Title: Pity the Children

Author: xiaou-xijiang

Warnings: violence against children, mentions of rape, slavery, language

Summary: The sale of children is a booming business within the darkest corners of the galaxy. How will Kirk cope when the victim is one of his own? deaged!Spock, pre-K/S. Response to a prompt on lj.

Disclaimer: I don't own.

Part One: The Child

"All right, place your bets, place your bets!" the Auctioneer was a short, fat waddling alien, with three eyes and no nose. His mouth opened in a salacious grin, ear to ear, showing off two rows of razor sharp teeth.

He waved his hand in a grand gesture towards the cage on the platform behind him. A naked boy sat huddled behind the energy bars, knees pulled up to his chest and face buried in his arms.

"Very rare specimen, gentlemen! A genuine Vulcan!" the auctioneer preened under the shocked silence. After the destruction of Vulcan a year ago, Vulcan slaves have been almost impossible to find, children even more so. I'm gonna be so rich.

"One of a kind, the only half-breed this side of the galaxy! You get the best of both worlds. The exotic Vulcan to sate any desire, and the unpredictable human to…keep you on your toes."

Laughter, in the glow of the synthetic lights of the auction house, the auctioneer could clearly see the growing interest in his patrons. He motioned towards the stagehand. Time to raise the stakes.

The stagehand pressed a button on his belt and released the energy field of the cage. The half-breed started and struggled a bit as he was dragged to stand before the audience.

"A young one, but sturdy. Age seven and a half, weighing 90 lbs."

The boy was shaking so hard his chains were clanking together most unpleasantly and his beautiful white knees were knocking together. The auctioneer took out his pointer stick and indicated his ears. The boy's whole body flinched away from it.

"Pointed ears, common to every Vulcan." The pointer whipped against the boys wet cheeks and he whimpered. The crowd purred with delight. "Freckles. Uncommon among Vulcans, a benefit of his human blood."

He pointed to the child's genitals. "Completely clean and virginal. No need to worry where this one's been." The auctioneer winked and drank in the reek of assorted pheromones and lust hanging in the air. Today is gonna be a good day.

"A half-breed child, easily broken of his icy Vulcan façade. Don't worry, gentlemen. It won't take much to make this one cry."

The crowd cheered as the auctioneer spread his arms wide. "Now, lets start the bidding!"

The child wept.

"Just this way, sirs, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed by your purchase, grade 'A' breed this one is," the auctioneer prattled on as he led his top buyers towards the holding cell.

A strange couple these two were, they'd just made the greatest buy possible in this quadrant of the galaxy and they didn't seem very happy about it all.

Ah well, he thought, not everyone has an eye for greatness. A shame such a priceless commodity should be wasted on these two.

One was blonde, and, as far as he can tell, very handsome. He was hardly a good judge on human men, but he would bet his winnings that there were no other set of eyes that particular shade of blue. They were practically electrifying.

The auctioneer shuddered under the man's gaze and waved the guards from the entrance to the holding area.

"You must forgive the security measures, gentlemen. We collect specimens from all over the galaxy. Some are very rare, all in good quality and very expensive."

The second one snorted disdainfully but quieted under the first's heavy stare.

So that's how it is, eh? The blue-eyed creature must keep this one in line. The auctioneer licked his lips as the man brushed past him. Many of my clients would love to break him, its a shame he's so old.

The men stopped just inside of the holding area. The auctioneer took his place up front and spread his hands wide.

"Welcome to the heart of my industry, gentlemen."

Cages filled the basement and the children shrank away from the newcomers, curling around each other. .

"My god," The second one whispered, mouth hanging open as he took in the myriad cages lining the walls.

The auctioneer preened. "Yes, quite spectacular isn't it? I have specimens from almost two hundred species here, all children, from ages two to fourteen." He pointed towards the cage of Andorians.

"I keep them all together, these Andorians took me forever to collect. There are over 30 races to the species, you know. But as a result I have a wider variety ready for my clientele."

He motioned them forward to the last cell on the right. "And here we are, gentlemen, number 1457."

The Vulcan boy was huddled in the far corner of the cage, the plate of food left for him was auctioneer frowned but turned to his customers. "We've had a bit of a time with this one. Refuses to eat anything, just sits there and cries."

"Has he been hurt?" The first stood as close to the energy field as he dared, hands just sort of touching the rippling bars. The boy didn't turn.

An odd question, most didn't bother asking. The auctioneer chose his words carefully.

"We had some trouble with him in the beginning, hated being left alone in there. Can't be helped, you see, he's our only Vulcan." He shrugged. "Took some time to beat him out of it, but don't worry, we've had our healers get him into tip top shape for your enjoyment."

The second one shot him a dirty glare.

The auctioneer cleared his throat. "So how will you be paying gentlemen? Separate? Or will you be, ahrm, sharing?" The alien gave a dirty squeal of a laugh before banging noisily on the cage's datapad.

"Come on, pretty. Say hello to your new daddies!" The Vulcan child glanced back, eyes meeting the blue-eyed man's. Recognition sparked. The boy cried out and reached for him.

"Well, look at that." The auctioneer frowned. "Its almost like he knows you." He turned towards his customer and found himself staring down the end of a phaser.

"That's because he does, asshole." Blue eyes held his gaze and he gestured towards the data pad. "Open the cage."

The auctioneer held up his hands in a placating gesture. "Gentlemen, please, there's no need for violence—"

"Do it now, or I will blow your brains out and rip it open myself, I swear to God."

He pushed the auctioneer towards the datapad and watched him punch in the key.

"Bones," he threw over his shoulder. "How is he?"

The second one—Bones—whipped out a tricorder and scanned the boy as the cage's energy field fizzled out.

"Severely dehydrated and malnourished. I'll need to get him back to the ship to do a more thorough examination." He moved into the cage and caught the child when he stumbled, out cold.

"Damn it all, we need to get back to the ship." Bones pulled out a hypospray and pressed it to the boy's neck.

The phaser pressed deeper into his cheek and the auctioneer trembled. The man smirked.

"Smile, pretty, you're mine."

A fist whipped out like a shot and the auctioneer was on the floor, bleeding. The man grabbed him by the shirt and punched him again. His teeth went straight through his lip.

"Jim, we have to go!"

The auctioneer's gaze blurred at the edges as he gurgled helplessly around his own blood. The only thing he could see beyond the pain were the man's eyes—burning blue stars of righteous fury.

He kept a firm grip on the auctioneer's shirt as he whipped out his communicator.

"Scotty, beam us up!"

to be continued.

a/n - and that's the first chapter of my ongoing project. I'll probably be updating with a chapter every week if I can.