~Black Dragon41~

Disclaimer: I don't Grimmjow, Bleach or any dares handed out to me. But I do own the concept of this fic and will enjoy each dare and chapter. So Ha!

Hello fans of Grimmjow and other Espada/Arrancar, we all love the good game of Truth or Dare, But love Dare even more and I want to hear what all of Grimmy's fans want to dare him. Each dare will result in a chapter and all ideas are welcome. And you will get to hear Grimmjow interact and respond to your dare, and he will have to do the dare or be delivered a mild shock of 50,000 volts, refusal will give him a more painful shock of 100,000 volts. His new electronic cat collar suits him well, he's so cute!

Grimmjow: 50,000 volts!? You call that mild!!! And wouldn't 100,000 volts kill me!? Are you Fucking INSANE!!!

Don't want ya to chicken out now do we?

Grimmjow: I am not a Fucking poultry! I eat chickens.

Then we are clear. And my sister Shirotsuki-Tenchi as my lovely assistant, will help put all of your dares into effect at all costs. She will be labeled as Shiro, and other Espada's will be labeled as well.

Shiro: Yo!

Sadly I can't do it without the help of my reviewers, so please throw me some ideas and Grimmy will do the rest.

Grimmjow: I am not doing this, so forget it.

Oh, but you will for the reviewers, and any dare that is.

Grimmjow: Hey! All of you damn reviewers, ya better listen! If you dare put me through weird shit then I will kill you, and don't even think about running. I will find you!

A:N: Please give me some dares, Grimmjow is growing impatient, he just wants to get it over with. With incoming dares however, it may never end. But don't tell him I said that. Any dares that you'll like to see Grimmy perform, send them to me through reviews. Other Espada will be dared later into the story. Yes that means Ulquiorra too. X3