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Epilogue- Nearly Eight Years Later

The little girl ran past her mother, singing. "Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me. We pillage we plunder, we rifle and loot, drink up me hearties, yo ho!"

Will reached out and picked up his six year old daughter before she could run down the beach. "Mary, enough. You know you have to wait," he said. He set her down and brushed off her dress.

"But I want to go play! And why do I have to wear this dress?"

"Take that up with your mother," Will said. "And you can play later."

Mary turned to look up at Elizabeth, who was just catching up with them. "Mum? Do I have to wear this dress?" Elizabeth was wearing a dress today as well, since it was an important day for the family.

"Yes, Mary, you do. You want to look nice when we meet your ancestors, right?"

"I want to run and play," the six year old said stubbornly.

Beside Will, Bill chuckled. "I think I'm glad I didn't have a daughter."

Will laughed. "You can't just blame our family. Mary takes after Elizabeth in more then just her looks. You have no idea what Elizabeth was like as a child."


Will shook his head. "Don't deny it, Elizabeth. You were an unholy terror as a child. You went through three governesses just the first year I knew you."

She opened her mouth, and then shut it with a frown. "You weren't the easiest of children, either," she pointed out.

Will grinned. "I was not nearly as bad as you," he pointed out. "And I had the benefit or excuse of having the blood of a sea goddess."

She scowled at him. He just grinned at her, and then looked down at their daughter. "Come on, Mary. Let's watch the sunset."

"Why is this sunset important, Da?" Mary asked.

"I've told you this story before," Will said.

"Tell me again?"

Will heaved a sigh, but Mary knew he wasn't upset and just giggled at him. "Alright… your story. A long time ago, the goddess Calypso fell in love with a human man. She made it so that he could be immortal, and stay with her, but because of that, he can only step on land one day every ten years. When the sun goes down, he'll come back in his ship, and spend his one day on land."

"And he's Davy Jones, and he wants to meet me, because Granddad is his grandson."

"Exactly right," Will said as he swung her into his arms. "He's been very busy for the past eight years, so he hasn't come to see us when we're on the Pearl."

"But now I'm going to meet him. And I'll see Grandmama Calypso again, and Grandmum Calliope."

"That's right. Now, look, the sun is going down," Bill said as he stepped around them to stare out at the setting sun. "And who knows what will happen when the sun sets."

Will stepped up next to Bill. "Yes, watch closely. If we're lucky, we might see something special."

Mary leaned against Will's hold to watch as the sun set. Elizabeth stepped around so she was standing on Bill's other side. "I wonder how he is doing," she said. "We've not received word for nearly a year now from any of them."

"They're going to be surprised," Will commented. "Who would have guessed that we'd actually find something using those charts?"

Elizabeth grinned. "I wonder what Calypso will say about it."

"Probably something cryptic," Bill said with a grin.

They all fell silent as the sun dropped below the ocean. At the last second, a brilliant green light shot into the air.

Mary laughed as she stared at the ship that was now making its way toward the hidden cove.

Elizabeth leaned forward slightly. "I think there's something different about the Dutchman."

Bill nodded. "There is," he said. "She looks cleaner. Less like she's been at the bottom of the sea for a hundred years."

"It's because I am doing my duty once again."

The Turners all looked up at the man standing just in the water near them.

"Grandfather?" Bill asked. "You look…"

Davy smiled. "The curse has faded, now that I am doing my duty," he said.

He looked over them as he splashed out of the water. "It's good to see you all again," he said.

"Grandfather," Will said in greeting.

"Who's this?" Davy asked when he saw that Will was carrying Mary. Despite that, they all knew that he knew about Mary. Calypso had told him about her when she was born.

"This is Mary Turner, my daughter," Will said. He set her down so that she faced Davy.

"Are you Grandpapa Davy?" Mary asked.

Davy looked down at her. "Yes, I am," he said. "Mary, you look just as your Grandmother Calypso described."

Mary beamed up at him.

Elizabeth smiled. This was certainly a strange family- but she wouldn't change the fact that she was a part of it.

Mary looked up at her. "Mum, can I show Grandpapa Davy the nest we found yesterday?"

"Only if he wants to go," Elizabeth said.

Davy laughed. "Of course," he said.

Mary whooped and began running ahead of her family.

Halfway there, Davy stopped and stared at them for a moment. "What did you do?" he finally asked.

The rest of the family exchanged glances. "What do you mean?" Elizabeth finally asked.

"You- all of you- are no longer mortal," Davy said.

"You can tell?" Bill asked.

Davy rolled his eyes. "I'm the ferryman of the sea's dead. I can tell when someone might come under my power. None of you- except for Mary- will."

"That's good," Will said.

"What did you do?"

Elizabeth smiled. "We found Aqua de Vita," she said. "Mary isn't allowed to drink it until she's twenty, but beyond that, we all did."

Davy eyed them. "Immortality isn't without costs," he said.

"We know," Will said. "But it's worth it."

"I think so, too." Davy said.

"I am glad, Davy," the tall, dark haired woman said from behind them.

Bill studied her. "In that guise, you could be Will's sister," he commented.

Elizabeth laughed as Mary came running back. "Why aren't you following me? Oh, hi Grandmama Calypso."

Yes, this was definitely a good family.

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