When Pigs Fly, Part 4

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Chapter 4

Diana was lost in thought, studying the outline Ryo and Dee had made of those whom they felt were involved in the setting up of their two suspects, or at least they strongly suspected this was the case. She could definitely see why they, and in particular Ryo, had asked for her assistance. There were many things here that would be difficult for the Police Department to do without raising some sort of public outcry of abusive tactics and misuse of power.

Dee grudgingly admitted they needed her help, but he had never really gotten along with Diana as well as Ryo. But then, there were very few people that Ryo didn't get along with. But he and Diana had been at each others throats from the first time they worked together – she had even intentionally gotten him in hot water with Ryo.

Ryo had thoroughly done his homework on this one; and she also could see his hope that Jordan and Chet could be given lighter sentences than the situation seemed to call for. Too much of what had happened was not of their choosing. They were, for a lack of a better phrase, wined, dined, and primed to accept a little risqué adventure. Being college students, an encounter with drugs is almost inevitable nowadays, sad as it seems. Once they had fully felt the effects of the drug, they were given the keys to the van. The plan was to loose the piglets at the airport, which they did with glee. But they did not obtain the piglets – someone else had stolen them. They were guilty of gross stupidity, but little else.

At the moment they didn't have anything concrete to prove most of this, but there was enough information that, with the proper persuasion, answers and solid evidence could be obtained. Wiretaps and stakeouts were the first step, and the FBI would be best to do that, seeing National Security was at risk here. Then they had to make plans to allow the guilty parties enough time to incriminate any other suspects that hadn't been uncovered up to this point.

The element of surprise was in their favor; though. So far the real guilty parties thought they had gotten away with framing two innocent scapegoats. All interrogations by both law enforcement branches upheld the idea that the two in custody were being blamed entirely for the whole airport fiasco.

Before Jordan and Chet were released on bail, Diana had met with them and their public defender as to what they would like them to do. The aim was to have them act as if they were entirely to blame and not to mention anything about the group that had actually set the plan in motion.

The lawyer knew what the FBI was planning and approved; it wasn't illegal but it was misleading and definitely a good ploy. Also, the deal offered was sweet, and it looked like his two clients would have very lenient sentences compared to the others involved.

It took several more weeks of lead-chasing and interviewing, but they had finally gotten all the information they needed to start the operation. Everybody was synchronized, each knowing what they had to do and exactly when. It was almost noon on the day of the scheduled takedown, and Ryo and Dee were waiting in their office for Diana to arrive.

There was a knock on the door, and Diana entered, leaving 4 burly gentlemen in the main room outside. Dee was taken aback. This was Diana, the sea hag? Where was the sexy outfit? The 'I'm here to party' girl? This was a professional FBI agent, with the air of one who would not hesitate to shoot you in the balls should you try anything out of the ordinary. And she was definitely dressed to do business.

Ryo loosed a low whistle. "You sure can do the FBI image to perfection, Diana. I think this is the first time we've actually gotten to work together professionally, other than that one undercover case." Shooting a quick glance towards Dee he added, "Well, my partner worked with you, right Dee?' The tone in his voice dripped of sarcasm.

Dee flinched, and wondered if Ryo would ever forget that incident, or get tired of rubbing his nose in it. "I keep telling you, it was undercover – not under covers!"

Ryo smirked. If nothing else, he knew which spots to hit to get a reaction from Dee.

Diana laughed, remembering the episode. It was the first time she had worked with this particular pair of NYPD detectives, and she found it quite educational. It was also the start of her problems with a certain police commissioner. But she didn't want to even think about that individual at the moment; that particular hurt ran deep. Just keep the mind on the business at hand.

Diana wore little makeup, and what she had used was all natural toned, even to the nail polish. Her hair was pulled back into a matronly bun. Lightly tinted black-rimmed glasses rested on her face, a harsh look compared to the gold rimmed rose-tints she usually wore. She was dressed in a very business-like black suit with white pin stripes. The white blouse was shirt-tailored, with a feminine black tie accenting the neckline. The skirt was A-lined, and went just below her knees, extremely long for what they were used to seeing her wearing. The black leather shoulder bag and matching low heeled pumps finished the outfit. For as stylish and professional as she looked, there was nothing to hamper her chasing down a suspect; the outfit had both fashion and function. And hidden somewhere, either shoulder or thigh, they knew there was a holster.

The gentlemen she had left in the outer office looked every bit as professional. In fact, all they needed was a corsage flower in their lapel or a violin case and each could easily pass for mafia hitmen. All stood rod stiff, hands clasped in front of them, looking straight forward, as least as much as one could tell through their dark tinted shades. None were under six feet tall (185cm), and they had physiques that a body builder would die for – each cut a very menacing figure. She must have chosen them specifically; as they were the epitome of a fear factor.

"Let me introduce you to our assistants for this afternoon's work." She had called the four men in and all the introductions were made. It should be no problem rounding up all the suspects, and they did a final run-through of the details. A secondary plan had been made in case someone had gotten wind of what was to go down. They didn't want to risk losing any of the targets at this late date.


The mission had been concluded successfully, all the 'presumed to be guilty' lowlifes had been rounded up and charged with their part in the escapade. Official thanks would be given to the NYPD for their very helpful assistance in the case, but if was now the FBI's case. The paperwork had been started, and by the end of the week all would be in the capable hands of the FBI.

Diana sat perched on the corner of Ryo's desk, transformed into more of the Diana both the detectives knew best. The FBI agent was put away for another day. Her hair had been freed from the matronly bun and the glasses replaced with her normal rose-tints. The suit hung on a hanger on the coat rack, along with the shirt and tie. She now wore her normal 'party girl' look, tight top and short skirt, with matching heels.

As she put away the mirror she used while she brightening her lipstick, she said, "Well, this was a job well done, are you both up to dinner, my treat? I haven't had time lately to catch up on all the local gossip and I just know that you guys are sitting on some juicy stuff."

Ryo laughed. "Sure, I'll come. I wasn't sure how long it would take today so I arranged for Bikky to have dinner with Carol and her aunt." Turning to his partner he asked, "You coming too, Dee?"

Dee grinned. "Hey, if she's parting with her money, I'm gonna go." His face got very serious suddenly. "Wait a minute, where are we going for dinner? If it's Mikky Ds I'll pass."

Diana's eyes narrowed, and a smug look covered her face. "Well Dee, I was going to take you somewhere nice, but since you asked, how about a nice hot dog from the street vendor?"

"That I would expect from you. Ain't a high class bone in your body, you old sea hag."

Ryo sighed, totally exasperated. This was beginning to sound like a typical Dee/Bikky conversation. "All right, that's enough children. How about the Italian restaurant around the corner? They've got a nice wine selection, really good food, and not all of it is Italian."


Ryo had just left the doctor's office, anxious to get home and shower. The cast on his arm had been removed, and his arm looked like something that had been buried and recently dug up. The skin smelled terrible, and was a flaky, pasty white. Six weeks of immobility definitely left its mark; his left forearm was thinner than his right, showing that even everyday movements helped keep the muscles in shape.

After a half hour in the bathroom he had managed to get his arm smelling better, and the skin care lotion had abated of some of the itch and nastiness of his skin. There was nothing he could do about the whiteness except wait for the sun exposure to bring it back to normal.

Ryo knew that Dee had been waiting for the cast to come off; wanting to get back to a normal romp in the bedroom. The cast had really put a damper on the closeness when they made love. Not that Dee had totally thought the cast was bad news. Dee had taken some liberties with him while the cast limited his movement. A few times he had even started to irritate Ryo with his intimidation and antics, especially the last time.

But the cast was finally off, and they had planned a small celebration that evening in honor of the event. Bikky had agreed to stay over a friend's house that night, noting he wanted nothing to do with their perversions. He stated that his impressionable young mind might be damaged by being within hearing distance of such activities. Both Ryo and Dee had trounced him once he said that, stating he wasn't as innocent as he was making out. The real clincher was when Ryo asked about the condoms in his dresser drawer, the ones hidden in a rolled up pair of socks. Right then Bikky knew he'd better quit while he had the chance; the discussion was over – for now. And now he had to find a new hiding place for the condoms.

Ryo had made a small roast chicken for dinner, along with baked potatoes and a fresh green salad. Dee had brought a bottle of wine to toast the occasion, and hopefully loosen up Ryo for later, although he did seem quite affectionate at the moment.

After dinner the remains of the chicken were cleared, and the dishes were done and put away. As soon as they had finished Ryo wasted no time in cornering Dee. Dee, shocked by the aggressive behavior of his partner, but decided to see what Ryo was up to and go with the flow, allowing Ryo to take the lead.

Ryo had them both on the bed in the preliminary round of foreplay. Clothes had suddenly gone missing, and somehow Ryo was already straddling Dee's chest. It was then that Dee noticed the whiteness of Ryo's arm.

"I think you need to do some of the driving for a while, to darken up that bleached arm. Damn, it really looks gross. Remind me not to break anything."

Ryo's smile didn't fade as he replied, "Yeah, it is kinda gross, and you definitely don't want to break anything. The cast is the least of the problems." At that, Ryo lowered himself onto Dee's chest and started leaving little kisses all over.

Dee was in heaven, wrapping both arms around Ryo and moaning, "more baby, that feels so good."

Ryo's hands had now begun to travel all over Dee's body, touching, tracing, tantalizing every inch they touched. Dee squirmed happily under him, enjoying all that was being done.

Ryo had now reached the point where his hands were sliding to Dee's arms, forcing them over his head. While holding down Dee's right arm, he continued his kisses up Dee's left arm, to the elbow, onto the forearm, the wrist, the palm, the fingers.


Dee abruptly regained his senses. Ryo had just cuffed him to the bed. It took a few more seconds to form the words for the question. "Um, Ryo, what are you doing? Why am I cuffed to your bed?" Then a carnal thought came to him, "You're up for something kinky tonight?"

Ryo sat back and viewed the confused man beneath him. "No Dee, not unless you consider revenge kinky."

"Huh? Revenge? For what? What did I do this time?" He was still trying in vain to free his wrist, but Ryo had fastened it properly.

"How many times in the past few weeks have you taken advantage of the fact my arm was in a cast? How many times have you done things I didn't want, knowing full well that I couldn't do anything to stop you? Hmm? How many? Do you even remember?"

Dee mentally cringed as he remembered the last time they made love, or precisely, he made love to Ryo. Even he had to admit that he was a bit rough that night. "Aw, baby, I didn't do anything that hurt you. It was only once or twice anyway. And you enjoyed it too, right? You know I love you."

"That you love me has nothing to do with it. You did what YOU wanted, with no concern for what I wanted, positioned me so I could not move easily, and everything was done with the knowledge that I could do nothing to stop you. That doesn't sound too much like love to me; it sounds like a greedy, self-centered, horndog of a bastard to me."

Aw, shit. He really is pissed about last time.

Ryo had an evil grin on his face. "Now YOU get to be incapacitated, and I get to do what I want."

"Wait a minute, at least you could move away. I'm stuck here…."

"You should have thought about that when you pinned me down last time." Ryo then moved down Dee's body, lightly running his fingers along his sides and onto his erogenous areas, causing Dee to squirm unmercifully.

"Ryo!" Dee was moaning quite loudly now.

Ryo looked at Dee with surprise. "Hey, I'm just beginning. What are you going to be like by the time I'm finished?" Then he promptly stepped up the torture.

By the time Ryo was finished, Dee was totally spent. There hadn't been an inch of his body that hadn't had something done to it, either pinched or fondled or kissed or sucked or stroked. He had to admit Ryo could handle sexual torture better than he could. He had never gone to this extreme with Ryo.

"Ryo, babe, could you please uncuff me? My arm is beginning to hurt. And I gotta go. Please?" He looked forlornly at his partner, now lying beside him, enjoying the afterglow of his lewd treatment of his partner.

Ryo rolled onto his side and studied Dee. "Well, I don't know. I suppose I should…." But already his fingers were again seeking out the erogenous zones on Dee's body, causing him to react almost immediately.

"Please Ryo, I really gotta pee. Hey, hey! Don't do that! I'm sorry! I won't take advantage of you again. Just PLEASE let me go."

Chuckling, Ryo retrieved the key from the nightstand drawer. "I will hold you to that. If you ever take advantage of me like you did last time, this will be a pleasant memory, understand?"

"Yes, now unlock me. I promise I'll be good."

Ryo couldn't help but laugh as Dee ran toward the bathroom. He'd wait until Dee got back in bed, and then he would start all over, this time with a much more cooperative attitude.


Commissioner Rose hadn't been seen in his office at the 2-7 for over a month. The reason that was being circulated was that he had been called away by an emergency in another precinct, and it required all his attention. It sounded reasonable, especially with as quickly as he had left that one day. Over the previous four plus years he had been situated at the 27th precinct, he had never been away this long for business reasons, only for vacations and conventions. But the undercurrent of gossip told a different story – he got caught with his hand, or more specifically another appendage, where it shouldn't have been, and IA (Internal Affairs) smacked it. Neither story was totally true, but neither were they totally false.

Yes, he was working in another precinct on a difficult case, but of his own choosing. He could have handled it easily from his office at the 2-7, but he wanted and needed to get away, to distance himself from the distraction called Detective Randy MacLean. He had been caught in some illicit actions, most of the details known to everyone in the CI unit, and suspected by the some of the other employees of the precinct. So far IA hadn't gotten wind of it, but even his rank as Police Commissioner would not exempt him from the rules that governed the rest of the police force, or the general populace for that matter. Sexual harasser, stalker, attempted rapist – gay rapist at that – these were all things that he could be labeled, and he knew it. Proving even just one of the charges true would cost him his job and his career, no question about it.

It's funny how sexual desire can totally obscure your views on love; they definitely aren't the same thing. When charm and good looks weren't enough to get what he wanted, he used his position and money to get what he wanted at the time. All too late he realized that none of those things would get him anywhere near the person he actually regretted pushing away.

His actions had already lost him the one woman who made his heart beat faster. He had no idea how to reverse that. And right now, that bothered him more than not being able to pursue Ryo ever again. Diana hadn't even tried to contact him after that day in his office. She had helped the precinct gather evidence for the 'Flying Pigs' case, only conversing with him when she needed official assistance from the NYPD. After they had gathered the necessary evidence she then left, travelling to the main office in Washington DC for a debriefing session.

Diana's words about caring for him were haunting him, but the knife in his heart was the, 'Goodbye, Commissioner Rose'. She'd had strong feelings for him and he hadn't even noticed. He had treated his relationship with her as casual, without any sign or thought of commitment. He dated others openly, both women and men, joking about it when she found out, at times even going so far as flaunting it in her face. He was a fool, and he knew there was no easy cure to this self-inflicted dilemma. But where could he start to fix it?

He had left several messages on her phone, but so far she had not answered, not even a voicemail letting him know she had received them. His emails were equally fruitless, probably delegated to the trash bin. He would even welcome a scorching reply to let him know she had even read them. Even after a month he was still in limbo, with nothing on the horizon to aim for. Would he ever be able to win her back? Even as a friend?

He had finally returned to his office in the 2-7, but things were not as they used to be. He had very little interaction with the members of the CI unit, preferring to run his orders through the Chief. For the past three months he'd had no contact with either Ryo or Dee, so both were surprised when they were asked to go to the Commissioner's office one afternoon.

When they arrived they were surprised to see the Chief already there. Evidently there was a new case that needed their assistance. But both the Chief and the Commish seemed nervous about something.

Once they had seated themselves, Rose spoke. "I called you here today to issue an apology. The Chief is here as a witness, since he too was involved." Rose shot a glance toward Dee as he said this. Dee just glared back.

Fixing his eyes on Ryo he spoke. "Ryo – Detective MacLean, I owe you an apology. My behavior toward you since I first came here has been atrocious. I lost all sense of morality and respectability, I left all coherent thoughts behind; I only thought of you as an object of desire. I truly regret my behavior."

Rose cleared his throat before continuing, his voice having become a bit raspy. "I have learned my lesson. Detective Laytner, I am doing this in your presence so you can hopefully see the sincerity of my words. I will no longer impede either you or your partner in your professional or private lives. I am truly sorry for all the aggravation I caused the two of you."

The room was quiet for a long moment, then Ryo spoke. "I accept your apology."

You could feel the tension dissipate in the room. Ryo continued, " Your fault was in your personal dealings with me. I never disliked you as a friend, I just didn't appreciate your romantic attentions. You are a good man, a great Commissioner, an exemplary boss. I am proud to serve under your leadership. You have done much for your men and women in the NYPD, backing and assisting them when they need you the most. I look forward to working with you in the future, and a continuation of our friendship." At that he offered his hand to Rose, who took it with a very grateful smile on his face.

As Dee and Ryo walked back to their office, Ryo asked Dee if he accepted what Rose had said, if he still harbored bad thoughts toward the Commish.

Dee sighed. "As much as I hate to say it, I think he is sincere. It's been over three months and he hasn't so much as tried to corner you in the hall. No impromptu meetings about nonsense things, no dinner meetings to discuss cases, no kisses stolen in passing. I think he's cured.

Ryo smiled. "Good, I'm glad you aren't holding a grudge. But he still hasn't been able to contact Diana, and I think that is the major reason for the cure."

Dee thought for a moment, then replied, "I think you just might be right about that. He took her rejection really hard."

By the time they reached their office, the phone lines were both ringing and business took over. Thankfully, there was no more time for thinking about past happenings.


It had taken almost a year to get through the legalese and political red tape to bring the 'Flying Pigs' case to trial. Considering all that was involved, it hadn't taken too long to bring it to a successful conclusion. Those that had originally dreamed up the stunt got jail sentences, though a bit too lenient in Ryo's eyes. Jordon and Chet got off with several years of public service, a light sentence considering what they could have faced. The University didn't suffer too much bad publicity from the case, mainly due to the strange nature of the case, and the fact that no one was hurt.

Since both had been the original arresting officers, both Dee and Ryo attended the trial when requested, and tried as much as they could to attend the sessions that did not require them to be in the courtroom. For the final reading of the sentencing they were there along with Diana, and surprisingly, Commissioner Rose.

Congratulations were made all around on the successful conclusion of this unusual case. Even the lawyers on both sides seemed pleased with the outcome. Dee and Ryo were about to leave when Ryo noticed that the Commissioner had gone over to congratulate Diana. Ryo grabbed Dee's arm to stop him from leaving the courtroom, earning a questioning look from Dee.

Ryo motioned with his head toward Diana and Berkeley. In a low voice he said, "I'd like to see how this turns out first, OK?"

Dee glanced at the pair and nodded in agreement, both taking a seat in the back of the courtroom under the pretense of going through some paperwork.

Neither could hear what was being said, but the body language spoke volumes. Both were tense as they shook hands, curt nods and smiles as congratulations were given and received. Berkeley broke first. He looked like a small child, his head bowed, hands clasped in front of him.

As he started to speak, she tried to interrupt. He held up one hand, signaling her to at least hear him out. They did hear, 'Please, Diana, just listen', but then his voice lowered. He spoke to Diana for several minutes, fidgeting with his hands, and only occasionally looking up into her eyes before he finished what he had wanted to say.

Their faces told the whole story. He had swallowed his pride and apologized to Diana. His eyes showed hurt and a need for redemption. Even Dee felt sorry for the Commish; this definitely wasn't the same man that was flagrantly chasing Ryo around up until last year.

Diana looked hesitant, probably wanting to believe whatever the Commissioner had said, but knowing him too well in the past made it difficult to accept his words. But whatever she replied, it seemed to give him a spark of hope. He smiled, and she seemed to soften a bit. A few more words were spoken, she nodded, then they both moved toward the back of the courtroom, evidently leaving.

As they passed Dee and Ryo, they stopped to speak with the pair. "Diana and I are going to get some lunch, would you like to come with us to celebrate the successful end of the case?"

Both Dee and Ryo knew they could not go. If the two of them were to patch things up and undo past indiscretions, they needed to be alone, and a long lunch would go a long way in that direction.

Dee shook his head, and Ryo answered for them. "Ah, sorry. Bikky's off from school now, and I promised him a pizza once we got done here. I'll take a raincheck on this though, OK?"

With a undisguised look of relief, Berkeley smiled and accepted the answer, then turned to continue towards the doors. Ryo's eyes caught Diana's, and he saw the gratitude in them. Giving her a wink and a nod, he watched as they left together, not exactly as friends, but a hell of a lot closer than they had been for the past year. There were feelings between the two, feelings neither could forget. There was a lot of things that they needed to work out together. Both Dee and Ryo knew that it would take a lot more time for them to get back to anywhere near where they were a year ago, but at least now they were trying. One couldn't ask for more.



And what of the relationship between Berkeley and Diana? Ah, that's another story for another day!



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