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"Bones," Booth said tentatively sitting beside his partner. "The gravedigger, a case we've been working on for a while."
"I don't-" she stopped herself and gave him a confused look.
"You and Hodgins were trapped in a car, buried."
"Is he alright?"
"Angela's with him now," Booth explained.
"I don't remember any of this," Brennan said placing a hand on her forehead.
"It's okay," Booth assured her taking her free hand in his.
"You saved me," she said as a statement not a question.
"Not really," he shrugged.
"You always save me Booth," she said causing his heart to ache.
"Couldn't leave the world without its best forensic anthropologist," he said.
"Thank you," she said as she kissed his cheek lightly. "I may not remember much but I know you'll always save me."
"Always," he said before pulling her into a hug and engulfing his senses in the smell and feel of her.

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