it was amazing. There was one master bed room for her, 2 guest rooms, three bathroom, one large kitchen and of course a study room. Well what do you expect from a Special Star room? Mikan had found her class schedule, her guide book and her uniform. She had a tired day so she quickly took a bath and brushed her teeth and change to her pjs and just slump into her ever-so soft bed dirfiting to dreamland.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I AM SO SORRY THAT IT'S SO SHORT!! I was tired from school and was lazy..~ well aren't we all?? So next chappie get ready for more fun and longer chapter!!