Author's Note- This is my second Harry Potter fanfiction! It's a work in progress and I would really love feedback. Enjoy!

Summary- Hermione, Fred, and George find themselves asking "Remember that time…" as they lay together reminiscing the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Chapter 1: Remember That Time?

Hermione slammed the door behind her as she entered her spacious flat. It was her third time coming home late from the ministry that week, and it was only Wednesday. She was in an particularly sour mood until she heard the "Hello Darling!" that was chorused from the bedroom and she then found herself smiling. She placed down her messenger bag and took off her heels. Her feet pulsed as she made her way to her destination but she ignored it. The butterflies in her stomach over powered it anyway.

They were waiting for her. Not that she was surprised. They always waited for her. She could see their smiles before even registering the red shaggy hair and their sparkling brown eyes. The television was blaring but they didn't seem to notice. "Hello Gred." She kissed Fred softly. "Hello Feorge." She followed suit with the other twin and joined them on the bed. Fred got behind her and started to massage her shoulders. She leaned in to him, "Today just wouldn't end."

"You can quit you job whenever you want you know. George and me can support all three of us with the shop."

"I know." She said gabbing George's hand, "I just like to feel useful."

"You could be useful in a lot of ways. Like by cleaning or cooking or-" George was cut off by a hard smack from Hermione. "That hurt love."

"Just think of it as payback for last night." She said closing her eyes. It had been awkward for her at first, sleeping with both of them at the same time. She was worried she wouldn't able to keep both of them pleasured at the same time. After constant reassurance from the twins she never let the thought cross her mind again. She remembered how George put it, she could lay there like a doll and they would still find it unbelievably sexy. She brought George's hand to her lips and kissed it.

"I thought you liked it rough Mione." Fred said defensively.

"I do, but don't expect to give and not receive."

The twins let out a little growl and Hermione rolled her eyes. "You are no fun after work Ms. Granger."

"Well not all of us have the luxury of owning a highly successful joke shop, do we Feorge?" She pulled away from Fred's hands and went to take a slice of pizza out of the refrigerator. Even though she was a witch, Hermione found it difficult to let some muggle things go. Some things like flat irons, cell phones, and bubble gum. Cold pizza was also on that list.

"Yes, and not all of us have the luxury of sleeping with the owners of a highly successful joke shop." Hermione stuck out her tongue before taking another bite out of her dinner.

Even if no one else would understand, she genuinely loved both of them. Fred was always careful and playful with her while George was always passionate and teasing. She knew that they both loved her too. They were the ones who told her rather bluntly in the library during her fourth year.

"What are you thinking about love?"

"Remember in the library?" She said smiling.

"Which time?" They asked in unison, smirking.

"The first time."


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