The Emotionless Shadow

By: InspiredInTheMoment

Chapter 1: The Runaway

I had never been to Italy. I'd heard stories, seen some pictures, learned about the culture from school and though at times I felt that the Volturi played a huge role in my existence, I never really gave it a second thought about just how much. Yet somehow here I am, on this huge plane with a minimum of 10 full-blood humans aboard it. Why am I running away from my beloved family, why in God's green earth would I go to Italy?

Well, to the second question, I'm unsure. A part of me thinks that it's the only place to run, the only place that would allow me to stay. If I go to my Grandpa Charlie's, he'll just send me back; same goes for Grandma Renee. I could trust no one in my family. So when planning this jailbreak, I could only think of one person who would use my stay to his advantage. The Volturi leader, Aro.

He was a man, by all means. Someone who craved the power of other vampires to build upon his empire. My Grandfather Carlisle had first came to them to adjust to the life of an immortal, though it only ended with him disgusted with their choice of food.

I know it sounds as if I have never met them before, that I'm running to some strangers home and welcoming myself to stay for however long, when really I have. Met them I mean.

Of course it was years ago but I can remember as if it were yesterday, so crystal in my mind that I feel as if I'm replaying it now in my head as the plane takes off.

Their faces, so inhumanly beautiful and pale with their red eyes smoldering at me. I was scared for my life, and because of that feeling I tried not to think of that coven. My Grandpa Carlisle thought highly of them because of their kindness, and because of that compassion I blocked out my worries as to what I was doing. I concentrated on bigger matters such as Jacob Black and his need to push our relationship into the next level, something that I didn't feel we should do so soon.

I loved him. Sure, he was everything I needed and more, protective and charming. And if I had to choose someone to trust, Jacob would be the one, I guess. I mean, I couldn't tell everything to my dad and mom could I, what kind of teenager would I be? Not that Dad couldn't already know my thoughts. It's just that, Jacob Black has always been there and even if I tried hard enough, even if I forced myself to even think the thought, I don't think my emotions will ever live up to his own. And Jacob needs someone that's well…. Not me.

I always knew I was Imprinted on. The topic was never short of discussion around my house, what with my Aunt Rose's complaints about Jacob and Uncle Emmett's wisecracks about how Jacob's growing up with me. It's just something you learn to pick up along the way. Did I except it? I guess I had no choice or rather I didn't know I did. It was expected of me, to one day find that my emotions for Jacob would turned romantic. I guess I'm still waiting while everyone had assumed I would. I'm running away for a purpose. It was a accident, really. To hear my future planed out before by my own family; I was walking into my mother's room when suddenly I heard the sentence.

"Renesmee and Jacob's wedding will be lovely one day. Of course, I already have it planned for when it happens."

Coming from my own Aunt Alice's mouth which was smiling at the thought. She was talking to my mother, and I don't know what led them to start talking about that, but I knew that then and there. I had to get out. Out of Forks, out Washington. Out of America.

It just suddenly hit me, my life was being planned before my eyes behind my back, and I didn't know what to do, or how to process it. Was I really to be led down the aisle, on my fathers arm to Jacob Black, did I really want that? Some part of me knew he would take care of me, he would love me. But would I be able to love him in return, could I be what he needed me to be? Who am I without Jacob Black? I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out, why I'm flying thousands of miles away from home, not telling a soul. I was going to try and figure out who I am as a person, on my own, as a being. Without the love and support of my family, without my fathers wisdom and my mothers encouragement, or my Uncle Emmett's amusing jokes. Because if I had those around me, it would be like I'm not deciding for myself. It would be like judging my decisions based on what they thought, and I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings, least of all Jacob's.

So here I am, on a plane, on my way to the Volturi. I knew Aro would allow me to stay with them. In fact he would probably be so pleased he would hug me…unless I didn't want him to.

All I had to my name at the moment, was an old grey hoodie with the number 6 printed on its left pocket, a black tank top underneath, -because I was going for comfort- jeans and a duffle bag full of clothes that only took me ten minutes to pack. I had little time to think this through but I knew what time to leave. My family was out hunting while I pretended to sleep. I knew I was safe, because Alice couldn't see me, for reasons we still didn't entirely understand. Not that it mattered, I was glad. I was getting out of there.

My plane ride was quiet. I slept most of the time, dreaming about how my parents would react when they saw me gone. I could see it now, my father coming to check on me as he usually did, not hearing a single thought coming out of my room. He panics, tells my mother, and she panics even more. Then I see my Uncle Emmett cussing, which alarms Jake, and he throws fits everywhere, fighting with Leah and snapping at Seth, insulting Aunt Rose, saying it was all her fault. Then Uncle Jasper calms everyone.

Of course, I didn't leave without a letter. I wouldn't do that to them, not even saying goodbye. I explained that I couldn't deal with my future being planned for me, and I had to figure out some things on my own. I didn't tell them where I was going, but I told them that I would call them as soon as I got there. Knowing my family, and their past with the Volturi, they would think I'm insane…I probably am.

I don't know what time it was when I arrived in Florence, but it was late, and it was dark. My eyes felt like they were going to dry up and fall out of there sockets. But I was awakened by the planes landing.

I grabbed a cab, who I was hoping would know how to get to Volturra from here and paid him with money I borrowed from Carlisle. He wouldn't notice, besides I'm his favorite granddaughter. I know he wouldn't be too pleased when he did find out, but I will pay him back eventually.

So I handed my driver a fifty, hoping that would be enough. I don't know how it is for Italy, but fifty is a big chunk of change for me. I hated to let it go. Blame Seth for my cheapness, the guy constantly asks me for money. Thinking of him made me miss my family already, but I had to move forward.

The car ride seemed to take forever, but eventually I was the beautiful city of Volerra peaking through.

It was magnificent. The streets and the buildings, you could definitely tell they were old. But they were memorizing, even in the dark.

It took me a couple of moments to realize I wasn't here to enjoy the sights. Now, my mission was to find where the heck the Volturi were.

I had to find something that looked mysterious and out of place, I mean how hard could it be to find a coven of Vampires? Dad said they were usually in cloaks, and from what I remember, there were a lot of them.

So we drove around the town for about half an hour, and suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadowy figure in the ally, cloaked from head to toe in black. I immediately told the cabbie to stop so I could get a better look, though he didn't speak English. I just motioned him with my hand to stop. I peered out of the window to get a better look.

It can't be this easy.

But there they were. I didn't think it would be this quick, I thought I would be driving around forever until I fell tired and crashed at a hotel. But this looked promising, and it was night.

Worst case scenario, they were a bunch of rapists, and I could take care of myself. I think. I had never actually killed a human before, but if I needed to, I would.

I got out and started walking toward the ally, into the shadows near where they were standing. There were two of them, standing there talking amongst themselves.

I quickly looked around and decided now was as good of a time as any. If I was wrong, I would run for my life and I knew I could outrun them. And deep inside me, I knew I was scared. My heart was pounding really fast, even for me.

"Hey, you with the cloaks, are you the Voltur-" I didn't manage to get the rest of the sentence out before one of them jumped me without me even realizing it. I couldn't see his face really well, but I could see his eyes were glowing red. Yep, I'd found the Vampires, I just didn't know if I had found the right Vampires.

All I could see, was that he was big. He reminded me of Uncle Emmett, buff. That's all I could really make out, seeing as he was really close to my face, his teeth ready to attack.

"I guess I said something wrong? Because your like really up in my grill! Personal space, yeah?" I squealed, holding my hands over my face protectively, my heart dropping.

This was it, this was how I was going to die in Italy. I didn't get to say goodbye to my dad, my mom, Rose. I would never lose an arm wrestle to Emmett ever again! No shopping with Alice, no more getting the fuzzies from Uncle Jazz. Say goodbye to playing fetch with Jake ever again! Not that I ever did it the first place…. Much.

"Can we make this quick? It really wasn't on my agenda to die painfully!" I yelped, squinting my eyes so I didn't have to see as he got closer and closer to me.

Then, suddenly as I was about to see the bright light, I heard a voice that reminded me of a knight, coming to save me. Okay, not really. I mean Leah Clearwater would sound like angel in this situation, and that was saying something.

"Felix!" The voice hollered, as I heard footsteps drifting near on the pavement. I looked up to see my hero, and saw smoldering red eyes that made me feel as if I couldn't breath and yet at the same time looked like demon eyes. But yet his angelic face calmed me.

Felix got up instantly, as if this guy was the boss.

I stayed frozen then, not sure what to do or say. I was too afraid at this point, I just got jumped by a huge Vamp, ready to eat!

The younger one who saved me looked about my age. He had dark brown hair that lay across his brow, pale skin as any normal vampire, and eyes that burned red with intensity that seemed to look through me. In fact, it sent chills down my spine.

Then, again out of nowhere, the guy who I assumed was Felix, grabbed me by the wrist and lifted me off the ground with one arm. My feet were dangling in the air, and pain was shooting right into my wrist, feeling as though he was crushing my bones. He probably was.

"This one-" He hissed, his voice filled with disgust, "-knows of our kind. Should we take care of her now, or bring her to Aro?"

I was right, the young one was the boss. And I had indeed found the Volturi, which was a shocker for me because it was so easy! Either that or this was one scary ass dream!

Still dangling in the air, wincing with pain, the younger one stepped closer, tilting my jaw and studying my face, turning it. His skin was of course freezing cold! But his eyes were what made me catch my breath, his eyes were passionate, so passionate that it made me unable to breath. And my heart, once again, was going faster than usual. I knew he could hear, which only made me blush. Something I inherited from my mother, and I think he knew, because as soon as I blushed, he smirked an annoying grin that made me turn to goo.

"Ah, Miss Cullen. I must say, you're the last person I expected to see in this decade. You're a long way from home, aren't you?" He said in an amused tone, glancing from me to Felix. "My, Felix. Has your memory suffered so much you forgot about the few half-breeds in the world?"

"Well, can he remember soon because this is really starting to hurt!"

Felix dropped me, and I fell straight on my feet. I then picked up my bag that had been flung over a few feet away.

"So, I take it you're part of the Volt-"

I couldn't even finish out the words, or even blink, because the younger one was suddenly right in front of me. Literally. His hand pressed against my lips, making my heart catch. Damn my heart, gave everything away. And if it wasn't for the fact that he was touching me, it was his voice, low and lethal and rough as he whispered to me.

"You should not speak that word very loudly, Miss Cullen. There are humans about." His face drew closer to make sure I got the point.

Point defiantly taken.

I don't know why, I don't even know who he was, but I suddenly wanted to jump him. Which was wrong on so many levels! He was obviously part of the Volturi Guard, a high one at that! But why did he have to be so gorgeous? Not only that, but the intimidating thing kinda got me off. One thing's for sure, I never felt this around Jake.

My knees were going to give in, I knew it. Any second now, three, two-

"Come with me." He said, gesturing me with his long fingers that glowed in the moon, still standing dangerously close to me. And then he turned around unfortunately and started walking.

I followed him obediently and Felix was right behind me, his face looking down as if he was guilty. And then he spoke in a cheerful voice, that surprised me.

"Sorry I tried to kill you. Didn't know you were Bella's kid." He said jokingly, smiling lightly.

I patted him on the back.

"No problem. All is forgiven, these things just happen right?"

It happens to me at least.

Felix shrugged. I take it he has killed many people by the way he jumped me in the ally. I had the feeling he didn't even really want to feed on me, just to kill me for knowing too much, which just scared me a little.

Following the younger vampire, I was beginning to feel a little worried. A part of me would follow him though the end of the earth if he wanted me too, which was wrong seeing as how I just met him, but I couldn't help it. I'm a girl and he's well…Alluring.

Plus, if there was one thing I knew about the Volturi it was they were old. Very, very old. So imagine my shock to find one looking so young, and attractive such as him, when in reality, he was older then my father.

Probably older than Carlisle. Ew.

Then again, my less noble side is kicking in and was thinking age is just a number. Especially when considering vampires.

I was beginning to wondering if the attractive one was just leading me out in the middle of nowhere when he came to a halt. His body became a mere shadow in the darkness. I blinked once, confused when suddenly he had disappeared.

"What the-"

"Come, Miss Cullen," I heard him say in a impatient tone, as if he were speaking to a five year old. "You have to jump down." He said, sounding a little bit sarcastic. Felix began to push me forward. I looked down to see where the younger one had vanished to but saw nothing below. It was all black; I didn't even see the hole because it was so dark.

"You want me to do what now?" I yelled into the dark, resisting Felix's encouragement.

"Jump, with your legs. If you'd like I could catch you." He called, a smile in his voice as if I had no abilities of my own, which only frustrated me. Closing my eyes I counted back from three and I jumped without warning him.

I felt like my stomach was going through my lungs as I fell. The deeper I went the more my stomach gave a fluttering feeling. The fall wasn't very long, his hands were around my waist within seconds and his nose was basically touching mine as I wrapped my arms around him for support.

As soon as our eyes linked, his scent went into my nose. So divine and celestial, manly but sweet that made my knees start to wobble. I wanted to stay there forever, but reality

took over and kicked me in the gut, because I realized I didn't need this, not now anyway.

"What is your name?" I whispered, my throat wasn't allowing air to past though, but I didn't care. I had to know his name. He seemed so familiar yet foreign to me. As I awaited his answer all I could see was a smirk forming at his lips.

"Guess." He whispered, taking a step back, as if he was returning to his old mature self.

I really hated this game. There's only like a billion possible names in the world and he wanted me to guess one? Crap.

"Well, you obviously strike me as someone who doesn't have a normal name. No offense."

I walked forward to allow Felix to jump though the entrance. I then heard amusement in this stranger's voice.

"You're one to talk…Renesmee."

Just the sound of my name rolling off his tongue sent chills down my spine. I had to stop walking or else I was going to fall on my face.

"Clever, really clever. But how come you get to know my name but I can't know yours?" I asked, my hands on my hips, shifting my weight as I glared at him. Suddenly he was in my face again, his breath cold and against my skin. How can a undead person make me feel this way so soon? I felt anger and sensual all at once and it was driving me insane; making my head spin. He was just playing with me and I knew it. I loved and hated it, and I think he knew that.

"You have yet to guess."

"Well, I know you're not Aro. He has a face to remember, where as yours? Not so much."

The smirk grew wider on his face at my insult.

I started running though the names that I knew of the Volturi. One by one, they just didn't seem to fit him. One thing's for sure, I could cross out the women. I hope.


"Strike one." He said, holding his pinky out as if it was to help him count. Poor guy.


"Definitely strike two on that one."

"Well, you're not Jane."

A smile crept up on his face. Was I wrong?

I started to panic a little. I mean, I didn't know any boys named Jane, but this was a different country and I didn't really know the customs. Besides, my dad always told me stories about Jane. How truly vial she was; she clearly enjoyed pain and bringing it to others. Which made me wonder why did he enjoy this private joke of his? Suddenly he stepped closer to my face, allowing me to breathe in his scent once more. It was stronger this time as his eyes blazed with delight.


Oh gosh. Who the hell was he?

My head was starting to hurt, trying to figure him out when I heard a somewhat cough from behind me.

Felix choked out a name that was clear as day, and I froze.

"Alec? Your name is Alec, as in Jane's Alec?" I whispered, my voice giving away my fear as I hissed uncontrollably. Alec glared in Felix's direction and looked at me dead in the eye as Felix walked a little ahead of us.

"You've heard of me, I imagine."

I nodded not saying anything. I tried not to look him in the eyes because if I did I would be looking into the eyes of one of the most dangerous vampires in the world. I think he took pleasure in that, me being scared, so I had to stay strong.

After a while I was beginning to think this was a good thing. Him being Alec and me being well, me. It would just add to this list of reasons him and I couldn't work out.

God, I was pathetic. I shouldn't even be considering the possibility of us, much less making a list.

As soon as we hit the main entrance of the of the Volturi's lair I suddenly felt scared and angry. He was playing me so much, knowing who he was and everything. I was huge joke to he and Felix, who I thought could be my friend somewhat. He was like my own personal Emmett from home, or maybe an Alice, depending on how to look at it.

Thinking about them made me wonder what they were doing now. Were they tracking me? They probably got as far as the airport and that was it. I missed them dearly.

Walking through the doors, I felt all eyes on me as we entered. I wasn't expected but the look on Aro's face when I followed Alec in gave me the clue that not only did he remember me but he was happy to see me.


"Renesmee Carlie Cullen. It's certainly a surprise to see you here."

His face was lit up with a smile, really making me wish I was home.

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