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Clary looked over her shoulder, trying not to disturb the baby sleeping in her arms.

"Hey," she whispered, "You're bleeding. What happened?"

Jace looked down at his shirt, and, seemingly unsurprised at the bright scarlet running down his arm, shrugged. "It's nothing. Just a run-in with a demon."

She would've pressed the matter further, but Amalie squirmed in her arms, and would surely be hungry.

Jace's eyes lit up. "Where's Caleb?" His voice was eager; I knew he was excited to start training his son. Whenever I talked to him about it he always said he was excited to teach the twins, but I knew it was all about Caleb.

"Why don't you take Amalie? You haven't held her in while. Let me hold my boy for once." I gave him a smile, and he responded with a drawn out "fine."

Walking to the nursery was emotional. I don't know if I just had left over hormones or I was upset about leaving France, but by the time I had reached Caleb's crib I was tearing up a little.

"Hi baby boy," I cooed , leaning over Caleb's crib. "Are you hungry?"

He made little noises at me and smiled, grabbing for a piece of my hair and holding it in his tiny fist. I scooped him up in my arms, and as I turned to walk out the door, someone grabbed my leg, tripping me. I hit the ground hard, with Caleb still in my arms.

Someone screamed in the front room, sending chills through my body. Glass shattered, something heavy fell. Someone kneeled down next to my ear.

"Oops," a dark voice said.

"Found you."


-Magnus and Alec- *If you haven't read the Infernal Devices (prequel to MI) Please skip down to when I put the next star , this isn't important and contains spoilers)

"There was someone before you." Magnus called out.

"What?" I called, confused about what he meant.

"I loved someone before you. I just thought you should know."

I gave him a look; this wasn't like him. I took a few tedious steps towards the couch, and when he reached for my hand to pull me next to him, I obliged.

"Her name was Camille. She was a vampire. I met her at a party once, for another vampire named De Quincy. It was a long time ago, though, and I doubt she's still even around. I left the area when I became bored with the residents. I don't know why I'm telling you, I just...never mind. It's not important. All that matters is that I'm with you now. I love you Alec."

Now this was a side of Magnus I rarely got to see. The one who acted like he gave a shit. Though his outburst was random, it wasn't un-appreciated. Maybe it had something to do with being in France, he had been acting weird since we got here. I decided to leave it for now.

*** The door flew open. A panicked looking Isabelle burst in, looking like something tragic had happened. Maybe she had broken a nail?

"They're... gone...blood,...broken..mirrors." She was struggling to speak, huffing and puffing like she had run a marathon.

"Jace and Clary...they're missing."


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