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November 15, 10:39 am

Wright & Co. Law Offices

I watch Maya consume burgers at a terrifying pace. My wallet gets emptier and emptier until I have no money left. "Maya! Please, stop eating!" I begged her.

"Nick!" she yells. "Nick!"

I jerked out of sleep quickly.

(A dream…. It felt so real.)

I raised my head and saw Maya standing in front of my desk. "Are you finally awake?" she asks impatiently. "We need to start investigating!"

I blink a few times, still drowsy. "Investigating what?" I ask.

"For our new case of course!" she says, clapping her hands happily.

"New case?"

(If I were a cartoon character, dollar signs would have been flashing in my eyes. I am flat broke and Maya's eating habits aren't helping one bit.)

"Yep! We've got to head over to the detention center right now!" She nods authoritatively.

November 15, 11:13 am

Detention Center

Visiting Area

A girl with curly brown hair is waiting for us at the Detention Center. She is wearing jeans and a black hoodie. "Are you Maria Liam?" I ask.

She looks up, and her piercing blue eyes startle me. She nods and starts to play with her hair nervously. "Are you Phoenix Wright?" she asks.


"Maya told me about you. I hope you can help me!" She turns a pleading expression on me.

"Before I take on your case, I just have one question for you. Did you do it?"

"No, of course not! I could never kill my darling Chase!"

(She actually looks a little insulted. I had to ask!)

"Maya and I are going to do a little investigating. We'll come back later to ask you some questions."

(Maya, I wish you had told me more about this case before dragging me over here.)

Maya waves at Maria as we walk out the door. "Don't worry, we'll make sure that you're found innocent!" she calls behind her.

November 15, 12:02 pm

King Pins Bowling Alley

Parking Lot

(So this is where the murder was committed. It's really…. out of the way.)

The parking lot is crawling with cops. Of course, the most energetic detective of all was there, as usual.

"Hey pal!" Gumshoe says excitedly.

"Hi, Gumshoe. So you've been assigned to this case too?"

"We seem to have a lot of cases together, huh?" He starts fiddling with his coat.

(When is he going to get rid of that filthy coat?)

"Gumshoe, how's the investigation going? You found anything to help Maria out?" Maya asks worriedly.

(Is she friends with Maria? She still hasn't told me anything about this case, except for Maria's name.)

Gumshoe shook his head. "It's not looking too good for her right now. She's the only person that could have possibly killed him." Maya hung her head.

"Gumshoe, could you give me an overview of the case?" I ask.

"You took the case without knowing anything about it?" Gumshoe gives me a reproving look.

"That's very irresponsible, Nick!" Maya admonished me.

(Maya……Exactly whose fault do you think that is?)

"Well, the victim is Chase Ringley, a 22 year old male. He was stabbed to death in this parking lot last night. His girlfriend, Maria Liam is the prime suspect. The two were on a double date with the suspect's sister, Sophie Liam, and her boyfriend, Harris Scott," Gumshoe explains.

"Were there any witnesses?" I ask.

"Just one. Gregory Terot, a worker at the bowling alley."

(I should probably go and talk to this guy.)

"Here's the autopsy report." Gumshoe handed the file to me.

"Where can I find Mr. Terot?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"Probably inside."

November 15, 12:09 pm

King Pins Bowling Alley

Maya and I walked up to the front counter of the bowling alley. The man at the front counter flashes us a thousand watt smile. He's wearing a nice suit and has slicked back hair. I kind of wonder why he's working at a bowling alley when he looks so fancy. "Hello, and welcome to King Pins Bowling Alley! How can I help you?" he asks.

"I need to talk to Gregory Terot," I said.

His face falls. "Oh. You're with the police."

(Wow, that's a swift mood change. It was almost faster than Maya's mood swings!)

"Gregory's at the snack station." He gestures vaguely towards the right.

"Thank you Mister-" I quickly check his name tag. "Post"

"No problem," he mutters.

Maya and I start walking to the right, hoping to find the snack station. "Gosh, that guy was sure depressed to find that we weren't customers," Maya says.

"How much business do you think this place gets? It's kind of out of the way," I comment.

"Aha! The snack station!" Maya announces.

(I think a gnat has a longer attention span than she does.)

A man that looks like he's in his late 20's is standing at the counter. He looks like a stereotypical pizza guy kind of person, complete with shoulder length greasy hair, red King Pins Bowling Alley shirt, and black cap.

"What can I do for you?" he says in a monotone voice.

"We need to ask you some questions about the murder last night," Maya tells him.

(Maya, I'm supposed to say that!)

"You a lawyer?" he asks.

"Yes, I'm a lawyer. Are you Gregory Terot?" I ask him.

"Yep. I'm the one who saw that girl kill her boyfriend." He grimaces. "It's a right, nasty business."

"Could you tell me what you saw last night?"

"I saw that girl kill her boyfriend!"

(That was totally unhelpful.)

"Could you be more specific please?"

He rolls his eyes. "That girl stabbed her boyfriend with a knife."

"And by that girl, you mean Maria?"

"Who else?"

(I seriously doubt I'm going to get anything out of this guy. I'll just wait until the trial tomorrow. Now that I have some more of the facts, I think I'll go talk to Maria.)

November 15, 1:07 pm

Detention Center

Visiting Area

Maria seems even more distraught than when we left her last. She is frantically twisting her hair around her finger. "Maria, could you tell me what exactly happened last night?"

She took a deep breath. "Chase and I left the date early. We were walking to the car when Chase got a call. I sat in the car while he talked on the phone outside. I looked away for a second and then when I looked at him again he had fallen to the ground. I got out to see what had happened to him and then I fainted at the sight of his body with a knife in it. When I woke up I went to call the police." She looks at me hopefully, as if she thinks that I can win based on that information.

(That whole story sounds pretty fishy, even to me. But there's no Psyche Lock so she's not lying.)

"Did you see the person who killed him?"

She shook her head. "It was dark, so I could have missed them."

"Was there anyone else in the lot?"

"Not that I saw. The alley is sort of out of the way. We were the only customers."

(How is that place still open? It's in the middle of nowhere!)

"How long do you think you were unconscious?"

She shook her head sheepishly. "Truthfully, I have no idea. I didn't have a watch."

(So there's a possibly a lot of time that's unaccounted for. That could be useful.)

"It couldn't have been that long because it was drizzling and I wasn't that wet when I woke up," she continues.

(Darn. That could have smashed the prosecutor's case to pieces. Possibly. And who is the prosecutor in this case anyway? I should ask someone….)

I nod my head slightly, resolving to do this later, and return to the situation at hand. "Why did you leave the date early? Was it planned?"

"Of course not!" She starts to twist and untwist her hair around her finger even faster than before. Chains wrapped around her body and three locks slammed themselves into place.

(A Psyche Lock! Why does it seem like everyone always has something to hide? I probably should ask her about this later. I have absolutely no chance of breaking it with the meager amount of information that I have.)

"Hey, what was Sophie doing?" Maya asks.

(Maya. Please, stay out of this!)

"She was with Harris, so the two of them have an alibi." Maria smiles, rather happily for someone who is a suspect in a murder case.

(Maya, seriously, do you know these people?)

"Was there anyone else that you remember seeing at the alley?" I ask, hoping for a lucky break.

"Nope," she says, dashing my hopes. "It's a pretty small, local alley so not many people know about it. I think the only people there were Sophie, Harris, Chase, me, and the people who work there."

(I should find out who was working that night. And I need to talk to Sophie and Harris.)

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