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He was running.

It was dark. The forest was menacing in it's blackness, so dense that no moonlight shone through. The trees looked like enormous brutes that toyed with him and denied any escape from their clutches, confusing him, never knowing if he was coming or going, if he was gaining any distance between him and those that had hurt him and who wished to inflict even more pain.

He ran.

He flinched as he stepped on the dry leafs that made a crunching sound and at every twig that snapped under his bear and bloodied feet, afraid that the small, yet at the same time deafening sound would echo through the immense woods and reach the ears of his fear.

His panicked breaths seemed to feed his despair to the point where tears came to his eyes. His right arm was broken and he couldn't move it without a shock of pain coursing through his entire body. He cradled it's limp form with his other hand trying not to jostle it too much during his desperate run. His black t-shirt was torn everywhere, pieces hanging making his bruised and bloody body visible to any that looked. His pants hung loosely, a little too loosely. They shared the same fate as his t-shirt, torn and cut. More blood trailed down his skinny legs joining his freshly abused feet from all the cuts made to the delicate skin from the rocks, broken twigs and by the hardened armor of tiny insect amongst other things. His face was a mess. There was a large deep gash that started on his right temple and went a little too near his eye, all the way down across his cheek. The blood went into his eye taking away more of the little visibility he had. His jaw ached horribly as did the back of his head.

He kept running.

He limped as he tried to get away from the origin of his pain. He didn't know if his leg was broken as well or not. He couldn't say the adrenaline made him ignorant of his injuries. He hurt all over, every cut, every bruise, he could feel them all. He felt dirty, his skin sticky with sweat, blood and God knew what else. He could smell alcohol on himself as well as the horrible smell of smoke.

He kept running.

The forest at night was as silent as a tomb. There were no owls, no rodents squeaking or running, no crickets or other insects making any kind of noise. Not even the rustle of the leaves on the trees was heard. It was as if there was no life at all, or maybe they could feel his fear and the danger surrounding him and all had quieted to avoid detection. He felt completely alone.

He kept running.

He tried to ignore the excruciating pain from his body. There would be time to fall on the ground and scream in anguish and cry out all his stress and tension from the fear he felt after he was safe. Right now, he needed to get out of the never ending forest.

He kept running.

Or was it that he was going in circles? They had drugged him. He could feel the poison running through his veins. It made him dizzy and dampened his senses. The deadly silence and darkness made it worse. He had no reference as to were he was going. As far as he knew, he was blind and deaf, except for the abnormal pounding of his heart, his gasps for air and the crunching noises at his feet.

The rest was silence. He knew he was awake. The pain was enough evidence. He knew he was running. But he didn't know where he was nor how he had come to be in this situation. He couldn't even remember what had happened to him. The only thing that gave him some peace was that he still had his pants on.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard multiple crunching noises from behind him. They were gaining on him.

"No!" He thought desperately making a choking sound as he startled forwards once again. He tried to push his body farther even if it screamed at him to stop! He gasped for air feeling as if his lungs had closed from the fear and panic.

He kept running.

He didn't know how near they were but he didn't care. All he could think about was to keep running and running. The tears started falling again mixed with blood. The intense sensation was replaced by extreme relief and hope as he heard a sudden roar of an engine. His captors hadn't chased him with a car, there was no way it could drive through the forest. The noise came from up ahead. The was a road, but to get to it, he had to climb the slope.

"HELP!" He yelled, his voice horse from all the screams that had risen from his very being a few minutes ago. Or was it hours? Days? He couldn't remember at all.

"HELP! PLEASE HELP!" More tears rolled down his cheeks.

There was a shout from behind him. With another desperate cry, he started crawling up the slope. He could see the lights from the car breaching through the thick nature.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he breached through and came to a stop. An large figure stood in front of him. The white lights from the car behind the stranger robbed him of any definite aspects of his face or body in general.

The figure let out a surprised gasp. He took a few steps forward to the mangled boy who in turn took a fearful step back. As the big figure got closer, the young boy could see his face. There were tattoos on it.


His captors had had tattoos. On their arms, chest, neck. But none of them had had tattoos on their face. This was not one of the men who hurt him.

"Please..." He whimpered weakly, eyes wide and unfocused. With the little force he had left, he threw himself at the stranger. Strong arms grabbed him by pure reflex. Clawing at the man's leather jacket, the boy looked up into the man's face, a new set of tears streaming from his eyes.

"Help... me..." Was all the boy could say, before darkness claimed him.

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