Six days after my birthday, my true love gave to me…

"Master Keigo, Sanada Genichirou is here to see you."

Atobe Keigo looked up from his homework, turning uncharacteristically towards the servant standing in the door, amazed.

He was here.

Why on earth had he come back…

Atobe sighed, moving a hand to rub his nose to try and remove the headache that had happened through tennis practice that day. He waved a hand at his servant, telling him slowly to let the vice-captain of Rikkai Dai into his house… whether he'd made the right decision or not, he'd wait to find out.

"Atobe," came the strong, calm voice, not long after. Atobe shut his eyes, praying to any gods out there to let this not be too painful for either of them, before turning around, and gasping.

There stood Sanada Genichirou, as expected, but… it wasn't what he'd expected either. The tall man was without his cap and yellow uniform, the clothes he'd worn the last time Atobe had seen him. Instead, his hair was brushed, and actually looked decent for once. His clothes consisted of a nice white v-neck sweater that looked amazing on him, and tan slacks, with black shoes that made him look like one of those young business men who refused to wear suits around the home.

And he was holding a birthday present.

Atobe frowned, turning quickly back to his work.

"Either you're going somewhere else with that birthday present, or you're too late. Ore-sama's birthday was six days ago."

"I know."

"Of course you know, you were there to celebrate it, with your team, your boyfriend, your wonderful stuck up attitude…" he paused as a scough came from behind him, and a muttered 'My stuck up attitude?' reached his ears, causing him to smile the most tiniest bit, before continuing. "Please, explain why you're here, then leave."

Sanada said nothing to Atobe, but moved over to his desk and placed the present next to him. "Happy birthday, Atobe," he said softly, before stepping back and to the left, waiting to see if the heir to the Atobe fortune would open it.

Atobe looked carefully at the present for a moment, before moving a manicured hand to it, and running his hand over the paper, before reaching out to tug on the small bow, letting the ribbon fall off it quickly. He turned the present over, before carefully unfolding the wrapping paper, only to present a box. He opened it, and looked in, only to gasp.

"What… how…" he asked, pulling out what was inside, causing Sanada to smile.

"It… belonged to my aunt. I knew I couldn't afford anything so spectacular, so I asked my aunt, and she gave me this…" he reached out to pluck the necklace from Atobe's hands, and stepped behind him, lacing it around his neck, before clapsing it at the front. "There."

Atobe reached up to touch the necklace that felt slightly cold against his skin, before standing and going to his dresser, and looking at the necklace in it. It was silver; he never wore gold, it clashed with his hair. The chain was small circles all linking together, and right at the base was a little locket, in the shape of a tennis racket, and where the face of the racket was, opened.

"Is there… something inside it?" Atobe asked carefully, running his fingers along the chain, and Sanada moved over next to the dresser, before reaching out and carefully unclasping the locket, before holding it out for Atobe to see.

Atobe just smiled, seeing his reflection in the tiny mirror that had been placed inside of the locket, before reading the inscription on the other side.

" 'On the first day, I fell. On the second day, I stood up. On the third day, I fought. On the fourth day, I let be. On the fifth day, I wanted. On the sixth day, I stayed. On the seventh day…'"

"And on the seventh day, I loved," whispered Sanada, and Atobe nearly jumped out of his skin, before turning to look at Sanada, trying to frown.

"You think ore-sama will just let you win? Just like that? What about Tezuka, you…"

"Tezuka's gone," Sanada said, shaking his head. "I choose you, Atobe."

Atobe shook his head again, but didn't even struggle even as Sanada wrapped his arms around him.

"I'm not some pokemon," he whispered, letting go of his necklace to let his arms fall to the side. "Your aunt let you have what appears to be a very expensive necklace?" he muffled into Sanada's shoulder, and felt the vibrations as the older man chuckled.

"Well, she didn't mind, when I told her it was for someone I loved… just don't tell her I had it engraved, I think she'd have a heart attack. She's not getting any younger…" he would of kept going if Atobe hadn't hit his head with his hand.

"Oh shut it, you. Are you here to claim me as yours or are you here to rattle on about useless words?" he asked, and Sanada smiled, before leaning down.

"Can't I do both?" he asked, before kissing Atobe's lips with a tenderness Atobe hadn't felt before.

Miss Ella: Happy Birthday Meo-chan. I know you'll be reading this the minute you get home from school, and it's not as long as I'd like it to be… though I'm adding finding a tennis racket necklace and having that engraved to it to our list. Happy Birthday.

Also, I finished this story before 12, but… got so caught up in a Silver Pair fic that I forgot to post it… but it's still your birthday over there, so it don't matter:P