'Ello. This is my attempt to make something out of my mandatory year of US History. Seeing as I'll be learning all about Alfred this year, I figured I'd make him his own drabbleish story about all that goes on. The chapters will be pretty short, but I feel like I'll update more or less frequently. I'm currently trying to decide how far I should go with this and when/how it will end. No clue yet...so we'll see. I don't think this has been done yet. I hope not...

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America was only a child when Spain first saw him. An innocent child, peaceful and untainted with the ways of the world. So easy to convince, so easy to gain the trust of.

When Spain arrived that fateful fall morning, America had been running about on the land, mud on his cheeks, leaves in his hair, not a single stitch on him. Immediately Spain had known, had known who the wild little boy was. A Nation.

He was blond and blue-eyed, fair-skinned unlike the loathsome savages inhabiting this New World. Spain saw opportunity in that. Opportunity to take in the child, and make him a proper Christian before he would learn to know any different. Win him over, before sending his soldiers in to take what riches they could from this mysterious new land. Too easy, too easy. He had done it so many times before.

America—the foolish, foolish boy—had come right up to him, gazing up with awe at the boat looming behind him and observing with curious, innocent eyes the way the sun shone off the metal of the guns.

"¡Hola!" Spain greeted, allowing a cheery smile to take over his features. Charm the boy. Reassure him.

"Hi!" the other replied, a bright grin creasing his childish face. He couldn't be more than five in appearance. "Who are…? That animal…I never saw it before. And the shiny things…what are…?"

Another step forward, a comforting pat on the head. "My name is Spain. I come from a land far away, over the ocean. Would you like to be friends, chiquito?"

"Chick…keet…" America's brow furrowed slightly in consternation, his lips forming a poutish frown of thought. But his expression resumed its naïve cheerfulness after a short moment. "You talk funny. I would…be your friend."

"¡Muy bien…muy bien!" Spain smiled happily, taking the young boy's hand. He led him off, into the tall grass and scattered trees a mile or so in from the beach. "I'm sure you have many questions, chiquito. Ask away. But first, your name…?" The European feigned ignorance.

"America!" the younger Nation replied. So openly, so trustingly, as if it had never and would never cross his mind that his new "friend" were being anything but sincere.

Before he could reply, Spain felt a sharp tug at his hand. Realizing the boy was trying to take him off somewhere, he allowed himself to be pulled along, the carefree, jolly smile never wavering. "I show you something!"

It would be so easy, so terribly terribly easy. So easy to deceive this boy, so easy to hurt him. He would never even see it coming.

Historical facts/notes: On October 12th, 1492, Christopher Columbus set foot in the West Indies, an Italian-born explorer that was sailing under the sponsorship of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. He thought he had landed in India, having been trying to find an alternate route to Asia. His mentality did not change the next several times he landed here…he still insisted it was Asia - -' He was a bright one. Very stubborn, if nothing else.

The Spanish were not at all kind to the native people of the Americas, but we'll get to that more next chapter. I'm not intending to be offensive at all, but with all the Ethnocentrism going on then, I'm just trying to keep it in character. These are not my opinions whatsoever. I'm just trying to be accurate for the time period, so I apologize in advance if anyone is offended.

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America talks like that to show the communication issues between the Spanish and the Native Americans...it didn't work out that well. But speaking of communication issues, someone brought up that it would be a good idea to put in Spanish translations, so here it goes:

¡Hola!: Hello! (I think everyone knows this one, but just in case.)

chiquito: 'Chico' means boy, adding '-ito' to the end of words means 'little' and is often used for affectionate terminology. So 'little boy' more or less.

¡Muy bien…muy bien!: Very good...very good!