All right. Obviously my wishes to start working on this story during the summer did not pan out. My computer has just had one random unfortunate problem after another, and it is not yet fixed.

However, as of last night, it did manage to get to the Windows screen, so it is on the way to being so! I still have to get all my documents back on it, and finish putting it together but…we're nearly there. As soon as it is back in proper working order, I hope to continue on with this story. And my textbook has arrived in the mail, in lovely condition. So all is well. Just taking a while.

I've also come to a very important conclusion after watching Capitalism: A Love Story and various other films of that nature with my dad this summer. The second half of America's history is not like the first. It is complicated. It gets complex, economy-filled, and quite a bit dark in places. Everyone knows about Washington. Everyone knows about Lincoln. Those are stories everyone has heard. But as we progress on into more modern times, this story is going to become increasingly difficult to write. It will become increasingly controversial and subject to opinion.

This is much larger project than I could have imagined when first taking it on. Washington's story is easy to tell: simple. As is Madison's and Jefferson's, and even to the point of the Civil War. It is the latter parts that will be more difficult, that will be the real challenge. All I ask is you bear with me when necessary (I am not a whiz in regards to the economy and whatnot by any means), and I will do my best to complete this undertaking :] I look forward to it.

And school is starting for me. Today actually. I've got to get going. Just, FYI. And I have college applications stuffs. So…yeah.

In the meantime, I recently posted Verin Mystal's giftfic, which is sort of a companion-fic to this one. It's about America and Lincoln's sons, appropriately titled "Lincoln's Sons".

And then, there is the story I have been writing this summer due to a mixture of boredom, inability to write anything historical, and just…emotional relief? It will vaguely detail my computer troubles via Japan, while adding a bit more. It's called "Technical Difficulties".

Shameless advertising is shameless. Anywho. That is all I have to say for now. Once again, I apologize for the wait, and I hope I will be back to this ASAP ^^ Take care!

just another fma fan: Lincoln's death scene was very sad :'[ I've reread it a few times while working on that one-shot and just…I'm glad you thought it was done well! I worry sometimes.

And I hope those links were fun ^^' It was completely unintentional to leave things this long, but at least I left you with thing to look at, yes?

Thank you with the luck on the finals ^-^ They went well!

Ameila L. Jones: Thank you very much :] I'm glad you're enjoying it!

As for tips on AP History…don't stress yourself out. A lot of the coursework may be hard, but the real nerve-wracking thing is the AP exam at the end of it. Make sure you study and know your stuff, but that you /sleep/ well enough before it. That was my problem. I freaked myself out studying too much, and thus, nearly fell asleep during it. I wish you the best of luck in that!