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Also (it isn't mentioned), the main character in this drabble is Chase, the girl is Angela, and the boy is Luke. Hope it isn't too confusing!

-- O'Rourke's 1:20AM --

He stood in his safe, sound little kitchen. His eyes were glassed over with resentment as he stared at the smiling couple just a few tables away. There she was, his girl. His smiling, radiant, down-to-earth girl… and her new boyfriend. The couple whispered to each other in an intimate, attentive sort of way. He wanted to plug his ears, he wanted to rip his eyes out, he wanted to leave… but he stayed still.

The worst was knowing that could be him. That could be his eyes looking into hers; that could be his happiness. But it wasn't. He sighed loudly, unaware that it would interrupt their moment. He felt better that it did, though.

The farm girl whispered something to her newfound boy. Probably something hurtful. "Can you believe I almost married that guy?" he imagined her saying. "He's just a miserable, pathetic cook."

Frowning, he looked down at his calloused hands and grubby apron. That's exactly what he was.

The couple stood to leave, and he watched as their hands laced together so casually. The cook tightened his fists; when they had been engaged, they had never looked so… right. Their hands never nonchalantly clasped like that, it was always so forced. He felt green with envy.

He watched as they strolled leisurely towards the door. He was just about to look away when he saw her lean in and kiss her new boy's cheek. It felt like someone had stuck a pin through his gut.

And like that, they were gone. The door swung casually on it hinges where they had just been. His heart felt like it had fallen into his sock.

He sighed once again; it seemed to be the only thing he ever did. He then slowly pulled off his apron and threw it; he watched it flutter to the ground. Just a cook, he thought to himself.

And then he locked the doors, shut off the restaurant lights, and went to his room. It's different when you're lonely, and the whole worlds in love.

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