Shikamaru sat outside the hospital emergency room in the sand village. Sakura had just finished treating the paralising agent that had been used on Gaara.

"There's one thing I still don't understand," Shikamaru asked her. "When did Kakashi even get hit?"

"He was hit at the same time as Naruto," Sakura explained as she held up a small piece of metal. "And it wasn't by accident they were both hit in the same spot with the same piece of metal. Whoever that grand empire guy was he shot through Naruto and into Kakashi taking out both of them in one go." She handed Shikamaru the piece of metal.

Shikamaru took the metal and examined it, it was very small silver and had some sort of writing on it but that had become obscured by the projectile being deformed on impact.

"Troublesome," Shikamaru said. "Why use silver? It's a soft metal and expensive." He went into his thinking pose. Then it dawned on him the weapon that was used on Naruto was the same one he had been pointing at Gaara. "I need to talk to Gaara now." He rushed into Gaara's sick bed past a few concerned guards.

"I need Gaara's help to test a theory," Shikamaru said.

"What do you need?" Gaara asked.

"Try to block this with your sand," Shikamaru said as he tossed the small silver projectile lightly at Gaara. A wall of sand rose up to block it broke apart on impact and the silver hit Gaara right in the chest.

"That really hurt," Gaara said. "What was it?"

"A piece of silver that the Grand Empire used on Naruto," Shikamaru said.

"I have touched silver before and not been hurt by it," Gaara said. "But just touching that was very painful."

"They have a way of making it harmful to Jinchuriki," Shikamaru explained. "What I want to know is how someone from so far away knows about weaknesses we didn't even know ourselves."

"What are you thinking?" Sakura asked.

"That they have something like a Jinchuriki of their own," Shikamaru answered. "And a silver projectile with some sort of writing on it is how they fight them.

Field Marshall Axurhotep was in his office handling the paperwork associated with running a global invasion when Major Terrick burst in.

"I hear you have something interesting for me to do," Terrick said. "Is it some kind of alpha class opponent?"

"I am running an entire invasion and gave standing orders that if any of the more threatening ninja came into our territory that the observation division should pass it along to you." Axurhotep said. "I have no doubt General Wach has already informed you that Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki are making a beline for this building."

"I wanted your expert opinion on whether they are going to be entertaining," Terrick answered.

"Shinobi practice fettering and a flaw in their training will cause them to overlook certain obvious moves," Axurhotep answered. "But these two are three and ten times your strength and speed respectively. How 'entertaining' this fight goes depends on how serious they take you."

"Well I took my sub dermal sun block injection," Terrick said. "I should be good to go."

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