"Stop acting like a baby," smiled Robin, as she redressed Naruto's bandages. They were all staying at the inn.

Naruto gave Robin a light glare as he sat on the bed. "Baby? You know what, next time I'm not saving you!"

"Is the so?" said Robin with an amused look.

He nodded turning his head away from her. "Yep. I am going to sleep or take a vacation or something. Don't need to be saving someone who calls me names." Naruto stuck his tongue out at Robin and she giggled. A light blush heated Naruto's cheeks as Robin wrapped her arms around Naruto and rested her cheek against his. Her hands ran down his chest and her impressive bust pressed against his back. "If I remember correctly. You swore to kick my ass back at Iceburg-san's mansion. If you promise to save me if I ever get captured again. I'll let you kick my ass all you want," whispered Robin seductively.

"I promise!"

Robin laughed before gasping in surprise. Naruto grabbed her and pulled her into his lap wrapping his arms around her slim waist. She smiled relaxing in his grip and leaning back into his strong chest. "I missed you," he whispered. His grip tightened a bit.

This time Robin was the one to blush lightly. "I missed you as well." She turned and they looked like they were about to kiss until the doors to the room burst open. They both turned to see Chopper and Sanji enter the room. "I'm back. I brought-" Sanji stopped talking as he saw Naruto and Robin. He didn't fail to notice Robin sitting comfortably in Naruto's lap and his arms wrapped around her.

"Are you keeping a close eye on Robin-chan, Naruto-kun?" smiled Chopper looking at the two.

"Yes, a very close eye," grinned Naruto. Robin laughed lightly.

"You bastard! I'll ki-" he never finished when Nami hit him over the head. "Quiet. I am not going to let you ruin this for them," glared Nami. She then smiled at Naruto and Robin giving them a wink. Naruto and Robin smiled gratefully. Nami was in a much better mood once those inn keepers came back with their 100 million berri and her tangerine trees.

The doors burst open again as Kokoro, Chimney, and Ganbei entered the room. "Hello everyone," laughed Kokoro. Chimney and Ganbei greeted everyone in their usual cheerful manner.

"Hi," they all replied.

For the third time in a couple of minutes, the doors burst open. "Damn, we are never going to get a moment of peace," grumbled Naruto. Robin smiled as rest her head against his and enjoyed the peacefulness of the moment. She had everything she had ever wanted. A nakama. Plus, a person she could honestly say she had fallen in love with, though she wasn't ready to admit it yet. For the first time in her life, she was truly happy.

Franky and the twins entered the room in their usual extravagant manner. "Franky, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Hi Naruto-kun!" smiled Kiwi and Moku. Naruto smiled at them and waved. They had been very affectionate towards him ever since he saved their lives back on Enes Lobby.

"Everyone listen closely. I have something to tell you." Franky took a seat on the floor with the twins on either side of him. He then started to speak ignoring the fact that he had just barged in here demanding something of them. "There's an island constantly at war. Since the war started, if a person were to try living on that island under that rain of shells. The people would die, the town would die. They would be cremated with their ruins. There was something still standing. A sturdy tree. No matter what happened it wouldn't fall. People gathered around the tree, building a city then a country. There are only a few in the world. The name of that strongest tree is, The Treasure Wood Adam."

"A tree? So what?" replied Chopper.

"I got to say, this story seems kind of pointless," admitted Naruto.

Franky looked at everyone seriously, "in our routes, having even a piece of that tree is extremely rare. I wanted it, but its an item that cost 200 million berri. But I couldn't touch it. Then what should appear before me, a bunch of pirates carrying a ton of money."

"Is that what you used to spend our money on you bastard?" yelled Sanji.

"Let me finish!" yelled Franky slamming his fists on the ground. He bowed his head and continued to talk. "A long time ago, I swore never to build another ship. But before long, to catch up to the man I admired, and to reach my own goal, I drew up the blueprints of a ship. My dream is to use that treasure wood and for one last time. Make a ship able to sail any sea. I am going to make a dream ship. I already have the wood and the blue prints. With this I can make it. So when it is done. Would you all sail in the ship I have created?"

"So you mean you'll give us that ship?" spluttered Sanji.

Naruto's eyes lit up, "I'll sail in it!"

"Yeah. Only people I like sailing in it will make me happy," smirked Franky. "The only other ship on this sea that ever sailed around the world , Gold Roger's Oro Jackson, was made from this wood. I'll definitely show you, this amazing ship!" Kokoro laughed as Tom and Franky were identical. She could see Tom clearly in Franky now. The Straw Hats minus Luffy, who was still asleep, and Zoro who is out sulking about his destroyed sword, all celebrated. Finally they would have a brand new ship that could sail the entire Grand Line!

There celebration didn't last long when the wall behind them exploded. Naruto jumped away and kept his back to the wall so that debris hit him not Robin. He then released her and prepared to fight despite still being extremely weak. "Are you the Straw Hat Pirates? There's some men here that want to meet with Monkey D. Luffy!" A large man appeared wearing a dog mask.

"Marines," Sanji, Chopper, and Naruto prepared to fight. Luffy continued to sleep and a smirk appeared on the man's face. "As careless as always!" In a blur the man shot past them with Naruto aiming a punch at the man but missing due to his reflexes being slow to his injured body.

"Wake up!" yelled the marine punching Luffy in the head.

Luffy screamed in pain, "it hurts. It hurts!"

"What? It was a punch. You are a rubber man, a physical blow shouldn't have hurt you," gasped Sanji. This marine. He was no average marine.

"No one can dodge a fist of love," laughed the man as he took off his mask. "I heard you were being reckless Luffy." A man with white hair and a white goatee smiled widely.

"Grandpa?" yelled Luffy in surprise.

"A marine vice admiral is," started Chopper.

"Grandpa!?" they all yelled.


Zoro narrowed his eyes as he saw that the marines had arrived here before him. This isn't good at all. Without hesitation he drew his swords and charged through the marines he started to take them out one by one. That is until a marine with long blonde hair showed up wielding a pair of Kukuri Knives. "Kukuri Knives? That is an unusual weapon," smirked Zoro.

A pinked hair kid charged at him, but Luffy blocked his path throwing a punch. "Soru," the marine with pink hair disappeared. Luffy's eyes widened as that technique is the same as the one CP9 used. Turning around, Luffy grabbed the pink-haired marine by the shirt and slammed him to the ground. Just as Zoro disarmed the one with blonde hair.

Garp smirked before turning to look at Naruto. A large smile appeared on his face as he looked at Luffy's first mate. "How come you didn't enter the fight?"

"Robin-chan threatened to tighten my bandages if I dare join a pointless fight," gulped Naruto as Robin smiled sweetly. "I really wanted to fight." Nami laughed loving how Robin had Naruto wrapped around her finger. Robin smiled back at Nami glad that Naruto had listened. He needed to rest as his injuries were more severe then he cared to admit.

"Ha-ha," laughed Garp.

Luffy soon found out that the pink-haired marine is none other then Coby. The kid he had met at the beginning of his journey. A former cabin boy of Alivada's pirate crew. The blonde that had been beat by Zoro had been Helmeppo the son of Captain 'Axe Hand' Morgan. The marine captain Luffy beat up in order to get Zoro to be his nakama. They had a short reunion. Where Coby and Luffy confirmed their friendship despite being on opposite sides.

That wasn't the only surprise. While fixing the wall that Garp had destroyed, Garp revealed that the man that had saved Luffy's life at Logue Town had been none other then Dragon, his father. The man labeled as the World's Most Dangerous Criminal is Luffy's father. What a family lineage. Monkey D. Garp, hero of the marines who fought Gold D. Roger countless times, and Dragon the leader of the revolutionary army were both related to Luffy.


"So did you all pass through Reverse Mountain to get into the Grand Line?" smiled Luffy.

"Uh no," smiled Coby. Luffy tilted his head in confusion. "It is a secret, but the marines have ships that are able to travel through the Calm Belt."

"Coby! He is a pirate!" yelled Helmeppo.

"Nani? But there are Sea Kings larger then battleships! They really messed us up when we went there," said Luffy.

Coby laughed a bit, "well the bottom of the ships are coated in seastone. It is a mineral with the same energy as the sea. With this on the bottom the Sea King's can't sense our presence though they can still see us if they were to look up." Nami had secretly placed a Den-Den Mushi by the trio and her eyes widened as she listened it. That explained so much.

"The one responsible for all of marine headquarters' scientific achievements is definitely Dr. Vegapunk. He is amazing," said Coby. Helmeppo nodded in agreement, "he's the one who realized the powers of that Devil Fruit you ate. And he invented a new technology that allows objects to 'eat' devil's fruit."

Coby, Helmeppo, and Luffy continued to talk for an half a hour before Coby and Helmeppo needed to head back. The two young marines stood in front of Luffy. Chopper and Sanji sat on the porch behind Luffy while Zoro leaned in the doorway listening in. "Oi, do you really have to go already?" said Luffy.

"Hai. We are enemies Luffy-san, so we can't stay friendly." Coby smiled as he decided to tell them one more thing. "Luffy-san, do you know what the second half of the Grand Line is called? Further beyond the Red Line, the sea becomes vast. That final sea is known as the New World."

Luffy smiled liking that name, "The New World."

"A sea where an era of new things has begun. The sea that the Pirate King ruled! Luffy-san, we will definitely meet again there! And next time we meet I'll be even stronger and capture you! I'll become a marine admiral!" yelled Coby. His eyes shook and he soon started to apologize knowing he shouldnt say such things when he is still so weak.

"Coby you going to fight me? That you are going to have to be that strong," smiled Luffy.

A stunned look appeared in Coby's eyes. "Next time we meet we will be even stronger! Even more amazing!" Coby's eyes started to water as Luffy believed in his silly dream wholeheartedly.

"What's that? Still a crybaby are you Coby?" smirked Zoro.

"I'm truly grateful to have met you again. I will see you again in the New World! Let's go," yelled Coby running off.

"Oi, you two better prepare yourselves. We have the guts to surpass you," yelled Helmeppo before chasing after his friend.

Pool later Afternoon

The Straw Hat Crew had decided to hang out at the pool the rest of the day. Sanji started to barbeque some food. Nami is swimming in the pool with Kokoro, Chimney, and Ganbei. Naruto was lying on one of the fold out lawn chairs with his arms wrapped around Robin who was lying on him reading a book. Those two had become almost inseparable since they had reunited at Water 7. The only one who didn't seem happy by this is Sanji who had lost a beautiful woman to that ramen loving bastard. "Nami-swan! I finished cooking some delicious for you!" yelled Sanji.

"Oi, I'll be there in a sec," yelled Nami from the pool.

"Mmm, delicious!" smiled Chopper and Luffy as they ate the food.

"Hai, delicious!" smiled Sogeking.

"Sogeking?! When did you get here?" yelled Zoro.

"Oi Straw Hat-san, you are awake?" yelled Zambai. Luffy waved at them, "yeah! Come and join us Franky Family!" Franky Family yelled as they came running down there to get some food and party. Soon the two King Bulls showed up as did the giants, and Galley-La Company including Iceburg. Even Franky showed up.

"Alright! Let's get started!" yelled Sogeking from on top of a high platform. "I'll sing!"

Robin smiled as she got up to get something to drink. "Hey Robin-chan, can you get that beach ball over there!" yelled Nami with a large smile. She nodded as she walked over to the wall surrounding the pool. Just as she picked up the beach ball, a familiar voice filled her ears. "Nico Robin, listen from right there."

Her eyes widened as she looked down at her glass and saw it frost over. "Aokiji."

"Why didn't you escape like you always do? If you were alone you could have easily escaped from CP9," said Aokiji on the other side of the wall.

Robin narrowed her eyes, "That's because this time was different. To just let them be killed, I just couldn't do that."

"The giant that fought at Ohara twenty years ago, Jaguar D. Saul. He was my closest friend," admitted Aokiji. Robin's eyes widened. "That day I respected his wishes and spared your life. So, I feel I have a responsibility to watch out for how your life turns out. But after twenty years without a place of your own, I felt it was too dangerous to let such a dangerous bomb continue to roam freely. I felt you finally had to die. This time, I wanted to finally finish off with what had happened at Ohara. Of course, there was no way I could have expected that CP9 would have been defeated. Have you finally found your place?"


"What Saul told you, whether it was wrong or right. From here on, will you show me that answer?"

"I intend to."

"In that case, live strong," said Aokiji about to leave. A bone pierced through the wall and right through his heart. He looked down at it curiously. Robin looked stunned as Naruto looked at the wall as if he could see Aokiji clearly. "Should you ever come after Robin-chan again. Know that I will find a way to beat you," said Naruto coldly. He received no reply as Aokiji disappeared by crumbling into a pile of ice. Naruto left his sword in the wall and turned to face Robin.

She gave him a warm smile. "To challenge a Marine Admiral, you are truly a fool."

"Guess I am, can you live with that?" smiled Naruto. Robin walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Hai," she said before kissing him. The party continued well into the night with fireworks and everything. The whole city of Water 7 celebrated that night with the Straw Hat Pirates.


Iceburg carried his tools over to the scrap island where he saw Franky working on the ship he promised the Straw Hat crew. He came up towards Franky as the twins sat on a pile of lumber. "Oi Aniki, Iceburg-san is here," said Kiwi.

"Oh? Baka-burg, what are you doing here? Came to interfere," said Franky, as he continued to work.

"Actually, I came to offer my help. You are building a ship for Straw Hat-san are you not?" said Iceburg.

A surprised look appeared in Franky's eyes. "Your skills have dulled from dismantling haven't they? Show me your blueprints." The giant frog, Yokozuna, came over carrying a large piece of wood.

"All of Tom's workers are present," smirked Paulie. Standing next to him were Lulu and Tilestone with their tools. "Even if we have to build a ship in this empty place."

"Oi, this is for Straw Hat-san!" yelled Tilestone.

"Taking care of such a rushed job alone is going to be tough," said Lulu.

"Are you ok with building a ship here?" smiled Iceburg.

Paulie smirked, "it is the least we can do. Our lives and your life was saved by those guys. Besides, their ship burnt down." He spoke of the Merry that had been given a Viking funeral. It fell apart after saving Luffy and the others. They had all said their goodbyes except Naruto before burning the ship because the seafloor is a dark and lonely place and they didn't want to have their precious nakama down there.

A Week Later

The entire Straw Hat crew was inside the Galley-La building. Sanji had just come back an hour ago and had told them of what he had saw. "So Usopp wants to come back? That's great, let go get him!" smiled Luffy about to run off. Chopper was about to run off with Luffy when Zoro shouted.

"Wait!" All turned to look at Zoro. "What is it?" asked Luffy.

"You can't bring Usopp back," said Naruto answering the question.

"Nani? Why not!? He is a close friend and nakama of ours!" yelled Luffy.

"Hai! Why can't he come back?" frowned Nami.

Naruto and Zoro both had hard look in their eyes. "Usopp may be a friend, but he is no longer our nakama. Don't forget that he just didn't leave us, he challenged our captain to a duel. Luffy may be an idiot, but he is still our captain," started Zoro. "If you allow him back without him saying sorry first then I will be the next one to leave!"

Nami was about to shout but Sanji cut her off. "The marimo is right." A surprised look appeared in Nami's eyes.

"Hai, I agree," nodded Naruto. "It doesn't matter why Usopp left, but the fact is that he left refusing to obey an order from Luffy. Like Zoro said, Luffy may not be the smartest or wisest person, but he is still our captain. When he makes a decision we follow it. Usopp didn't just disrespect Luffy, he challenged him to a duel. A man must dedicate himself to the outcome of any duel. Unless Usopp makes an apology, he can not be allowed back. He must come to us truly remorseful. Otherwise, I leave as well."

The two of them were unwavering in their decision. Luffy gained a hard look in his eyes and nodded. "Ok."

"Luffy?" said Nami.

"There is still time before our ship is built. I am sure he will come around by then," smiled Luffy.


Naruto stretched out his arms and legs. He had spent the last couple of weeks resting or partying that he forgot to keep up with his training. Well, no more. Today is the day that he got back into shape and trained to become even stronger. Just as he was about to start training, Kiwi and Mozu ran right past. And past Robin who had came outside with a cup off tea. "What are they in a hurry for?" blinked Naruto.

"I wouldn't know. I came out here to tell you that we are heading towards Merman Island. That is the next island that Log Pose is pointing towards," smiled Robin taking a seat on the porch.

"Really? That sounds cool," grinned Naruto. He took a deep breath and got into his stance. "I am more excited to see our ship though. It is going to be awesome."

Robin took a sip from her tea, "I must admit I am anxious to see it as well."

Naruto performed a high kick before jumping in the air and delivering a spin kick. "Yep! It'll have the spirit of Merry in it." He grinned as he started to punch the air. Robin smiled warmly as she watched Naruto train. That training didn't last long when a loud yelling made him stumble a bit.

"Straw Hat-san!" Naruto and Robin looked up to see Zambai running towards them with a large group of the Franky Family behind him. Luffy and the others heard the screaming and came outside to see what was going on. "Franky Family?" blinked Nami.

"Oi, what are you guys doing here? You're out of breath," said Luffy.

They all came to a stop in front of the Straw Hat crew breathing heavily. "To be honest, we just heard about it ourselves. Did you see the Wanted Posters?"

"Wanted Posters?" Luffy had no clue.

"You have been given an unexpected an unexpected bounty, Straw Hat-san! Also everyone else has one as well!" said Zambai.

"Me too!?" yelled Sanji excitedly.

"Me too?" gasped Nami in horror.

"Me too?" gasped Chopper curiously.

"Instead of talking see it for yourselves!" Zambai pulled out a stack of Wanted Posters. "All eight of you now have bounties.

"Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy, 290 million Berri!" Luffy's eyes lit up before yelling in joy.

"Devil's Angel Uzumaki Naruto, 220 million berri!" Naruto started to dance with Luffy.

"Pirate Hunter Zoro, 120 million berri!" Zoro smirked before glaring at Naruto who sent him a victorious look and flashed him a peace sign.

"Burglar Cat Nami, 5 million berri!"

"No!" screamed Nami with wide eyes.

"Cotton Candy Lover Chopper, 1 million berri." Chopper eyes went wide, 1 million is so large he thought.

"The Devil's Child Nico Robin, 80 million berri." Robin smiled.

The next picture to come up was a crude drawing of Sanji. Naruto and Zoro burst out laughing with tears in their eyes. Sanji just stood there with his jaw hitting the ground.

"Black Leg Sanji (Attempt to take photo failed), 55 million berri!"

Luffy smiled extremely happy by these events. There was even one for Sogeking at 30 million berri. "I know these were your motives and you have many things to say to each other but, please wait. What we are requesting is here. Please look at this." Zambai pulled out a ninth wanted poster.

"Franky," said Luffy.

"Cyborg Franky, 44 million berri!"

"This is terrible, Aniki has a bounty on his head!" said Kiwi.

"Terrible!" screamed the twins.

"That is right. We somehow managed to avoid it, but aniki couldn't. Aniki's life will be in danger if he stays here in Water 7. If he gets caught we won't have the power to save him! Surely, Aniki must be worried about us and doesn't want to leave this island. That's why we all came to talk to you! I beg of you Straw Hat-san! Even if it is against his will, please take Aniki out to sea with you!"

Luffy said nothing. "Please Straw Hat-san. We beg of you!" Franky Family.

A large smile appeared on Luffy's face. "You don't have to say it. I already decided to make him our shipwright." The Franky Family cheered in joy and soon left.

Naruto laughed evilly as he appeared behind Nami, "oh Nami-chan. You realize you have a low bounty right? That means almost all Bounty Hunters will aim for you first thinking you to be the weakest. You're going to have to be extra careful." Nami fell to her knees with eyes wide in horror. An evil laugh escaped Naruto as he finally had his revenge against the woman who is always punching him.

"Naruto-kun, you won't let anything happen to Navigator-san right?" smiled Robin sweetly. He opened his mouth to argue but Robin continued to smile. "Hai," grumbled Naruto defeated. Nami felt much better and hugged Robin. "Devil's Child indeed," mumbled the young man. Robin laughed lightly as she linked her arms with Naruto's and pulled him inside so they could get their things. According to Kiwi and Mozu, their ship had finally been completed. They no longer needed to stay on this island.

Sanji just sulked yelling about the crudely drawn picture that was supposed to be him. It didn't help that Naruto kept laughing every time he saw it.

Scrap Island

"Oooo, look there is something big over there. Is that it?" yelled Luffy. They all started to run towards the large thing covered by an even larger cover. Luffy started to scream for Franky but instead Iceburg is the one that answered. "Oh, you finally showed up did you?" smiled Iceburg.

"Where's Franky?" asked Luffy looking around.

"Unfortunately, Franky isn't around. However the ship is complete. I will show it to you," smirked Iceburg walking towards the ship. "This ship is amazing! In this ship, sailing to the end of the Grand Line won't just be a dream!" The Straw Hat crew more excited by the moment.

Iceburg grabbed the sheet and with a single tug, it flew off revealing the ship to all. Their eyes widened as they looked upon the ship. "It's so huge and cool!" yelled Luffy.

"Awesome," gasped Naruto in awe.

"Are you really going to give this to us?" said Chopper with stars in his eyes.

"It's triple the size of Merry," said Zoro.

"What a big sail! Is it a sloop?" smiled Nami.

"Kitchen! Show me where the kitchen is!" yelled Sanji.

"A splendid ship. I wonder what kind of big flower is on the ship's bow," smiled Robin looking at the front where that strange flower ornament hung.

"Well I was sure it was a lion," blinked Iceburg.

"Awesome, the inside is so cool!" yelled Luffy. "It's a lawn deck. It feels so soft!"

Naruto grinned, "this is perfect to train on!" While the others explored the ship, Luffy walked over to the railing to speak with Iceburg. "Yo Ice-ossan, where is Franky?"

"It seems he doesn't want to see you," answered Iceburg. Luffy tilted his head in confusion. "You want to ask him to be your shipwright don't you?"

"Hai. I have already decided he well be my shipwright," smiled Luffy.

Iceburg smiled a bit, "that might be a problem."

"Oh, he doesn't want to come?"

"No, in fact I believe if you were to ask him face to face he would say yes. That is why he went to hide. I believe perhaps his true feelings are to go to sea with you guys. You must know pretty well how much this dream ship he gave to you means to him. Franky really has a liking for you all from the bottom of his heart. But he has always thought of staying on this island as a duty."


"Nmaa~ it is more like a stupid obsession. If you really want him to go with you. Then the only method to make him agree is to use force!" yelled Iceburg.

A few minutes later and explosions started to come from the town. Naruto walked up next to Luffy rolling his neck as he did. "Looks like someone realized the same thing as you Ice-san. So what do you say Luffy? Let's go get our shipwright heh?" Naruto grinned widely.

"Hai!" yelled Luffy as they ran towards the town.

Water 7 Backstreets

"Give me back my pants!" yelled Franky running through the town naked except for his loose red shirt. The people all started to scream pervert and throw things at him. He ignored it all as he took down his subordinates one by one trying to get his pants back.

"Strong Right!" His fist shot forward taking down the last one who held his pants. He smirked as he would finally get his favorite pair of pants back.

"Throw them here!" the destroyer looked up to see Luffy standing on the roof with a large smile. With the last of his strength, he tossed the pants up to Luffy. Luffy caught the pants and started to leap from roof to roof as Franky gave chase on the ground.

"Straw Hat, how did you like the ship?" yelled Franky.

"It is amazing. The best ship ever!"

"Of course. It was made with all my special super features! Did you see the special Soldier Dock System?"

"Not yet!"

"You'll like that one the most! How about the pond?"

"Yeah! It is so cool!"

"You can put the fish you catch into there and save them for later. That way you can always eat your fish fresh!"

"I look forward to it!" grinned Luffy. Franky took aim with his left arm, "Weapons Left." A mini-cannon shot out and blew up the roof.

Luffy flew through the air and tossed the pants to Chopper. Franky cursed as he turned the corner. His eyes widened as a large cannon was in the middle of the street. Naruto and Zoro grabbed Franky's arms and stuffed him into the cannon. "What is going on?" yelled Franky trying to get out.

"Target Scrap Island. Super Franky Cannon fire!" Franky screamed as he was shot through the air.

Galley-La, Kiwi, Mozu, Chimney, Ganbei, and Kokoro all looked to see Franky head first into the ground in nothing but his birthday suit. Franky yelled as he broke free. "Oi Franky!" the cyborg turned around to see Luffy standing on the ship he had built. "I want to thank you for the ship. It is amazing!"

"You're welcome," smirked Franky.

"If you want your pants back. Then you have to become our nakama!" yelled Luffy.

Author's Note:

The reason I made Chopper's Bounty so high is because he actually helped fight the 200 marine captain and commanders that were sent at the Straw Hats. Also, Nami is lower because she didnt beat any of the CP9. Where Sanji may have defeated two of the weaker members just like Franky, which lowered Sanji's bounty. I hope you all enjoy the chapter, and if you're upset because I didnt put in the Merry burning chapter, well yeah. Have a nice day :)