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"Ok" she whispered to herself, she knew it was a bad idea but what choice did they have? Hodgin's sat staring at her blankly, she sighed and continued working. "Are you sure about this," a voice came from the backseat. She turned around and locked eyes with her friend, "No," she aid quietly. He smiled at her than looked at the note that was folded next to her. "Booth?" he guessed, she nodded and turned back to her work.

The FBI agent stood staring from face to face of the squints. He let out a deep breathe and turned to Zack. "So," he started, "What does it mean" It had to be the 5th time he'd asked already. Everyone could see the pain evident in his eyes, and they knew it wasn't for Hodgin's. Suddenly out of the midst of the silence Zack happily jumped up, " I know were they are!" Booth looked ay him and smiled, " We have to hurry."

The explosion left something sharp wedged in her arm and her head pounding, she looked over at Jack but all she saw was darkness. Then all of a sudden a light appeared above her and a hand reached in she grabbed it and felt herself being pulled out. Strong arms wrapped around her saving her from the sandy grave. After she was laying on the ground she looked up at him, his expression was saddened. "Hodgin's," she whispered. After he rescued Hodgin's he moved back to her side. "Bone's, you're bleeding," he told her staring at her arm. She examined the piece of glass stabbing it and the warm blood running out. He carefully pulled it out and she winced in pain. "It' okay," he told her pushing his palms against her arm. She sighed and immediately passed out.

Too be continued…

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