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~ This takes place after the end of R2 ~

Violet eyes fluttered open slowly, wincing at the ray of light that greeted them. Lelouch vi Britannia blinked several times rapidly. Sunlight? There's no reason…no place where he would be able to see the sun now, is there?

"…louch…Lelouch?" A shadow fell over him and with it a hand came to rest over his eyes, shielding them from any stray sunlight.

"Hey, Lelouch, are you okay?" the voice asked. The young emperor blinked again and turned towards the direction of the voice. He was met with a pair of innocent emerald orbs whose owner smiled warmly, although concerned, down at him.

"Su…Suzaku?" he asked in confusion. Said brunette tilted his head in worry and came to kneel down before him. Looking at him fully, Lelouch could see that the Japanese boy was wearing their old Ashford Academy uniform.

"Why are you wearing that?" Lelouch asked. The younger boy frowned, looking more concerned if that were possible. He took the blackette's chin in one hand, leaning close to get a good look at his eyes.

"We're at school." He said, leaning back now, "Are you lucid? Can you tell me how many fingers I'm holding up?" he continued, raising 4 fingers. Lelouch rolled his eyes and pushed the hand away.

"4." He muttered, "I'm fine. What's wrong with YOU?" he looked around for a moment, recognizing their current location as the school roof. "Why are even up here anyway?" he continued in question. Suzaku's frown deepened.

"You called me up here, remember? With the signal?" he said. He reached out and began palpating the back of his friend's skull, looking for swelling. "Suddenly you just slumped down and went quiet for a while. I was about to take you to the nurse…though I think I will anyway." He murmured.

Lelouch's eyes widened in surprise at that before quickly returning to normal. He reached up and began to fiddle with and fix the brunette's loosely done necktie, giving his body a good look over as he let the information sink in and process itself.

Several things were clear.

Suzaku didn't just look younger. He was younger. Even sitting, he could see the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in the Eleven's physique as well as emotional countenance and facial features. All were much softer then he remembered.

He was alive. This wasn't C's world. Period. And unless this "hallucination" turned sour soon, he was fairly certain he wasn't in hell. The idea that he could even be in Heaven wasn't even a logical option.

He was obviously in the past. How he'd gotten here was unknown and, as far as he was concerned, irrelevant for now.

All that said, there were a limited amount of times that he had bothered using their signal to call Suzaku to this particular location. He could think of 12 times off the top of his head.

"Lelouch?" came Suzaku's voice, breaking him out of his reverie. The Britannian quickly smoothed out the collar part of the necktie, not missing a beat.

"I'm fine. Just didn't sleep well last night." He stated. He allowed himself a soft yawn, biting his lip and swallowing it halfway as if to hide it. "What day is it again?"

"Why?" the soldier asked warily. Lelouch blinked tiredly at him.

"I'm trying to remember what classes I'm skipping today." He stated simply.

"You shouldn't be skipping at all." Suzaku scolded lightly. Lelouch gave him a half lidded stare…Suzaku sighed in defeat. Dammit.

"Wednesday. The 27th." He said. (1) Lelouch blinked in unmasked surprise. The 27th, Suzaku's first week of school…the very beginning. He was suddenly hit by a wave of memories…

The unusual loudness of the gunshot that pierced Euphemia's heart.

The feel of nothing, of emptiness, that came from Shirley's chest as he held her crying.

The sight of the loving smile that remained on Rolo's face even as his eyes clouded over and his heart stopped for the final time.

The shiver he hid as he forced himself to stare down Nunnally's determined glare with as much apathy as he possibly muster.

The brush of her lips against his, the last time he stood before Kallen, the warrior's skin surprisingly soft.

The feel of C.C.'s hair on his shoulders as they sat back to back on the bed they shared, in the room the shared, hands clasped, hers over his, at either side of the them.

And Suzaku…Suzaku…staring into his eyes each passing month as the innocent gleam of emerald faded into the dull sheen of jade. (2)

Staring into his eyes the first time they awoke face to face together in bed…stood face to face on the moving alter of his death, run through and dieing fast.

And staring into the crown as he stumbled forward, seeing only the cerulean sky beyond them and absently wondering, just for a moment, if he would glimpse Heaven before descending into Hell…as he now saw the sky before…

"LELOUCH!!" The former emperor jolted in shock, surprised to feel his face wet with tears. Violet eyes met green sporadically as he was shaken harshly by his sun kissed friend.

"Don't do this to me okay?!" the brunette all but barked. The shaking lessened, "I…I need you to stay with me, alright?" he whispered pleadingly.

Lelouch was lifted bridal style into strong arms so quickly and fluidly that it took him a couple seconds to realize he was no longer on the ground. By that time, Suzaku had made it off the roof and down 2 flights of stairs. To say that the prince didn't react well to the wake up call would be an understatement.

"Holy-! Put me down! PUT ME DOWN! PUTMEDOWNPUTMEDOWN!!!" he barked, despite clinging onto the soldier for dear life.

"No. I'm taking you to the nurse." Suzaku said calmly, suddenly the voice of reason.

"I'M FINE!" Lelouch growled out as he squirmed in the embrace. Suzaku scowled and tightened his grip, enough to still his elder without bruising him.

Lelouch fell silent; simply glaring as his childhood friend continued to run, completely ignoring any looks and/or comments he received from the people that littered the hall. He finally came to a stop at the nurse's office, entered and gingerly placed the black haired boy on the bed, as one would a favorite doll. The nurse blinked in surprise.

"Well now, what seems to be the problem, Mr. Lamperouge, Mr. Kururugi?" She asked.

"He keeps blacking out with his eyes open." The brunette stated. The nurse's gaze shifted to look at Lelouch curiously.

"I'm just tired. I barely slept last night. That's all." He clarified. She nodded.

"Well, why don't you stay here and get some rest then. Mr. Kururugi, if you wish, you're welcome to stay and watch over him." Suzaku nodded. The nurse grabbed her clipboard and a small stack of book. "I'll be heading over to the gym. Please don't hesitate to let me know if his condition changes or worsens." She said as she left.

Suzaku sighed softly and pulled a chair to the side of the bed and sat, back straight, and simple WATCHED Lelouch. As if his condition would change right before his very eyes. The blackette frowned.

"Seriously, I'm fine." He deadpanned. Unfortunately, the brunette didn't look all that convinced. His friend had a bad habit of downplaying his ailments.

Lelouch let himself fall back on the bed. He stared up at the ceiling for some time before turning his head to study the brunette. They stayed like that, watching each other, for several minutes.

Lelouch extended a hand up towards Suzaku. The Japanese boy blinked in surprise but leaned forward. The hand reached up and cupped the tan face. Lelouch sat up on side and moved closer so that they were only inches apart. They stared at each other for a moment that seemed to last hours.

Suzaku's eyelids lowered and he shyly, tentatively closed the distance, his lips brushing lightly against Lelouch's before pulling back slightly to their aforementioned distance and meeting Lelouch's gaze again, a slight question in his eyes.

Violet eyes narrowed, glimmering with warmth. He smiled fondly and let his hand fall from Suzaku cheek to his thigh. He grasped it and used it as a brace to push himself forward to close the distance again, for a less than chaste kiss. Lelouch pressed his lips against Suzaku's, tongue coming out to flick across the other teen's lips in request for entrance.

Suzaku quickly granted it, moaning softly as the tongue began to lick, probe, and toucheverything. His hands reached out to cup Lelouch's head, fingers clasped in black hair.

Then it hit. Like a wave, crushing and overpowering. Memories, images, thoughts. Light, dark, sepia rain.

Suzaku's unseeing eyes widened in shock, hands falling to grip weakly at Lelouch's uniform, neither quite able to break the kiss.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Unholy Trinity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~ He stood in a white expanse of space. Endless. Directionless. He looked around frantically then looked down to find himself pale and naked. Green eyes shot wide in shock.

"Suzaku." A voice echoed. Said brunette spun around to find…himself (?!) standing there. This 'Suzaku' was older, his military trained body adorned in his Knight of Zero uniform. The man walked calmly towards his younger self, the clicking of black boot-heels resounding softly throughout the land.

Young Suzaku's (YS) breath hitched and he darted back, stumbling and falling back into a seated position. Old(er) Suzaku (OS) came to a stop just a foot away. He fell to one knee and too YS by the chin before the boy could pull away.

YS stared up at OS, breathing slowly and looking rightly frightened. OS's eyelids lowered to slits as he smiled. He leaned close, mouth by the boy's ear and placed his free hand on the YS's shoulder.

"We both miss you." He murmured, "But this you no longer your place. Only I can exist by this one's side." He closed his eyes fully and rested the bridge of his nose on YS's shoulder.

"Perhaps one day, someplace free of pain." He whispered.

"No." YS stated calmly, awareness and understanding filling him. "Lelouch and…us together, we can do anything. We can make this world that 'someplace free of pain." He reached around and placed a comforting hand on OS's head. "You and I are still part of one another." He tilted his head back to look up at the never-ending white sky.

"So I'll remain here, until that time comes where we can be one again." OS chuckled softly and wrapped his arms around his younger self and placed his face against the smaller boy's neck, YS's chin coming to rest on OS's head. ~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Unholy Trinity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Suzaku opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the slightness of the frame he held. Then came familiar smell of vanilla and blackberries (3) that wafted from the thin neck. He pulled back slowly, arms he hadn't realized were there unlocking themselves from behind the brunette to release him.

Suzaku leaned back in his seat and looked over his friend. Ebony hair, slightly ruffled from their make out session, framed pale skin that looked even paler in comparison. Violet eyes were watching him just as carefully, searching his eyes for some cloue as to what to do next.

The brunette stood from his seat and crawled atop the bed. He knelt over his prince and pressed a hand against Lelouch's chest to gently push him down so Lelouch lay on his back with Suzaku on all fours over him.

A slight smirk crept upon his features, which Lelouch returned with one of his own. Suzaku leaned down and captured his lover's lips in another kiss.

"Somehow, I don't think that that will help ease Mr. Lamperouge's fatigue." A voice stated absently. Both teens jumped, eyes darting to see the nurse standing at the doorway. She closed the door as the two quickly separated.

"But I can certainly see now where the fatigue is coming from." She walked over to the desk and set her books down.

"Please do remember to be more gentle with him, Mr. Kururugi. He's quite fragile, you know." She stated, sitting down in the swiveling chair at her desk and stared at the two with a calm expression. Suzaku looked away and couldn't help but blush faintly.

"It's not like that." He said. The nurse simply raised an eyebrow. Really now?

"He means that's not the reason I'm tired. He really had nothing to do with it." Lelouch clarified, looking away as well. The nurse nodded.

"I see. Well then, Mr. Lamperouge. Did you believe exhausting yourself would allow you to fall asleep faster?" she asked. 2 pairs of eyes shot up to stare at her in shock.

"If that's the case, I'd prefer that you let me know so that I can send the both of you home." And at the looks of increased shock and horror she received added, "Other people will need to use the bed and I'd simply prefer not to have to change the sheets." The boys continued to stare at her, too dumbfounded to speak.

"Well?" she prodded. Lelouch flushed, shot a glance at Suzaku before quickly choosing to count the number of posters on the walls.

"I think I might as well take you up on your offer. I can't sleep in this room anyway." Suzaku raised an eyebrow at this.

"You can't sleep in this room, that has a bed, but you can sleep in class, in an uncomfortable desk, over the teachers' lectures?" he asked. Lelouch shrugged. What could he say? The nurse reached into a drawer and wrote a quick note.

"Alright, you're excused." Take him home please, Mr. Kururugi." Suzaku nodded and gathered Lelouch again, much to the prince's annoyance. He allowed the teen to be carried piggyback because the older boy absolutely refused to be carried like a girl again. Not like he could have done anything about it regardless. Suzaku was just reaching for the doorknob when the nurse called out for him.

"Oh, and Mr. Kururugi, catch." She tossed a zip locked bundle over to him. The soldier shifted and caught it easily in one hand. He inspected the package curiously. The pack contained 5 (extra large) condoms and a tube of cherry flavored lubricant. Suzaku barely (and visibly) resisted the urge to drop the pack like it was on fire, face turning crimson. Even Lelouch buried his face in Suzaku's shoulder once he'd realized what it was.

"…Um…huh?" Suzaku squeaked intelligently.

"The condom's a suggestion, lube a recommendation." She stated distractedly, focus already returned to the paperwork before her. She gave them a dismissive wave.

They exited the room the 'gift' safely tucked in Suzaku's coat pocket.

"Well…that was akward…" Lelouch muttered. Suzaku nodded in agreement.

1) TOTALLY made that BS up. My recollection of certain parts is pretty limited, it's been a while.

2) Get it? Jade…Jaded! …Yeah I know, lame.

3) I have no idea what blackberries smell like. I just thought the white and black thing would be good for him. It had to be vanilla and a fruit.

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