Conquest of The Emperor: The World of Naruto.

Author's Note: a) All imperial characters and those from the Imperial world are original characters. b) There will be character deaths.

In the dark hallways of the Imperial Citadel a young man of seventeen hurries towards the meeting hall of the military high council, he is clad in a brown uniform with black jackboots, a duster coat, double-breasted front with brass buttons and a black sash covered in many symbols with red lines through them. He enters through the great door of the meeting room. The room consists of a table in the shape of an isosceles triangle with a single chair at the head where the Emperor sits in a uniform of the same cut and style as the young man but coloured black with grey trim, the Emperor has skin as grey as ash and all in his presence feel the presence of evil. At the Emperor's right had there are three seats the one closest to him is empty, the other two are occupied by men in their thirties one wearing sky blue with strong sharp aristocratic features the other wears navy blue his appearance is haggard, he has clawed hands and all his teeth are sharpened to razor points and his uniform worn down and ratty in contrast to the others who have them in a crisp clean state. On the Emperor's left hand is a man wearing a grey with black trim version of the uniform. He is an imposing figure at seven feet tall with broad shoulders showing clear signs of being heavily muscled he takes up the space of two people, next to him is the most sensual looking women she wears a black long sleeve legless leotard and has long black hair braided behind her back. The young man bows to the Emperor then takes his seat at the Emperors right hand.

"Forgive my tardiness my Grand Emperor," The young man said. "But my scouts have brought me troubling news of the world I was intended to conquer that necessitate a change in plans."

"Aye the cowardly whelp wants to back out," The man in Navy blue said through his sharp triangular teeth. "Making a boy a member of this council was a mistake."

"The decision to promote Field Marshal Axurhotep (Ax-ur-ho-tep) to his current position was mine," The Emperor said. "And you would do well to remember what happens to those that question me Fleet Admiral Jones."

"Yes let the golden boy speak," The woman in the black leotard said. "All the more time for me to admire his chiselled jaw, striking hair and imagine all the things he can do with that tongue."

"Chief director Seline," Field Marshall Axurhotep said. "While your position as head of espionage makes it necessary that you conceal your identity by publicly posing as the Emperor's concubine, I would consider it a personal favour if you would turn off the premise when we are in session.

Now if there are no further interruptions as you all know my men have been scouting five worlds for us to conquer in the Emperor's name, the one he chose for me to conquer consisted of four nations just entering a post industrial era, the four nations contain members able to manipulate the four classical elements."

"Yes you previously voiced a fear that killing two many of one nation could result in a natural disaster," The Emperor said. "The air elemental nation was subjected to a genocide with no effects."

"Actually sir," Field Marshall Axurhotep said. "A boy believed to be the only survivor was electrocuted a four months ago his heart briefly stopped. Before he resuscitated there was simultaneous over cast in several regions. Seeking to confirm my theory I managed to track down another survivor an old woman, I stopped her heart then had a medical unit revive her. My scouts confirmed simultaneous overcast in seventy-five percent of that world. A world with an Omega class warrior who believes it is his duty to keep balance of that world and happens to be one of the last members of the air elemental nation."

"An omega with a zero kill order." The Emperor said. "I trust you have a solution."

"I shall switch targets with Chief director Seline," he answered.

"Are you mad?" Chief director Seline asked. "Your Dawn Guard is the only force to consist entirely of normal human's well trained and equipped but normal none the less only Eta class by a classification system you your self put forward. The shinobi world consists of warriors that are exclusively Gamma through Alpha. Assassins capable of things you have never dreamed of."

"That is one way of putting it." Field Marshall Axurhotep said as he stood to face his opponent. "Another is that they are a group of feuding aristocracies with chronically understaffed mercenaries as the primary military, no higher ideologies to unite them and flaws in their over all strategic philosophy that I can ram a scud missile through."

"Still perhaps you should be sent to conquer a different world?" Chief director Seline said.

"Do you propose I attack the ocean world of island countries where the most common crime is piracy and the major powers are all naval based in place of Fleet Admiral Jones? Or perhaps the land of a thousand mountain top kingdoms protected by air based forces I wouldn't be able to move more then one twentieth of my troops but Air Marshal Tepes would be able to fight the ninja instead of me? And the possibility of me taking over the world that has repelled four alien invasions with the use of a peacekeeping law enforcement collective whose members vary from Eta to Omega class that is not something that Field Marshall Ursax is better qualified for."

"No one is conquering that world but me." The large man in grey said. "I really want a crack at their great champion."

"You have made your point." The Emperor said. "I shall send you to the shinobi world and you shall be an enemy unlike any they have faced before."

One month later

"H-h-hello s-s-sir I'm F-f-field Marshall Axurhotep of the Grand Empire's Dawn Guard. I b-b-believe I would be a great asset to your organization." Field Marshall Axurhotep said. "I c-c-can offer you the funding f-f-for any project."

Pain looked through his astral projection at the wretched child before him, never drawn charka, so nervous he couldn't stop stuttering and to ashamed to even raise his eyes to those around him but he did offer something that could help advance his plans.

"How much funding can you offer Akatsuki exactly?" Pain asked…

[A/N I wanted to introduce my original characters with this first chapter let me assure you it will have more of the main cast of Naruto in the next chapter.

I'm also curious as to how many people can guess what the other four worlds The Emperor is sending the members of his council to]