A/N Alternate universe in the Warriors fandom. Here's the prologue. I will not be updating in a long while out of waiting for people to make up the cats.

Cloudmouth, the medicine cat of MouseClan, had received a terrible prophecy from StarClan.

Blood will wash over into the lake. To survive, the clans must follow the saltwater and become anew, and sea, town, moor and forest will wash the blood away in their power. To find this place, you must find the Moontree.

Cloudmouth couldn't understand. What did the blood part mean?

He was soon to understand. BloodClan, grown strong again, had invaded the lake home of the 4 clans, MouseClan, RabbitClan, FrogClan, and FishClan. They remembered the thristy tribe of cats from the town that had invaded the forest. Now they were back, stronger than ever.

They chased the clans away, and settled in the lake. Following Starclan's prophecy, they continued on the course of a salted stream to a new land by the sea .They knew that it was the right place, for in a cave was a strange tree, glowing with the soft light of the moon.

FishClan become SeaClan, and they settled by the ocean. They had a camp up on the cliffs surrounding the beach.

FrogClan became TownClan and they lived in the nearby city. They stayed on the roofs and had a very separated camp.

RabbitClan became Moorclan and they lived on the moors nearby. They had their camp on a hill.

MouseClan becaome ForestClan and they lived in the small forest in the middle of the moors.

One day, they noticed a strange thing happening. One could read minds. The others had their own powers. The change had begun.

Every since then, every cat had had a power, and those were unique. The kits had no power,as power was awarded in a ritual as apprentices and revealed to the clan as warriors. Until then, no one knew, exceot for the one with the power, what the power was. They gradually grew more powerful.

A/N So that's it. I'll make a quick explanation. Yes they are cats, but they are named after the prey they chase, FishClan being Riverclan, FrogClan being Shadowclan, RabbitClan being Windclan and MouseClan being Thunderclan.

Only 2 powers are not allowed . Mind reading and shape shifting, Mind reading because a cat already has it, and shape shifting because my character has it. No power is repeated more than once, so if you have a popular power like telekinesis and seeing into the future, then put a back-up power, like controlling your tail at will. Remember, kits don't have powers.

Here's the format.

Name and clan:

Rank: No need to this if it's obivous like kit, apprentice or leader.




Power: Or, if it's a kit, power to be.

Thanks for your help! And whoever decides it's not a story, it is. It's a make-your-own-story.