Seru Gathering

A Legend of Legaia fanfic

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The next morning, Vahn awoke in the bedroom on his back. He immediately noticed the throbbing pain in his head. Most likely a side effect of his late night training with Gala. Vahn slowly rolled out of the futon and rose to his feet. His headache pained him even more as he rose up. Vahn shook his head in a vain attempt to ease the pain, but only succeeded in making it worse. Vahn ignored it, and walked over to the futon where Gala lay sleeping. Vahn regretted that he could not summon a healing Seru to quickly heal the older man's injuries. Vahn shook his head once more, but not because of his head which still throbbed, but in regret of the previous night's events. It was becoming no clearer to Vahn, and was getting on his nerves. Vahn sighed quietly, and walked out of the bedroom. The blue-haired youth walked into the room of Biron which contained the statue of the head of Biron. The same place he had trained with Gala yesterday as well, Vahn noted with a frown.

(Maybe praying will help me to relax.) Vahn decided as he walked in front of the statue and knelt before it, bowing his head and bringing his hands together.

Vahn soon felt his mind being calmed as he lost himself in prayer. He felt at peace. After what seemed like a long prayer session, Vahn saw a flash of red, despite his eyes being closed. His mind flashed from red, to black. Vahn found he could not open his eyes, but only unconsciously did he know this, it was as though he were in a deep sleep. In the blackness, he saw the outline of a figure. It's outline was surrounded with a red aura, but the figure was impossible to make-out from the darkness. The aura faded into the blackness slowly. Total blackness. Vahn could only watch on in confusion as he stared into nothingness. After several long moments, the figure's eyes lit up, glowing blood red. The figure's face was still shrouded in mystery, clouded by the darkness. Suddenly, everything went white, however, the figure was still covered in the darkness. The figure spoke.

"The time is near...the beginning of the end of the human's reign." It's voice was deep and grainy. "Go to Uru will soon know why."

Vahn tried to shout in protest to the figure, but found that he could not speak. It were as though his body no longer existed at all. A moment later, the figure disappeared, and everything returned to darkness. Only a moment after the void of darkness returned, everything flashed red as it burst into flames. It was then that Vahn's eyes shot open to the sound of a crash. He licked his suddenly dry lips instinctively as he rose to his feet, dashing in the direction of the noise in apprehension. Vahn ran to the front of the monastery, coming to a sudden halt, his eyes widening at the sight that met his eyes. Many Gimards and Theeders were entering through a flaming hole in the monastery wall. Several Biron monks were already battling the Seru, and losing terribly. Vahn gasped. The Seru were dying out, why would so many be here when there was no mist? Attacking humans again, no less. Vahn pushed the question aside for now, for he would get no answer. He knew he had to try to defend the monastery in the only way he knew - with his fists.

Vahn rushed towards a Theeder with a cyclone kick, killing it on impact as it fell to the ground. Even though he could have killed these weaker Seru with that attack before, Vahn noted that they seemed even weaker. Because of the destruction of the Seru-kai, no doubt, Vahn mused to himself. Vahn tore his mind from these thoughts as he heard the squeal of a Gimard behind him. Vahn whirled around with a spinning backhand quickly, thrusting the elbow of his opposite hand into the Theeder, sending the Theeder sprawling through the air, crashing through a wall. Just as Vahn executed this, be felt the stinging sensation of electricity surging through his body, knocking him to the ground. Vahn grimaced against the pain as he looked up, only to see a Gimard hovering over him. The Gimard thrust it's razor-sharp tail down towards the ground just as Vahn began to roll to the side. Vahn sneered as he felt the impact, realizing that the tail had torn a gash in his right side. This did not slow him down, however. As Vahn rolled, he thrust out his right hand as it passed over the ground, and pushing up, sending his body flying gracefully into the air. Vahn arced his feet towards a wall as he reached it, thrusting his feet off the wall with incredible force, Vahn leaped up off the wall, flipped forward, and extended his left foot as he approached a Theeder. The flying-side kick connected with the Theeder and slammed it to the ground, cracking the wooden floor severely.

Vahn detected another Theeder behind him and spun around with a 180 spinning side kick, defeating yet another Seru. Vahn noticed that more still were entering the monastery. The Seru were heading through the monastery, and did not seem to even care about the monastery or it's inhabitants, though they were not shy about battling the monks that stood in their path. They seemed as though they were all going somewhere. Many monks already lay dead or unconscious on the floor, along with a considerably less amount of dead Gimards and Theeders. As Vahn saw the significant number of Seru entering as opposed to the remaining humans standing, he knew that he would have to flee; this wasn't a battle he could win...even with his superior strength, he couldn't beat an army of Seru. Vahn grit his teeth at the helplessness of the situation, angered at himself for his weakness, even as he began to run towards the opposing door to get away from the massive Seru threat. Vahn grabbed the knob of the door, but never opened it, as he felt a massive burning sensation on his back. Vahn slammed into the door as a result of the force of the fireball which a Gimard had tossed at him, knocking him to the ground, causing him wince in pain, closing his eyes tightly. Vahn opened his eyes a moment later, eyeing the culprit Gimard as it blast yet another fireball at him. Vahn grit his teeth, closed his eyes and raised his arms in front of his face as defense for the pain that he knew would come. It never came though, and several moments later, when Vahn dared to open his eyes, he gasped in both relief and horror as he gazed up at Gala, who had blocked the fireball with his own arm, burning it fairly badly.

"Gala!!" Vahn shouted, both relieved to see him, and a bit angry that he would injure himself like that for his sake.

"Vahn! Are you alright?" Gala rushed in and smashed the Gimard to the floor with a perfect double-sledge to the head even as he spoke.

"Yeah," Answered Vahn, sitting up and flipping to his feet by Gala's side. "But if we don't get out of here, none of us will be! We've got to run, Gala!"

"What?! You're suggesting that we abandon the Monastery, Vahn?!"

"We don't have a choice if we want to live!!"

Gala scowled as he spun quickly around and backhanded another Gimard just above it's pointed snout, glancing at Vahn through the corner of his eye. "...All right, Vahn. But we must help Master Zopu!!"

Vahn nodded, backing off as even more Seru that plauged the land entered the monastery. "Hurry!" Vahn gestured for Gala to follow and quickly turned heel and ran, Gala less than 2 yards behind him. They quickly ran to Zopu's room, and found him to be looking intently at them immediately as they entered.

"What is happening?!" Zopu demanded, "I hear lots of commotion."

Gala kneeled before Zopu respectfully and hastily. "Master, Seru are invading the monastery! There are too many of them for even Vahn and I to defeat! Master, we must escape! Please come with us!"

Zopu turned around slowly, staring out the small window that had a view of the outside...the vast plains spreading as far as the eye can see.

Gala waited nearly a minute, and began to get a bit worried. "Master!"

Zopu whirled around to face the two men. "Gala!! I want you and Vahn to escape! I will stay here to the end, even if it means my death!!"

Gala looked horrified. "Master Zopu!? What are you saying?!"

"...You know what I am saying, Gala. Now, go." Zopu turned back around, staring out into the outside through his window.

Vahn looked startled. He never had imagined that Zopu would resign himself to death with the monastery...

Gala took two steps towards him master. "Master, I refuse to let you die here!"

Zopu did not move, nor did he acknowledge Gala's presence.

Vahn knew that Zopu did not intend to leave...and that Gala was wasting time. Time that could possibly cost them their lives.

"Master!!" Gala repeated.

In one swift movement, Vahn slid forward to Gala's side, and slammed his fist swiftly into Gala's abdomen. Gala doubled over, his eyes bulging in suprise and pain before falling roughly against Vahn, unconcious. Vahn knew this had to be done if Gala's life was to be saved. Vahn quickly shifted Gala up, draping him over his shoulder, and turning to face Zopu's back. "...Zopu...please don't die." Vahn's plea was met with silence.

And Vahn ran.

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