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Batgaze was at the top of the school. The emotions around him were tense, excited. Of course, his sister Coyotehowl displayed no emotion, and Batgaze couldn't use his power on her. He never knew why, but he could never quite tell what Wolfstar or Coyotehowl were feeling. He knew what Wolfstar was feeling most of the time, he'd been closer to her. But Coyotehowl had never been one for flamboyantly showing emotion.

"Cats of TownClan, we know that the rumors about Brightcloud are true. We cannot hope to defeat her in battle. I have decided that there is only one way to defeat her. Once we rise up to crush MoorClan, Brightcloud will be gone. I will assassinate her personally. I have a plan. Whitefrost, Batgaze, and Coyotehowl, will you join me the the classroom below us? The rest of you, prepare for battle. Train your apprentices. Practice with each other. Do not leave the top of the school until I come out."

Whitefrost pulled out the loose vent, and dropped onto the classroom below. Batgaze and his sisters followed.

Wolfstar sat on the teacher's desk, and the other three cats sat on the student's desks.

" My plan is that Brightcloud is killed in a seemingly accident. You have seen the foxtraps that the twolegs set up in the woods. We will lure Brightcloud into putting her neck in the foxtrap. Then we will tighten the foxtrap. Brightcloud's abilities will be of no use there. The problem is, how do we put her neck in the foxtrap?"

They thought for a second. Then Coyotehowl came up with her idea.

" We could hide it with leaves on the ground. Then all we have to do is get her head down."

Whitefrost nodded his approval. " But this has a snag to it. MoorClan has no trees, and we'll leave our scent around. We would have to do it on our ForestClan territory. And what could tempt Brightcloud into venturing alone into ForestClan territory?"

Batgaze thought for a second. "A wounded kit. Wound Blazekit, he still has a slight Forestclan scent, and he won't smell like us. When she reaches down, the trap will strangle her, but not him. Then they find her and blame ForestClan."

Wolfstar smiled. "Thank you, Whitefrost, Batgaze, and Coyotehowl. We will leave immediately." They jumped out, and Coyotehowl replaced the grate.

" Cats of TownClan, continue your preparation for battle. I will assissinate her now. "She jumped off the roof, ran towards ForestClan, and was soon out of sight.


"Brightcloud. Brightcloud!" yelled Wildpaw. Her sister had vanished into ForestClan territory a while ago, claiming that she heard a kit crying.

" No luck so far" grumbled Silverwinds. She, Scorchgaze, and Stonepaw, Brightcloud's apprentice, were searching for Brightcloud. They couldn't intrude, of course, so they just circled around the trees, calling for her.

Wildpaw had other ideas.

" Silverwinds, I'm going back to camp. Maybe I'll hunt on the way there, so don't expect me there." she said.

" OK. Brightcloud!"

Wildpaw ran until she was out of sight, then she quickly shapeshifted into a golden eagle and flew up.

Eagles have amazing eyesight, and Wildpaw could immediately see that Brightcloud was lying on the ground inside ForestClan territory with a fox trap wrapped around her neck. She flew down and listened for breathing. Nothing.

Wildpaw was mad. ForestClan had murdered her sister!

She flew over the ForestClan camp, circled above, and looked for a striking oppurtunity. She saw Lionstar, Threefoot, Blacksky, and Nightpaw carrying Strongheart out of the camp. From what she could hear, Strongheart had been found dead inside her den that morning. Wildpaw was bewildered. Why had these cats murdered her sister?

She flew up to think, and count a flash of white fur at the edge of the forest. Wolfstar?

She came closer. Wolfstar! What was she doing here? As soon as she thought that, Wildpaw had a sneaking suspicion she knew. She alighted by her sister's dead body, took off the noose with some diffuculty, and flew her back to MoorClan.

She shapeshifted back to cat and smelled. TownClan scent. Wolfstar had murdered her sister.


I cut this scene due to boringness. Basically, TownClan and MoorClan are now fighting in the camp.


Batgaze threw away the apprentice that he was fighting with. TownClan may have gotten in, but MoorClan was putting up a fight. Even a golden eagle was swooping down, trying to grab cats. Wolfstar dodged, and it flew past her, climbed higher, and went for her again.

Coyotehowl was howling on top of the queen's den, controlling a fox she had found. Scorchgaze was burning her, but Darktail mauled him and he fell into unconsciousness. Silverwinds and Whitefrost were fighting.

Batgaze heard a screech. Turning, he saw that the diving eagle finally had Wolfstar, and was carrying her away. Wolfstar thrashed, and the eagle dropped her, sending her tumbling down the hill. MoorClan, seeing the leader vanquished, began to fight with renewed vigor. Whitefrost broke loose and charged at Rosestar. She was thrashing her vines at him, but he slipped under and slit her neck, leaving her to lose a life.

" Batgaze, get the kit!" Batgaze pulled out a kit from the nursery and put a claw to its throat.

" MoorClan belongs to TownClan now. If you rebel, you will lose this kit." Wolfstar came over the hill, fine despite her talon injuries.

Wolfstar, now truly, ruled the clans.

This was diffulcult to write. I originally did it in two chapters, but they were too short, so I cut a scene and combined them. By the way, this may be the end of Alternate, but it's not the end of the series. I'll be putting up a trailer for the next book ASAP.

Hope you all enjoyed reading Alternate, cause I enjoyed writing it.