Author's comments:

This is my second attempt at posting and given that most of my focus is currently on my first, Hogwarts ½, I don't expect to be updating this story as frequently. I just decided that I would like to see what people thought of another sample of my efforts about a different character. For those who might be upset that I'm diverting my attention from Hogwarts before it is finished, don't be. The way I deal with writer's block is by working on several projects at once and believe it or not Hogwarts isn't even my longest so far, just the one I thought more people would like. When I find myself frustrated and going nowhere, I switch to something else until I get my muse back. Sometimes one story seems to come easy and quickly jumps in length ( which is how Hogwarts became the second longest when it was the first ). My focus is still on Hogwarts and getting out a ten to fifteen page update every week until I can list it as complete, at which point I will start on the sequel "Black Lotus". I just wanted to see how a second of my stories might be received and if it is positive enough maybe I'll start posting the other two stories I started at the same time as Hog warts, they are both over 90,000 words long or around one hundred pages at font size twelve.

This is my fourth longest and the only one so far that isn't a Ranma story. About two weeks ago I found myself watching cartoons with my nine year old nephew and X-Men: Evolution was on. I read some of the Smallville fics having enjoyed the show when it first came out and it occurred to me that throwing young Clark in with a bunch of super powered teens from the Marvel universe was a natural.

Unlike Hogwarts, this is an AU fic, meaning I will be either ripping up or out right ignoring the original story. I will borrow some of X-Men's original plot lines ( not having much of my own ), but with the introduction of new characters they may be unrecognizable.

In regards to OOC, there is going to be a lot of it. Mostly because I don't know the original characters all that well. It has been years since I saw the X-Men cartoons and the last time I watched Smallville Lana had just found out she wasn't really pregnant, while Lois was dating Oliver. What little I know after that came from the few fanfics I have read. The other reason and the reason I stopped watching the show is because I didn't much care for what they were doing with the characters. Like most WB shows Smallville seemed to devolve into teenagers climbing in each other's windows and the question of who is sleeping with who. If that was my interest I would be watching Desperate Housewives. Also when it comes to power, my Clark is a little more like the one from the old Donner film. He is currently outrunning trains, not bullets and if a bullet does hit him it will leave a nasty but quick healing bruise. Clark's powers grow with age and at this point he is only fifteen.

Time wise this story begins just before Smallville and at the beginning of season two for the X-Men. As I am immediately changing the venue most of the Smallville characters won't be in it. I will be introducing Lois early and intend to bring in Chloe ( I really liked her character ) but will not include Lana or Lex, they just don't fit. Also, kryptonite is an exceedingly rare substance that originated on a planet far far away. It is not as common as dirt.