My oh my. I've gone off on a bit of a dark tangent. I'll try to get some humor in, but there is none at all in the first parts. SORRY! Just to let you know now, this chapter is going to be a trip. Seriously, it'll probably be a bit confusing.

Someone mentioned that the time frame of the story kinda confused them. Well, this is AU, so I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say it's been 3-5 months since Clovis's death…yeah.

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== Warning, there will be hints of suicide, murder and rape in this chapter, sorry to say.

Lavender eyes blinked ever so slowly when a drop of blood landed on their owner's face just between his brows. They shifted to look at his now blood streaked arm or, more accurately, at his wrist where the blood was coming from. There was a thin deep slit that ran neatly from the left side of his wrist to the right side. The young man sighed softly, letting his arm fall to his side.

He was cold.

He wondered absently if it was death that left you feeling chilled or the tub water he was currently lying in. Granted, it had been warm when he'd drawn it...Had HE died feeling this way?

Lelouch ran as fast as he could through the drought-ridden plain, pushing the wheelchair that held his younger sister ahead of him. Lelouch ran bent over slightly, as if to shield Nunnally from the dangers around them.

Lelouch bit his lip hard and took another slow breath from his nose. He was already long since out of breath, but he wasn't about to let Nunnally realize it. Assuming she hadn't already, if the way she tilted her head in his direction and frowned uncharacteristically every now and again was any indication. But as much as he hated to, her brother ignored the looks. If he didn't see them, if they weren't there, maybe he could believe that there was nothing wrong.

That they weren't slowing down.

And being chased like dogs.

And surrounded.



Lelouch skidded to a halt when a door-less black truck drove around them and stopped in front of the duo. The prince began to back up but froze, knowing full well even without looking that there was another at his back. He closed his eyes, resisting the urge to shake, and opened them again. Lelouch stood tall, staring down their pursuers as they exited their vehicles.

All of the soldiers were wearing long helmets that covered their hair as well as their faces from the forehead to just under the nose. Nunnally could feel more than hear her brother's breath hitch. She bit the inside of her lip and reached up, covering one of his hands with her own smaller ones. She squeezed it comfortingly. Lelouch turned the palm of his hand away from the wheelchair to squeeze hers back.

Lelouch walked around the wheelchair, his hand never separating from Nunnally's, to stand before the man closest to them, who he assumed was the leader. "What do you want with us?"

The man chuckled softly and took another step forward. "Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia." He greeted with a smirk.

Nunnally kept outwardly still but bit the inside of her lip even harder. Lelouch on the other hand kept his cool, simply raising an eyebrow. "Who now?"

The leader frowned slightly. Without so much as a beat, he dashed forward to come to an abrupt halt not two inches away from his male prey and grabbed him by the chin and around the waist to keep him from moving. Lelouch let out a choked sound in shock. The leader, a tall broad-shouldered man thus named Noz, leaned even closer and smirked down at the former prince.

"I am not so easily tricked. One would think that a prince – and princess – in hiding would at least have the sense to dye their hair."

Lelouch glowered up at the man. "I don't know what you're talking about! You scared us half to death and chased us all the way out to the middle of nowhere for this? Who on earth are you people?"


Lelouch gasped and attempted to spin around, or at least turn his head, to his sister but Noz had an annoyingly firm grip on him. Lelouch glared bloody murder up at the helmet. "Let Allison go! She has nothing to with this!"

Noz laughed, his men joining in, over the sound of Nunnally's muffled protests. "Allison, huh? How cute." He pulled Lelouch even closer. "Tell me, Britannian trash,why would we want to let her go? Princess or not, I'm sure there's someone out there more than willing to pay a hefty price for her safe return…although, I suppose the same could be said about you." Noz said, taking advantage of his position to lick Lelouch slowly on the neck.

Lelouch's eyes shifted away, unable to even pretend he wasn't utterly squicked by the sensation or what it meant. "Let her go," He said again, more quietly, "Please. She hasn't done anything to deserve this. So just…" Lelouch closed his eyes, trying to come up with anything better than what he was about to say. "Keep me instead."

Noz leaned back and stared down at Lelouch curiously for a moment, his expression blank. He released the boy and took a step back. "Fine."

Lelouch immediately spun around to find Nunnally being held by one man, one hand over her mouth and an arm around her neck, and flanked by two others. All three stepped back away from her as Lelouch came closer and kneeled before her.

"Nii-sama…please don't! Let me stay with you!"

Lelouch took his sister's face in his hands gently and smiled warmly at her, though he knew she couldn't see it. "You know I can't do that. I'll be fine. They're not going to kill me. I'll be fine. We'll be back together soon. I promise." He said.

Nunnally frowned worriedly but nodded, both knowing full well that she wouldn't be able to change his mind. She wrapped her arms around her brother and kissed him on the forehead. "Please, please don't be long." She said. Lelouch smiled behind his newly formed tears and returned the gesture. He slowly released her, stood up and backed away.

Taking that as her cue, Nunnally took a deep calming breath and turned away from Lelouch. She didn't know how she'd get back to town, but she'd follow the road.

Lelouch closed his eyes and sighed softly, not bothering to open them when he felt Noz's arms cage him again. Lelouch could feel Noz chuckling silently against his back and knew he was screwed 9 ways to hell. Literally.

A sharp cry jerked him out of that thought. Lelouch's eyes shot open and looked in the direction of the sound. Nunnally faced away from them not 10 yards away, the back of her wheelchair riddled with holes. She sat slumped forward and there was a growing puddle of blood beneath her seat. Several of the men had smoking guns with silencers attached pointed at her. Lelouch stared at the scene wide-eyed and hyperventilating.

The former prince cried out heartbrokenly and wrenched in Noz's grip a few times before he was able to break away, and ran towards his sister's body. Not 2 seconds later, he was tackled to the ground by Noz.

"NO! NO! YOU BASTARDS! YOU SAID YOU'D LET HER GO!" The boy screamed, thrashing around beneath his captor.

Noz let out a deep laugh as he pressed the entirety of his weight on Lelouch, using one hand to cover Lelouch's mouth using the hold to tilt the prince's head back so that he could look into Lelouch's eyes.

"Yes, yes, I did say we'd let her go. But I never said how far."

Lelouch froze and stared up at Noz wide-eyed in horror. Noz grabbed Lelouch's hair and jerked his head back further, capturing the boy in a deep bruising kiss that Lelouch didn't bother to fight against. There was no point.

He had nothing – and no one – left to live for…

He blinked slowly, and raised his other arm, this one also sporting a nice even cut across the wrist. He brought his arm closer and lightly ran his tongue over one of the trails of blood before letting his arm fall back to his side. He ran his tongue along the roof of his mouth, savoring the copper taste of his life.

The prince sighed softly. He felt lethargic. His eyes were heavy and his mind was beginning to feel muddled around the edges. He sunk into the water until he was completely covered and stared up at the ceiling. It wouldn't be long now.

He was going to go join his most precious sibling.

The prince could feel his heart beat a bit faster at that thought, feeling the throb in his head. No doubt that that would help speed up the process of dying. So he allowed himself to take pleasure in the thought. He wrapped his arms around himself and curled slightly into himself, as much as one could lying on their back in a tub anyway, and resisted the urge to giggle underwater.

Even underwater, he could hear the door open and instinctively turned his head, seeing only the white marble of the bathtub, darkened by the blood in the water and by his mind drifting away.

He never got to see who it was that entered.


Gino Weinberg blinked in surprise at the tug on tail of his uniform. At the moment he was wearing the semi-standard Knights of Round uniform sans the green cloak. He looked over his shoulder to see his petite pink-haired comrade Anya Alstreim. The girl blinked up at him and stared silently for a moment before letting go and turning away. "Come. One's requested our presence." She said simply.

Gino nodded and fell into step beside her. They walked for a minute in comfortable silence. Then there was a soft 'click'. Gino blinked in confusion and looked down at the girl who was had her ever-present camera in hand. "What did you take a picture of?"

Anya tilted her head to look at him and turned the camera so that he could see. He squinted slightly and stared at the picture for a moment, attempting to figure out what it was he was looking at. It didn't take him long.

"You took a picture of my butt?"

"It's a nice one." The girl stated simply as she turned her attention back to the image. "I noticed when I was walking up to you. It would look good in my blog."

Gino flushed and fluttered a bit before pausing. He turned his head back and looked at the subject in question. "T-that doesn't mean you can…huh. You think so?" He asked, shyly curious. Anya nodded, a slightly smile creeping onto her face as she gave the subject another look. Gino couldn't help grinning when a thought popped into his head, "I wonder if he thinks so too…" he thought aloud.


Gino jumped, having momentarily forgotten about her. He rubbed the back of his head bashfully. "Uh…No one."

Anya stared at him blankly for a moment. She turned forward and began walking again. When Gino had stopped to ogle himself, something fairly hard to do while walking, she had stopped as well. "I'm sure 'No One' does as well." She said. Anya paused thoughtfully. "Should we send him a copy and ask?"

Gino turned a bright red and he laughed at the mental image of Suzaku checking his emails to find an image of the Knight's ass. Gino almost choked from his laughs. "No, no. But shouldn't you be putting your own butt in your blog?"

Anya looked back at her own ass but didn't stop walking. "Hmm, no. I like yours better." She said matter-of-factly.

Gino rolled his eyes but wrapped his arms around the smaller teen. "I adore you, you know that?"

Anya nodded to herself. "You're going to have to remind me every now and again."

"Will do!"

By that time, the two had finally made their way to the meeting room. Gino opened the door for the other Knight and followed her in. Bismarck Waldstein was already in the room, seated at the head of a long rectangular table. He nodded to them when they went to attention. The Knight of One swept his hand out in a motion for them to have a seat. Gino took a seat on the left side of the table, 2 spaces away from Bismarck and Anya sat across from the blond.

"The two of you are being sent to Area 11."

Lelouch closed his eyes and bit back a scowl. Not only did he have a massive headache, but there was also a large barnacle attached to his side.

Its name was Mao.

The white haired man had his arms interlock with both his and C.C.'s but was outright snuggling up against Lelouch. Mao giggled softly as he rubbed up against his new favorite person. It was all Lelouch could do to keep from being pulled into the man-child's lap to be seriously fondled with the least sexual pretense possible.

Something he hadn't realized was even possible.

Clearly the driver of their cab thought the same thing, because he was sending them not so pleased looks. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) Mao was too distracted by his new Hug-Me Barbie to acknowledge it.

[Hug-Me Barbie! Now with 3 new catchphrases! "Mao…", "C.C., do something.", and "For the love of G-." For only an extra $4.99, you also get two new ball gowns with attachable suction-cup…attachments.]


They had made the mistake of not taking their own vehicle so the last half-hour had been spent 'crowded' into the fairly large backseat of the cab, silently urging the driver to move faster.

Lelouch let out a resigned sigh and looked around the barnacle at C.C. 'We're leaving him at home.' He mouthed to her. C.C. nodded in obvious agreement, a tired expression on her face, before quickly switching to a smile when Mao turned and smiled at her. She reached up and patted him on the head affectionately, to his delight.

Lelouch messaged his temples wearily. Why was it that after the ten-odd years that he'd spent taking care of Nunnally, he was feeling like he was dealing with children for the first time?

Lelouch shook the thought away. Homemaker extraordinaire or no, he could never be a stay at home parent. He'd hire an army of babysitters on his own dime before he considered such a thing.

Sigh…Only two more hours until they get into town.

Lelouch very nearly died on the inside from the thought.

Villetta watch with more than just a touch of jealousy as her former Margrave and the female ninja made snacks in the 'kitchen' area. They were in the aorist base, which Lelouch had taken it upon himself to redecorate. The kitchen was to the far right, with an industrial stove at the far wall, a large sink to the right of it, and a large fridge to the left of the stove. There was also a large counter a couple feet back from the kitchenettes for cutting, setting, etc.

Sayoko was currently at the table, cutting fruits for a fruit salad with one hand and vegetables for a soup with the other. Jeremiah was at the stove, tending to the soup (adding freshly cut veggies when needed) and baking biscuits.

What was Villetta doing?

Mixing the eggs. THE EGGS!

She did NOT go through all that training so that she could be an egg mixer. They had appliances for that kind of thing. It wasn't her fault that her cooking was…a little less than fantastic. What she wanted to know was when Jeremiah learned to cook. Then again, she thought with a smirk, he was her Margrave, it was to be expected that he'd be great at everything he did.

"I'm sorry, everyone, but I'd like to get started now. We're going to need to put all of this on hold and eat later, okay?" a voice called from behind them. Sayoko and Jeremiah looked over their shoulders and Villetta turned around to look at Suzaku. The brunette stared at them, his expression looking slightly fatigued, and tilted his head.

Jeremiah frowned worriedly at the teen. "We're going to put all this away. We'll be with you in a moment." He said. The knight nodded and left as silently as he'd entered. It was like his heels were made out of foam. Villetta tilted her head as she thought about that. Lelouch and Lloyd were the ones to make his clothes…

Villetta sighed and shook the thought away, covering the egg container with plastic wrap and putting it away. She followed the other two cooks back into the main warehouse, now cleaner and sparsely decorated. There were now a couple nice swivel chairs a couch and a large love seat.

When the group entered, Lakshata was reclined on the couch smoking with Lloyd at her feet reading a file. Cecile and C.C. were each in their own swivel chairs. Suzaku was currently lifting a sleeping Lelouch up from the love seat, sitting, and placing the older teen half on his lap. Lelouch's eyes opened slightly and he stared blearily up at his boyfriend for a long moment before turning to face his group. For a moment, he seemed to consider speaking, thought better of it, and settled back into Suzaku's body.

Sayoko looked on worriedly. "Is he alright?" she asked, directing the question to C.C.

The green haired witch sighed absently. "He's going to be dizzy and tired for a couple days, that's all. He had to use the Geass on himself." She stated.

Suzaku scowled slightly, tightened his hold on Lelouch's waist. "Why? He's used it on himself before. Why's it hurting him now?"

"He rewired his brain, more or less shutting down nearly all but its automatic functions. Asking your mind to do that and then reverse it is taxing. We're lucky he was able to do that at all without the use of a Geass made for things like that." She answered.

"Like his father's." Suzaku murmured. C.C. nodded while all everyone else's heads swerved to stare at them in shock.

By now, Jeremiah was already on his knees next to the love seat, worriedly patting his prince on the head. "The Emperor has a Geass?" he said.

"Apparently, it can alter one's memories." Suzaku murmured, looking towards the ceiling.

Lakshata sat up fully thought hunched over. "That's…worrisome. Shouldn't we be more worried about that?" she asked, taking in another puff from her pipe. C.C. waved off the scientist's concern.

"No, he's more likely to simply kill us. If we can avoid that, we're golden."

Villetta scoffed. "You make it sound so easy." She said. C.C. chuckled softly and shrugged.

Sayoko walked over to her charge and stood at the other side of the love-seat. "He is going to be alright though, isn't he, C.C.-sama?" she asked, restraining herself from picking up the prince and cuddling him. Lelouch had moved himself further onto Suzaku's lap in his sleep and with his legs wrapped around one of Suzaku's as if it were a tail. Every now and then, his back would arch slightly in a stretch; he'd shiver, yawn, grip his lover more tightly, and then settle in again.

Adorable, in a future Ruler-of-the-World kind of way.

C.C. nodded, her face set into her normal blank expression. "Yes. His mind in intact and everything for the most part. He'll simply have something akin to a…hangover, I suppose, for a couple days. All the adults instantly sympathized.

Lloyd closed his file. "Since our fearless leader isn't available today, why exactly have we called this meeting?" he asked.

Suzaku propped his elbow on the armrest of his seat and his eyes narrowed. "It seems that there's going to be a death…" he murmured.

Two days later, it was a wonderful afternoon. The sun was shining without being too bright and there was a nice light breeze keeping the temperature from being too hot. It was perfect sleeping weather.

Lelouch sighed happily, settling himself underneath a large tree in one of the city's nicer parks. The prince lay back and stared up at the sky through the tree's boughs and leaves. The sun glimmered, casting down little spotlights onto area, the spotlights shifting and shivering as the breeze rustled the trees leaves.

Lelouch smiled serenely up at the sky, his headache dulled in his sense of calm. He draped his arms over his waist and relaxed into the soft grass, allowing himself to fall into a blissful sleep.

When he awoke sometime later, Lelouch found himself staring into a pair of unfamiliar but warm brown eyes. Lelouch blinked slowly up at the person, still far too relaxed to be particularly bothered by the fact that someone he didn't know had been watching him sleep. He sat up slowly and stared curiously at the man who had turned his head to look up at the sky.

The man was fairly tall. Even sitting, that much was obvious. He was wearing a soft, smoothed back dark blue newsboy hat, from which strands of brown hair could be seen. He wore a form-fitting deep green T-shirt with a thin thigh-length black jacket and beige slacks. Lelouch blinked slowly up at the man. He didn't recognize the man at all, but he felt familiar.

"Who are you?" Lelouch asked, finally taking it upon himself to break the comfortable silence. The brunette turned to look at him and smiled warmly. Lelouch felt his heart jump but didn't show it.

"My name is Eric." The man said softly.

Lelouch tilted his head at that. He didn't remember any Eric's. "My name is Lelouch. Have we met before?" he asked. Eric's eyes widened ever so slightly in surprise before returning to normal so fast, Lelouch half wondered if it had been there to begin with.

"…Lelouch? That's an interesting name for a Britannian."

Lelouch resisted the urge to tense up and smiled casually. "My father was French. My name is Lelouch Lamperouge." The prince replied.

Eric's eyes softened slightly at those words, and this time Lelouch was sure he noticed a trace of sadness in the man's eyes. "No. I'm afraid we haven't met. You just looked like someone I once knew." He said with a smile.

Lelouch watched him for a moment before tilting his head up towards the sky. "I'm sorry for your loss." He murmured. There was silence between them for a long moment as the two stared up into the tree. Eric stood up and bent at the waist, extending his hand to Lelouch. The teen took it, absently surprised at how soft it was, and allowed his new friend to pull him to his feet. Even when Lelouch was fully standing, Eric didn't let go, though his grip was gentle enough for even Lelouch to break out of with ease.

Eric placed his free hand over the small hand in his hold. "Lelouch, will you allow me to treat you to lunch?" he asked.

"Lelouch blinked in mild alarm, unable to hold back the look of surprise. "I'm sorry…I'm involved with someone already." He said.

Eric tilted his head in mild confusion before a slow warm smile crept upon his features. "Don't worry; my affection towards that person was never romantic. I simply wondered if I could use food to bribe you into showing me around Japan. I feel one brochure shy of being an obvious tourist. " He said.

Lelouch bit back his surprise. It was rare for anyone, especially a Britannian, to openly refer to Japan by its former name.

The young prince chuckled softly and nodded. "Sure, why not. I've nothing better to do." He said and they began to walk.

The wandered the immediate area on foot and took a taxi to other, still relatively close, areas. Lelouch pointed out important buildings and landmarks, while Eric told him about what he knew about each place so far, or telling him what other places he wanted to visit. Lelouch was inwardly happy that he was with someone interested in seeing the museums and artifacts of actual Japanese history in addition to the Britannian one instead of someone only interested in clubs or date spots.

Though they did spend a short time at the amusement park.

Lelouch stared down at the ground so far beneath them before leaning back in the seat of their Farris Wheel booth and looked at the brunette across from him. He wasn't all that surprised to find Eric staring back. "You must have liked that person a lot if you'd go so far out of your way with a stranger like this." He said.

Eric chuckled softly, leaning forward in his seat and setting his forearms on his legs. "Yes. He was my most precious person. Never before and never since have I cared for someone so deeply." He turned to look out the window at the amusement park while they passed the ground level. "It…was weird. How happy I felt just being around him. I think it's the closest I'm going to get to really 'falling in love' without feeling the need to…" he rolled his wrist, as if trying to come up with the right word, "consummate the relationship."

Lelouch let out a choked laugh that quickly calmed. He raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think you're never going to fall in love again?" he asked.

Eric shrugged absently. "I don't particularly…like having people close."

Lelouch nodded understandingly. "You know…I didn't like my boyfriend when we first met. I damn near hated him." Eric's head shot up and he blinked at Lelouch in shock, calmed, and raised an eyebrow curiously. "I kept people at a distance. I didn't even like most people in general, but he, he was the exact opposite of me, everything I wasn't and could never be and just as stubborn." Lelouch shook his head in mild annoyance at the thought.

"But our situation forced us together and he helped me so much, we helped each other. And we got used to each other. And started to see past all the things we didn't like in each other…and at some point camaraderie turned into love." Lelouch looked up at the man, his expression warm and loving. "I know…you deserved to be loved. As loved as you loved him. As loved as I'm sure he loved you. You just need to give someone a chance to."

Eric stared at Lelouch wide-eyed for a long moment. His head jerked away to look out the window. "Yes. I'm sure you're right…" he said, so softly, Lelouch almost didn't catch it. They sat like that in a thoughtful silence for several minutes until the ride ended.

An hour and a half later, they were sitting outside of a small restaurant, eating under a large white umbrella. Lelouch had a large stuffed rabbit set between him and the back of his seat and Eric had a small bowl with a tiny baby koi fish swimming around in it. They were at the desert stage at this point, and Lelouch had chosen strawberry chocolate ice cream while Eric had settled for a small blackberry pie.

Eric sized Lelouch up, his expression curious. "Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked, as if it'd suddenly occurred to him.

Lelouch froze, paused thoughtfully, and then shrugged. "It's fine. My grades won't suffer from missing one day." He replied with a scoff. "I'm sure I could run circles around most of my teachers mentally."

Eric laughed at that, a deep one from his chest that he covered his mouth in an attempt to hide. Lelouch chuckled softly at the sight. It was nice, while personable, Eric seemed too reserved normally. They settled into a happy silence this time as they continued eating.


Both looked up to seen a blond haired boy with a ponytail in a dark blue suit smiling warmly down at the two of them. He bowed respectfully to Eric. "I've been looking everywhere for you. Are you ready to go, Your Highness?" he asked.

Lelouch's eyes widened very slowly, though he quickly managed to keep his growing sense of horror from his face. He turned and looked up at Eric. "Your Highness?" he repeated in a shocked whisper.

Eric turned to look over at him and his eyes narrowed, a small wistful smile appearing as he stood, picking up the fishbowl. He moved to the other side of the table and cupped Lelouch's cheek with his free hand, gently wiping away a stray drop of ice cream with his thumb. Eric leaned down and placed a fond kiss upon Lelouch's forehead.

"It was a pleasure spending the day with you." He murmured honestly. "I…hope that we will be able to do this again." Eric continued as he drew back slowly. He absently licked to ice cream off his thumb causing both minors to blink up at him in surprise. Eric reached into his wallet and placed a couple bills onto the table. He looked back at Lelouch for a long moment with an expression bordering on longing before turning back to the Knight and giving him a nod. "We can go now, Lord Weinberg."

Gino smiled respectfully up at the man, and turned away to lead him to where he had a slick black car waiting. Lelouch watched in silence as the two entered the vehicle and drove away. The former prince propped his elbows up on the table and covered his eyes with his hands.

"Fuck…" he whispered. His heart was beating so fast he feared it might stop. One hand fell from his eyes to clutch his chest. The hand tightened into a fist.

It was him. Schneizel.

There was…there was no one else that it could be. It explained the familiarity, his shock at Lelouch's name and sadness at his 'heritage'. Lelouch swallowed thickly. But more than that…more than that…

Schneizel LOVED him.

For once, he knew Schneizel hadn't been lying. Lelouch vi Britannia was dead and Lelouch Lamperouge didn't know Schneizel. Physical resemblance or no, he had no reason to make up a story about love when he could have passed it off as something else.

But he didn't.

Lelouch had honestly been the only person Schneizel had ever loved. Considering everything that had happened in his last life, he wasn't sure whether he should be happy, sad, or angry. His heart chose a disconcerting mix of the three.

Lelouch sighed softly and finally got up from his seat. He took a cab home, went to his room and fell into a restless slumber.

Schneizel sat as proper as expected from a prince in the back seat of car. Kanon was driving because Gino, despite being a Knight of Round, was still too young to. The blond turned to look at his prince as the man removed his hat, folded it and set it neatly on his lap. Schneizel turned his head slowly to look back at Gino. "Tell me, Lord Weinberg, how much longer do you think I'll be needing a sitter for?" he asked.

Gino cringed slightly but kept his calm, though Kanon's snicker didn't help in that matter. "…So long as you need protecting, Your Highness. No matter whom your enemy is or what form they should take." He said.

Schneizel smiled coolly, his eyes narrowing slightly. He turned his attention downward and stared at the watch on his wrist, the clock on the inside. He traced the nail of his forefinger along the front of the watch, drawing an invisible line over the watch that would match the scar underneath.

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