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Tenten groaned as she tried to move and thought "what the hell happened. I feel like Lee and Neji both went all out on me while I was tied to a log."

Silence was her answer and she thought "Eva, you there."

Silence was her answer again and she thought "What the hell." as she sat up and looked around.

Just then a beeping noise was heard and Tenten looked toward the beeping noise and saw she was in her bed and the beeping noise was her alarm clock and a voice said "Good morning Tenten."

Tenten looked at where the voice came from and she asked "Eva....is that you."

Eva said "Yeah, we arrived in the past yesterday and I brought you here and explained a few things to your father. He said he would go along with whatever we got planned as long as you take it slow and make sure you can live with the results of your decisions."

Tenten rubbed her head and asked "When are we exactly."

Eva said "It's 2 weeks until the day Naruto should pop into this time-line from the first future where you died. Between now and then I am going to take care of a few things. The Naruto you see in the village is not the one you will know in the future and any relationship you have with him now would be lost when the other Naruto gets here so the best thing you can do is train and go about your normal life."

Tenten frowned and asked "What are you going to do."

Eva said "Right now Naruto has no knowledge of his life with Tsunami and Leela besides being friends to Tsunami who had been raped by some mercenaries. He also will realize that any future he could have had with Yuugao is lost also because her fiancée is alive and you heard the info Naruto found out about Temari being his half sister so that relationship is out. If you want then you could have him all to yourself since him and I have grown apart since he's not the Naruto that I have come to know as a feudal lord and family man and I won't force that life on him again because it was changing him into someone he's not so like that memory I showed you I am going to become the guardian of the Namikaze clan and I am going to work on helping Naruto prepare for the challenges that are coming."

Tenten thought a moment and said "So your going to hide the knowledge of his life with Leela and Tsunami."

Eva said "Even you don't know everything that happened between them so you can't really tell him much either. When I explain to him about you and me coming back all I am going to tell him is that he tried to control everything and worked himself until he was weak and Akatasuki came for him then. I will tell him that you and him were just starting out as friends and were thinking about more and that you know about his past life so that way he won't have to hide anything from you and you both can start on basically a level field. I have left you the War-machine armor. I have my own armor that I am using now to have a body that was modified from Feudal lord Naruto when he died. Thanks to all the work we done I now have unlimited chakra and I can replace my chakra as soon as I lose it so I am immortal now unless someone were able to completely destroy this armor and what's inside."

Tenten said "I see.......so how do I use this armor."

Eva said "Since I know your a water element I have downloaded all information on water jutsu as well as chakra control and elemental control exercises into that suit along with your mothers program code named MOM. I will download all the elemental information and jutsu that Naruto learned into his suit as well as some upgrades to make it where he has the suit Feudal lord Naruto had. His suit will have the AI codename EVA. From now on I will be code named RIKU."

Tenten asked "Why Riku and why MOM."

Riku said "MOM stands for Motherly Operating Machine. Since the personality for that AI is basically your moms memories as they were before I originally became active meaning they are as close to your real mom as they would be and since a part of me recognizes you as my daughter she would help you out as best as your real mom would....hopefully. As for RIKU, it stands for Retroactive Integrated Knowledge unit.....I have knowledge on all the operating systems as well as the your armors and any upgrades you come up with since they will link with me once a day downloading any important info so I can check things to make sure nothing dangerous happens to you and Naruto. I also have all of Naruto knowledge of jutsu, seals, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, genjutsu, illusions, diplomacy, and other things and as time goes by I will also gain your knowledge so that way if you and Naruto do in fact become married in the future then your children and grandchildren will have your knowledge to learn from."

Tenten said "Well.....what if we don't get together."

Riku said "I believe you will. After all you both were willing to die for the other. That gives you a big bond right there."

Tenten said "Maybe...but I want to get to know him and I mean the real him and he gets to know me and we take our time."

Riku said "That's good.....Well I should give you the cover story for me so when we meet again and we interact you can know the story and no one will find out I am not actually a human but a machine. With Naruto Sexy no jutsu that I copied It will be very difficult besides a medical scan to find out the truth. I have talked to your father and we have agreed that I will be Riku, your aunt who left the elemental nations shortly before the Kyuubi attack and I never came back because I thought that you and Naruto had died."

Tenten asked "How will you explain knowing Naruto."

Riku said "I have a lot of info on Kushina, his mother as well as his father thanks to conversations with his uncle Ichigo. I can say that I was a friend of Kushina and Minato and that I had met your father 7 months back when I was passing through when he went on that resupply mission and he wanted to keep it a surprise that I was alive."

Tenten asked "Is that why you look like the red head Eva but with brown hair like my mom."

Riku said "Yes.....now I must be going. Mom has been listening to all this and she will explain to you about the armor slowly to get you use to it....also I put a couple of gravity seals on your back to help you get stronger and faster that Mom can release for you on mental command."

Tenten frowned and asked "Are there any other surprises that you haven't told me."

Riku said "Well....your scythe has been replaced with an upgraded chakra scythe that will never run out of energy and you also have a chakra saber that won't run out of energy but will only work for you. It won't activate for anyone else but you and the blades are silver. If anyone ask they were sent to you by your aunt who is coming to Konoha soon as a present for missing all your birthdays."

Tenten said "Alright...aunt Riku."

Riku smiled and said "Mom will help you with the other surprises. You won't be able to de-cloak to show your armor or fly until I return, just so you know. There power core and armor are all built into the locket that you have so don't ever take it off."

Tenten nods and Riku said "Cya." as she left in a swirl of water.

Tenten thought "I want to learn to do that."

Mom said "You will dear but first I need to see what you can and can't do so I can judge your chakra levels and chakra control so I can help you get stronger."

Tenten thought "I think I am going to like this. You actually sound like my mom."

Mom said "Thank you dear, now lets get ready for the day."

Tenten smiled and got out of bed.

Time skip 2 weeks later.

Naruto groaned as he tried to sit up and thought "Why can't I move."

A voice said "Because the suit took electrical damage when you came back in time Naruto." making Naruto look at the person who appeared in his view who bent down and placed her hand on his chest and they were gone in a swirl of water.

They appeared in a clearing 2 miles away and Naruto heard "Can you hear me now Naruto."

Naruto eyes got wide and thought "How can I hear you in my mind and who are you."

The woman smiled and said "I'm an Eva from a second future time-line that you lived. I along with another came back in time to save you using the info from the accident that sent you back in time the first time. Tenten alive and waiting to meet you."

Naruto eyes got wide and thought "Are you lying to me."

Eva said "No she's not Naruto. She's already sent me some info to prove that she is who she claims to be and we are currently the day before you became a Gennin originally."

Naruto eyes nearly fell out of his head and thought "What's going to happen."

Riku said "Listen. Even though I am originally Eva I have evolved into a new person and I am now called Riku. I have sent some upgrade information to Eva so she can upgrade your armor. I have unlimited chakra but will only reveal it if necessary. Tenten also has armor now called War-machine that has a copy of her moms memories and built from there called Mom. In the future we came from she had saw all the memories that you and her had in the time-line you just came from where she died and you were starting out as friends and going to build up from there. I won't tell you much about that time line and since I have already changed this time-line thinks won't be the same."

Naruto thought "You said you came back to save me...save me from what."

Riku said "You tried so hard to change everything that you weakened yourself and Akatasuki captured you and killed you. Now I do have some info that you are going to love though."

Naruto thought "I hope it's good because finding out those bastards killed me is a bummer."

Riku smiled and said "You know Temari. She's actually your half sister. Same father, different mother."

Naruto screamed "WHAT." scaring the birds.

Riku nods and said "Also I got info on your bloodline as well as another relative you have. An uncle who was told you died at child birth. I have arranged for him to come soon to Konoha but we got some things to take care of first. Don't worry about Gato. He's dead and Wave country is recovering nicely with the money I gave them."

Naruto smiled sadly and thought "but does that mean I won't ever meet Inari, Tsunami, and Tazuna."

Riku said "No, I told them that you heard about the trouble in Wave and wanted to help them and sent me to figure out the best way to help Wave. Officially I hired some ninja to kill Gato and his men when actually I did it myself and I got info on his bank accounts and gave a good chunk to the people of Wave to recover while I took some also to help you, me, and Tenten. Dustin knows the truth about our time travel and he said he will play along as long as you and Tenten take it slow. Officially I am an Aunt to Tenten on her mothers side who knew your parents and left shortly before the Kyuubi attack and only recently returned to the elemental nation last year and met Dustin 7 months ago when he went on a business trip. Now when we go meet the Hokage I want you to play along with what I say and act like I explained it all to you already. Can you do that."

Naruto nods as he stands up slowly and notice that the armor was cloaked and said "Yeah, What can you tell me about my uncle."

Riku said "Just that he's a feudal lord of Lightning country and a couple of members of the council are in deep shit. Everything else will be a surprise. Also don't use Rasengan or RasenShuriken for the next week or 2. I will show the Hokage I know it and that I will help train you in it along with some water and wind jutsu until your uncle gets here to help with your bloodline even though I will secretly be helping you with that."

Naruto nods as Riku placed her hand on Naruto shoulder and they left in a swirl of water.

When the reappeared Naruto said "You are so teaching me that." causing Riku to laugh as Naruto notice they were outside of the Hokage tower.

As they walked in a few ninja glared at Naruto and Riku said "That reminds me, I am going to tell the Hokage that you painting the Hokage monument was my idea to show not only how good you were but how bad security is in this village if an academy student can paint it in broad daylight."

Naruto thought "OK."

Just then Iruka appeared and said "There you are Naruto, your coming with me."

Riku said "Unhand my godson this moment or I will break your hand." as she unleashed a little KI.

Iruka blinked and Naruto said "Sorry about this Iruka-sensei, she's a bit...testy. I think it's her time of the month."

Riku slapped him upside the head and looked at Iruka and said "So your the only teacher at the academy Naruto respects huh."

Iruka blinked and said "Um...who are you."

Riku said "My names Riku and like I said I am his godmother. I only returned recently to Konoha after finding out not only did my niece and brother-in-law survive the Kyuubi attack but also my godson. I swear he looks just like Minato-kun but he's all Kushina on the inside. Just wait until Ichigo gets here. He's going to flip finding out his nephew is still alive."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "Sorry about missing class and painting the Hokage monument. It was all her idea this time."

Iruka looked at Riku and asked "Is that true."

Riku said "Yes it is. I saw how much security in this village has degraded over the years since I was last here and to prove it I had my godson here paint the monument in broad daylight which he did without getting caught. If that paint would have been exploding tags half the village would have been destroyed because security is that low and what is it with the fact and academy student can outrun Chunnin, Jounin, and ANBU. I swear when Minato-kun was Hokage things were different."

A voice from behind Iruka said "Yes they were....I have to admit that you do make some valid points about security and the fitness of my men. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Sandaime Hokage and you are." as he looked at Riku.

Riku said "My name is Riku, Naruto godmother."

The Sandaime eyes got wide and he looked at Naruto and Naruto said "Jiji, we have a lot to talk about. Why didn't you tell me about fur-ball or that my dad was the Yondaime."

The Sandaime frowned and said "I don't...."

Riku said "I would be careful with your next words Hokage-sama because when the feudal lord of lightning gets here in 3 days you might be going to war with Kumo again as well as their allies as well as the trade embargo that I will slap on your ass if I don't like the answers."

The Sandaime asked "Why would we be going to war with Kumo when the Lightning lord gets here in 3 days and why is he coming here."

Riku said "Because I have notified him that Kushina son is alive even after Koharu and Homaru sent him a message saying that Naruto died in child birth. The Lightning lord is Ichigo Uzumaki, Kushina older brother, Naruto uncle."

At this everyone in the hall that was listening all thought the same thing "Oh shit."

The Sandaime said "Perhaps we should discuss this in my office."

Riku said "Very well. Naruto, did you get that jutsu I showed you down. You know the one to help you pass."

Naruto said "Oh yeah, watch. Kagebunshin no jutsu." as the hall was filled with Naruto shocking everyone there.

Riku said "Oh, one more thing Hokage-sama. In case you think I am lying about being Naruto godmother here is something Minato showed me as proof." as she held up her hand and formed a Rasengan shocking several of the older ninja and the Hokage and the Sandaime said "I see.....Very well. We will discuss this in my office."

Riku said "Naruto, why don't you go with Iruka to the academy and then meet me at the library after that."

Naruto said "But I am not allowed in the library. The lady who operates it has told all the other ladies if they don't kick me out that she would fire them."

That stopped the Sandaime who was starting to walk away and he asked "How do you know that Naruto."

Naruto said "Well when Sakura mom first started working there I was trying to get in and I over heard her boss threaten Sakura mom with her job so I never went back to keep people from being fired. All because dad chose me to protect the village that hates my guts....maybe I can go live with my uncle." as he looked down.

Iruka frowned as did the Sandaime and Riku glared and said "Hokage-sama. I wish to request a mission. I will pay an S-rank pay if you will have a trusted team of ANBU who do not hate Naruto henge into Naruto and try going into different business in town and see what kind of reaction they get. If I do not like what I hear I will put a 30 percent sales tax on all import and export to your village for the next 5 years and in case you don't believe my threat you should know that do to a hostile takeover Gato shipping corporation has been taken over by Nami Inc. My company."

The Sandaime thought "Oh shit, not good." and said "What if I don't do that mission."

Riku said "Then you will have a harsher penalty and I will not try to stop Ichigo from leveling this village since I know that 3 of the guards that are coming with him are the Raikage himself, his brother who is the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi as well as the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi and unlike Naruto they have been fully trained to use and unleash their demons."

The Sandaime rubbed his temples and said "Inu, Neko, Hebi, Tora."

4 Anbu appeared and he said "I want you each to take a section of Konoha and henge into Naruto and try to go into different business and record the reactions the store owners have toward you and also try the library and any other public places."

The 4 left and the Sandaime said "Shall we miss Riku."

Riku nods and said "Now have a good day Naruto and meet me at that ramen stand you were telling me about and bring your sensei here. I want to thank him for seeing you as you and not the Kyuubi."

Naruto nods and Iruka smiled a little and said "Come on Naruto."

Naruto said "Right Iruka-sensei." as they left.