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In my hands was a small, thin object that had the power to ruin, or complete my life. In front of me was an incredibly dangerous situation, not that I didn't go through that every day. In the room beside me was the boy I was absolutely devoted to, but at this moment, scared of. I sighed, and stood up, stumbling to the door. My feet carried me through the hallway to the room next to mine. Stopping in front of the door, I took a deep breath, and turned the brass doorknob.

"Alec," I yelled through the empty streets of Brooklyn.


"Let's go back; I want to tell Clary now." I yelled to the voice.

I was greeted by a smiling face, covered in ash. "Sure. Just remember that there are OTHER PEOPLE living in the Institute, most of which, do NOT want to hear you and Clary together."

"Oh, Alec, aha, your sooo FUNNY!" I said, mocking him. "Like you and Magnus haven't made enough noise before. By the way, you squeal. A lot." The bright red colour that exploded onto Alec's cheeks was priceless.

I chuckled, and walked towards the lightwoods favourite restaurant. "Tiki's!" I called, "My treat!"

Sobbing and choking, and tripped and stumbled to my room, collapsing on my bed. I don't know how long I stayed there, clutching at the quilt and crying my eyes out. Suddenly, I stood up. I realized that what I was doing was irrational. I was crying over the man that would surely hate me for ruining his life. Why should I waste my time crying when I should be packing? I stuffed all of my clothing and other belongings in the green duffel bag I had used to transfer my things to Luke's house when I went to visit. I was about to leave when I remembered something important that I needed to bring with me.

Jace's shirt.

This was the shirt I had worn the night we made love. After I moved into the Institute, Maryse had made very strict rules about boyfriend/girlfriend visiting hours, keeping the door opened at all times, and having Alec or Isabelle with them when they were together at all times. The sexual tension was getting to, surprisingly, Clary more than Jace, and she demanded that they spent the weekend in a hotel room so she could get her release. It was very hard to get approval from Maryse. First they had to convince her that yes, they were, in fact, going to Idris. And they were. They were just staying in a hotel in Idris. Then they had to convince her that Isabelle was going with them. And she was, but she was staying with one of the various boyfriends she'd met over the years. It took a few days, but finally, Maryse agreed to let them go. The bags were packed, the portal rune drawn, and the good-bye's said. On the other side, Isabelle was greeted by her boyfriend and taken to who knows where. Clary and Jace had run to their hotel, and in their haste to get started, Jace forgot to put on the condom sitting on the side table. Very quickly, Jace slammed into Clary, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity. For Clary, it started off as all pain and no pleasure. After a few whispered words and loving strokes from Jace, the pain dissolved and love and pleasure took its place. The sex didn't last long enough, because soon after, they both hit their spot. Each screamed the others name as they came, clutching at each other's bare flesh. It took ten minutes for Clary's life to be ruined. Ten minutes for a new life to push the two apart. Ten minutes for her life's meaning to fall apart.

Silently, Clary got on the bus to the airport, crying soundless tears the whole time.

Goodbye, Jace.


Okay, I know you're all thinking something along the lines of 'Clary, you stupid fucktard.' But guys don't give her too hard a time. Morning sickness on a bus, followed by a plane, is not the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on. (PATD anyone? :D)

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