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That day the three of them remained in the clubhouse. Both Suzaku and C.C. remained for dinner, to Nunnally's delight. Afterward, they returned to Lelouch's room.

Presently, Suzaku was sitting at Lelouch's desk doing homework. For reasons neither Lelouch nor C.C. could ever really understand, the brunette insisted on getting the work done and getting good marks in his classes. The freak.

Lelouch sat against the headboard next to C.C. drawing in a nondescript blueprint notebook. He'd been working on this for the better part of the day. Tomorrow, they'd have to begin their plan. One that C.C., in all her boredom derived craziness, had decided to title 'Vindication of an Evil Angel.' (1) Suzaku had seconded the vote, giving them the majority. Bastards.

Letting out a soft sigh, the prince set the book down on the nightstand, his reading glasses following suit. He stood up and came to stand behind his knight. Lelouch wrapped his arms around the younger boy and set his chin on the crook of his neck. C.C. looked up from her own spot on the bed in curiosity.

"You know, I never got to take that nap." He murmured against the brown locks of hair. Suzaku frowned slightly. Now, while he was working, Lelouch wanted to play? Like hell.

"Give me 15 minutes. I'll be done soon." Lelouch frowned slightly. He pulled back but kept his hands on Suzaku's shoulders. He looked over his shoulder to stare at C.C. She smirked. Lelouch turned back to his lover.

"Come now," he murmured, running the tip of his tongue slowly over Suzaku's spine, "all work and no play leaves Suzaku a very hard boy." The shivered slightly but rolled his eyes and tried to resume his work.


Suzaku blinked hard, slowly. He pulled back from the desk to look down at C.C. who had just given a nice slow lick over his clothed member. How did she even get under there without him knowing? He scowled.

"Enough. Both of you." He growled. C.C. cocked her head to the side and looked up at him innocently. Lelouch leaned down so that his cheek touched Suzaku's.

"Come, Come Suzu-chan!" the two chorused innocently, "Come play with us…" they breathed against him. Both finished the act by giving him a lick and a kiss; Lelouch on his neck, C.C. on his groin. The brunette groaned softly and tilted his head back.

"Dammit guys." He breathed. The slighter members of the Trinity smirked in victory.

C.C. undid the uniforms belt with her hands, using her teeth to undo the button and pull down the zipper, all the while staring into Suzaku's eyes. Meanwhile, Lelouch was relieving the brunette of his uniform top, licking and nipping Suzaku's neck as he did. He grazed his teeth over the tan jugular, placing a particularly strong bit at just the top of it. The knight whimpered then growled.

Suzaku stood up abruptly. The other two stared at him with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. His head turned to look at Lelouch. A lustful, positively wicked smile literally crept onto his face. The prince cringed, rightfully a little afraid. Maybe they'd gone a little too far.

Before either could blink, Suzaku had pressed himself against the thinner boy, pinned both of the prince's arms behind his back and had used the belt C.C. had loosened to bind them there from mid-arm to wrist. Lelouch's eyes widened in surprise and tried to undo the bind. No luck. C.C. was really looking forward to whatever Suzaku had planned.

The brunette smirked. "This is going to be the last time you interrupt my work." He murmured against the Britannian's lips. Lelouch chuckled nervously.

"What are you going to do? Break me?" Lelouch asked, feigning confidence. The Eleven chuckled softly. He brought his next to Lelouch's ear.

"I prefer the word shatter." He breathed. Lelouch shivered visibly and closed his eyes. Crap. C.C. smiled happily.

"How can I help?" she asked, calmly ignoring the violet glare she received. Suzaku tilted his head to look at her.

"Keep him close, but not over. Do a good job and you won't be next." The woman actually blinked in surprise at that. As much as she wanted to believe that the brunette was bluffing, he definitely had the stamina to back it up. C.C. blushed deeply and nodded.

Suzaku smiled approvingly at her, picked up his vict-, I mean, lover, and dumped him unceremoniously on the bed. Quick hands quickly and easily relieved the pale body of its coverings. The brunette sat back on his heels and stared appreciatively at the slender form at his disposal. Lelouch flushed deeply and looked away. Suzaku was usually a physical person. This was actually the first time that he'd just stared at Lelouch. The prince shivered, he might as well have been giving him a tongue bath for all the discomfort he was causing.

Lelouch's back arched as he felt a lubed finger slip inside him. He let out a soft whimper. He'd forgotten that this body was still a virgin. His eyes followed the length of the arm inside him and met C.C.'s eyes. She smiled and moved so that he sat on her lap, increasing the pace as she slipped another finger inside him, twisting, turning, and feeling around.

Suzaku leaned down and without warning or preamble, took his entire length down his throat. The prince's head jerked back as he gasped in shock. C.C. used her free hand to take Lelouch by the chin and tilt it back so she could kiss him. The boy shifted and rubbed against her, shoving his unbound fingers into her leaking cunt. She gasped and moaned into his mouth. Lelouch mirrored the action, a shiver running through him, his body squeezing down on the slender fingers inside him.

And that was all it took. Both C.C. and Suzaku leaned away from the prince, momentarily pulling away from his pleasure spots. Lelouch's eyes widened as Suzaku made a ring around the base of his cock with his thumb and index finger. The teen glowered and shot them a flushed glare.

"Don't! Don't you dare!" he growled out breathlessly. Suzaku simply smiled and started rubbing the prince's chest in soothing circles. Dammit! Lelouch was not in the mood to be soothed!

C.C. smiled and slowly moved out from behind Lelouch. The teen stared at her with confusion and annoyance. She crawled over to Suzaku and straddled his lap. Taking the brunette's cock in hand, she slowly impaled herself on it. Suzaku let out a soft breath against her chest. She smiled and slowly turned herself on his member to face their king.

Lelouch watched in longing as she pulled and lifted her legs back so that he had a great view of Suzaku's thick member delving into and stretching her moist orifice. He bit back a groan of longing. The brunette smiled from behind as one hand massaged and pinched at C.C.'s nipples while the other lightly stroked and flicked the head, and only the head, of Lelouch's penis, relishing in the annoyed grunts he received.

Lelouch shifted slightly trying to turn his hands enough for him to finger himself. It was annoyingly difficult. He'd finally managed to rub the tips of his fingers against his entrance when C.C. let out a cry. His head shot up.

Suzaku had given her a particularly deep thrust and was following it with several deeper, faster ones. She and Lelouch gasped in surprise as Suzaku wrapped an arm around C.C.'s waist and used his body to lean her onto Lelouch. The Britannian immediately captured her lips in his own, desperate for real touching.

Suzaku slowly pulled out from the female body and thrust himself into the male one. Lelouch's eyes widened and rolled back for a moment. C.C. reached onto the nightstand and stabbed her fingers into the open bottle of lube.

Reaching down, she slowly added a digit into the already tight hole. Lelouch gasped and strained to arch his back under the weight of two bodies (let's be honest) heavier than his own. The teen groaned and bucked against the fullness. Suzaku shivered against C.C.'s back, releasing his seed into the boyfriend's tight hole.

Said boyfriend shuddered at the feeling, the burning fullness, and…couldn't CUM! The prince let out a loud annoyed growl at C.C., the one who held him back this time.

"I'm sorry, OKAY! Just…just please…" he breathed out between pants. The other two simply smiled.

"Fine. This time." Suzaku said. C.C. chuckled and turned around so that she faced Suzaku. The brunette backed up and slowly lifted C.C. onto Lelouch's quivering member. As she moved, he went back and forth between massaging her clit with his tongue and burying it into Lelouch used entrance, cleaning him out and, every now and then, prodding the prince's prostate with the hot muscle.

Suzaku turned his tongue up inside the confined space and let out a rumbling chuckled against it when he felt Lelouch's body tighten around him. C.C. gasped as she was filled to the brim with semen. She gripped the sheets beneath her as her own orgasm followed, squeezing down on Lelouch's penis and forcibly drawing out his climax.

C.C. let out a breath and lay down to relax on Lelouch's stomach. The teen in question closed his eyes and tried to slowly regain his senses. This would have been hard enough even if he hadn't been forced to hold on for so long.

And so it went. On the bed, on the floor, in the bathroom (when Suzaku had told them that they were finished), on the bed again, etc.

All of which he normally didn't have a problem with. But normally, Suzaku had the decency to allow them breaks in between. Not today. Or rather the 4 ½ hours that seemed to last a day. There seriously needed to be a limit to how much endurance (of any kind) one person could have without the use of pills.

And as Lelouch relaxed (finally) in their newly laid bed, on his side with his head on Suzaku's stomach and C.C.'s arms wrapped around him from behind, Lelouch made a promise to himself. Never again. Excruciating soreness, marathon-level exhaustion, and numerous hickeys, bite marks, and light bruises, were NOT worth the 15 minutes he could have just waited.

He'd write the reminder on the fucking wall if he needed to, god dammit.

= = = = = = = = = Unholy Trinity = = = = = = = = =

The next morning (or early afternoon, in Lelouch's case) found both boys not quite mentally with the other students at school.

Suzaku, for the most part, was fine. But every now and then, his eyes would be drawn to Lelouch…to his one-day-bride… and an unusually happy (even for the Suzaku of back then) grin would break out onto his face. (2) Lelouch spent the better part of the day asleep. In the few moments he woke up, he'd feel the heat of Suzaku's stare and couldn't help but look over at the brunette in still sleepy confusion. He'd see the GRIN™, turn bright red, decide that whatever class he was in wasn't worth staying awake for, and bury his face in his arms.

It was…weird.

"Did you lose a bad bet or something?" Rivalz asked curiously after the 5th time, on their way to the student counsel room. Lelouch sighed.

"Yeah…something like that."

"What'd you bet?" the blue haired boy continued. For his troubles, he received a dark glare. The bluenette winced and laughed nervously. He quickly made up a random excuse ("The President wanted me to… rearrange her locker!" "We don't have lockers." "Which means I need to go BUY ONE! Yeah! Later!") and scurried down the hall before he could risk the chance of spontaneously combusting under the glare.

Lelouch sighed and closed his eyes as he felt more than saw Suzaku come up beside him.

"You're making life hard today." He muttered. The brunette tilted his head innocently.

"Just life? Not you?" he asked. The prince froze mid-step. Suzaku gave a not so innocent chuckle and smiled sweetly at his friend. Lelouch glowered.

"Not helping." Suzaku's features calmed into his normal (R2) smile.

"I apologize." He murmured. He stared up at the ceiling of the emptying hallway. "We're still meeting at the set place tonight, right?" he asked. Lelouch nodded as they continued walking.

"Are you sure it's alright to see all of them at once? Wouldn't it be better to do the last 2 separately?"

"No. It's better to gather them all together and explain everything in one go." Violet eyes shifted to look at the brunette. "If we do anyone separate, it'll be any others we decide to convert later." Suzaku nodded.

"Alright. I'd going to go ahead and leave now. I have some practicals to run with Lloyd before I come."


= = = = = = = = = Unholy Trinity = = = = = = = = =

~ Engineering Corps Laboratory ~

Lloyd hummed thoughtfully as pale green eyes scanned the results of Suzaku's recent practical marks and compared them to the last ones they'd taken a week ago.

"Ne, Suzaku." The teen in question looked down at the scientist from his seat in Lancelot. "You've gotten laid recently, huh?" he stated absently more than asked. Both Cecile and Suzaku blanched and the statement.

"What?!" Both asked in shock. Lloyd looked up at the pilot and smiled oddly (3).

"Not that I'm complaining. If increased hormone rates are what it takes to get me a 97% synchronization rate, then by all means, bring the boy here and just do him before each mission." He said with a happy twirl. The other two blinked, both blushing.

"Now Lloyd, you don't know that …that SEX is the cause." Cecile stammered. Lloyd gave her a knowing stare. She looked away.

"Um… how did you know it was a boy?" Suzaku asked in confusion. He was certain that he'd never talked about his love life before, especially at this time.

"I didn't." Lloyd said with a smirk, "Thank you for that tidbit of info, Suzaku." The brunette twitched. He'd walked right into that. Cecile flushed deeply.

"LLOYD! That's none of our business!" she admonished. She shot Suzaku a shy glance, "Um…though I had no idea you were like that." She finished quietly.

"Oh, he's not. Suzaku strikes me as the type to not care one way or the other." Lloyd murmured, looking back down at his clipboard, pretty much done with the conversation.

Cecile looked curiously at Suzaku, who nodded shyly. The teen turned his back on them and laid his head on Lancelot's counsel. He knew neither really cared about his orientation, but that didn't make this any less awkward…except with Lloyd, he supposed.

When their session came to an end, Suzaku jumped easily out of the Lancelot and approached the pair of researchers.

"Lloyd, Cecile." The two looked up at him curiously. "Later tonight, would it be possible for you guys to meet with a friend of mine? We're working on a project and could really use your help." Lloyd raised a bored eyebrow before going back to his work.

"Even if it's you, why would I waste my time working on some high school assignment?" he asked. Cecile frowned.

"Come on," she prodded, "it won't be that bad, and we could help them get done much faster." Lloyd gave her a blank stare. Suzaku sighed dejectedly.

"It's okay, Cecile. We needed a lot of help so my friend said he get this one scientist woman he knew. A…Chawla-san." He stated. Lloyd started. The lavender head turned creepily slowly to look at him.

"What." Suzaku inwardly smirked, keeping his outward innocent expression intact.

"Well, he was bragging about her being the best researcher out there, that we wouldn't need anyone else's help with just her along. But," the brunette innocently wrung his hands together, "I was trying to convince him that you were much better. After all, you made the Lancelot, right? But…well." He held up his hands palms facing out in a placating way, "I get that you're busy. Please forget I said anything."

"When?" Suzaku blinked in confusion.

"What TIME?" Lloyd growled out. The brunette cringed.

"11 pm." Cecile raised an eyebrow.

"So late?" She asked.

"They weren't available earlier." He answered.

"We'll be there." Lloyd muttered. "And you make sure that friend of yours is there to. He obviously hasn't seen a REAL scientist at work if he thinks she's the best." He finished with a smirk. Suzaku gave them a sweet smile. 'Almost too easy.' He thought.


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