Gokusen fanfic 1

i "Well, I really like you too." She said, wondering if she should be more foreword, since he seemed to be having a hard time doing that.

Yamaguchi Kumiko walked down the halls to her classroom. She could hear them already, yelling, throwing things. 'Just like a bunch of small kids.' She thought. She could tell today was going to be a little harder than the rest.

"Morning peoples!" She said cheerfully as she walked into the room.


"I wanna go back to bed!"


Different shouts came from the class, and her eyebrow twitched. "You're in high school, there's no recess in high school!" She started, then wrote down a page number on the blackboard. "Alright, we're going to be reading...hey-where's Sawada?!" She asked, not seeing the red head.

At that moment, Shin decided to just waltz in like he was in no hurry. "Sawada! You are late!" The yakuza teacher shouted. Shin just glanced at her and shrugged. "Only by a minute or so, Yankumi." He said. Yankumi sighed. She didn't ask why he was late, he was glad.

He had to splash his face with cold water. He saw her stretching her muscles bit before class, and no one else noticed, but he could see her curves every now again. When she was reaching for something, or when she was sweating, the clothes clinging to her body. 'Stupid hormones.' He thought, shifting in his seat. He had his chin resting on his hand, looking bored. He sighed, closing his eyes, only to find her there. Wearing a kimono, like that one she wore when he saw her going into another clan's home. And he was there with her, wrapping his arm around her waist, pushing his body against hers.

He started to kiss her neck, and she moaned. Her hair fell down, and he ran his hands through it. He could feel his erection pushing up against his pants, and it seemed only natural to press it up against her crotch. Moaning again, he rubbed it over her crotch over and over again. He could the wetness soaking through her kimono, and just when he was about to undress her, he woke up. 'Son of a-'

"Sawada, answer this question!" Yankumi said, looking at a book, and pointing to the board. "76." He said, thanking the gods that he had already read the chapter ahead of time. She nodded her head, and Shin mentally smacked himself.

'He seems really distracted today.' Kumiko thought. And when she started to pass out papers for a test, her hand lightly brushed up against Shin's hand. Her heart started to beat faster. It was happening more often now. She had to watch herself whenever she got near him, to not linger a little too long bending over to hand him a paper. To not press herself up against him whenever she bumps into him. Weather it was an 'accident' or not. After all, she didn't want the other students to get the wrong idea. Even if it was the right one.

At lunch, she found herself on the roof again. 'Crap.' She thought, and tried to sneak away, but Shin sat up. "Why are you trying to be sneaky?" Kumiko stopped and stood up straight, puffing her chest out a bit. Sawada tried his best not to stare, or let his mind wander... "I am not trying to be sneaky! I thought you were asleep." She said seriously, which was kind of the truth. He always had a book or a magazine on his face. Shin just shrugged and lay back down. He looked so cute when he had his eyes closed. Kumiko shook her head a bit, then ate her lunch in silence.

Shin had watched her eat. He couldn't help himself. And when she took a bite out her sandwich, a bit of mustard was left on the side of her cheek. He was thinking about saying something, when she licked it off, then wiped her sleeve against it, and it left him speechless. An image in his head came bulldozing in, of him licking it off himself. Then shoving his tongue in her mouth, kissing her.

He wasn't the one to think that tongue touching would be anything but slimy a little gross, but he found himself wanting to taste her. 'At both ends.' He thought, and felt his groin throb. 'Crap.' He thought again, and looked down. He didn't want her to see his erection. At least not yet.

He sat up as soon as the bell rang, hiding his lump. "Alright, time for class." Kumiko said, throwing the trash away, then rolling her neck, popping it. Shin was tired of playing 'student' with her.

As Yankumi neared the door, she felt arms wrapped around her, and would have kicked the crap out of whoever it was, if she didn't know it was Shin. "Sawada, what are you doing?" She grunted, trying not to sound out of breath. Shin's hands started around her waist, but then slowly moved down to her hips, and lower. This time, Kumiko couldn't help but let out a faint moan. She felt her cheeks go hot, and she held her breath. She gasped softly as Shin pressed himself against her back, feeling his erection.

"Kumiko..." He whispered huskily in her ear, and it made her blush even more. And then rubbed it over her butt. His hands almost reached their destination, when the bell rang again, and just as quickly as he came, he was gone. Leaving his teacher hot and slightly panting.

'Wait...what just happened?' She thought, then snapped back and hurried off to the bathroom so she could splash cold water on her face.