Naruto was flying through the air when a beeping sound was heard and he began to lose altitude and he said "Hey, what the hell."

Eva said "Sorry Naruto-kun but were out of water so that means were running out of fuel as well. I'm having to take us to a lake I detect nearby so we can recharge."

Naruto frowned and said "Alright." as he saw the lake coming into view Naruto was expecting to land but instead crashed into the water and sank to the bottom of the lake.

Eva turned them around so Naruto could see the sun from above in the water and she said "Just relax, I'm recharging as we speak and you need time to think and relax."

Naruto sighed and closed his eyes and thought "Eva.....can you remote access Riku."

Eva was silent a moment and said "Yes."

Naruto nods and said "I want you to find out about my last life she went through, show me everything. Do it like you did when I was in the hospital because I'm going to take a nap." as he closed his eyes.

Eva sent the request to Riku and waited a few moments and got a message from Riku.

In Konoha Riku frowned as she got Eva request and she thought "I guess there's no helping it." and said "That's enough for now. I need you to head to your house and tell your dad to expect a large group of people at your home. Somethings come up that he needs to know about."

Tenten looked at her and said "What's wrong."

Riku said "Just trust me Tenten, just for this and tell your dad to act like he doesn't know anything and also you don't know. I will explain everything once everyone gets there. Cya in a little while." as she left in a swirl of water.

Naruto was sleeping when he was awakened by the suit taking flight and he asked "What's going on Eva."

Eva said "Riku sent a message for an emergency meeting and needs you to come to Tenten house. Something has happened and she will explain when you get there. She also said to act clueless about what you see and hear."

Naruto frowned as the sight of Konoha came into view and then as he landed in front of Tenten shop he saw Tenten who had her arms crossed taping her finger on her arm and Naruto said "I took a nap and did some flying. I haven't had a drink....yet."

Tenten who was calming down shot a glare and said "And your not damn it, now come on inside. What ever it is Riku has to say is important." as she walked inside and once Naruto came in she locked the door and walked into the back and into the house part of the shop.

When Naruto walked in the room with Tenten he saw Kankuro, Gaara, Temari, Tsunade, Sarutobi, Hida, Ichigo, Leela, Tsunami, Inari, Tazuna, and Dusntin.

Riku came in the room and said "Ah your here, please have a seat."

Hida said "Why did you call us here and say the future of my country will be determined by this meeting."

Ichigo said "She told me the same thing."

Riku sighed and said "I will answer well as how I know everything about you including things that should be classified like your cold blooded kitsune named Kippy and all the info I gave Naruto about you Ichigo. I will also explain why I really wanted Tsunami, Inari, and Tazuna to well as why Madara Uchiha came to Konoha the other day." causing everyone to look at her wide eyed.

Riku said "Naruto, Tenten, you both know a little but you've been given edited versions so please be quite and let me explain this."

Riku took a deep breath and said "As you all know I am the Aunt to Tenten here and Naruto most of you also know that this body you see is not what I really am. My real body is inside of it dying from a poison attack I recieved in the past. I believe all of you are at least a little familiar with something called Snow armor."

Everyone glanced around and Tsunami said "I'm afraid we never heard of it before."

Riku said "Forgive me Tsunami, you will learn shortly what it is but I was part of the team that created the Snow armor. I used that to make this." as her body shimmered and there stood a solid black armor body shocking everyone.

Riku changed back and she said "Now the reason I called you all here is because I've partially been lying to you all.....even you Dustin. When I met you a few months back I knew you were there because over the years in an attempt to save my life in the distance lands outside of the elemental nation I came across a Kinjutsu that allows a person to go back in time at the cost of half their life." shocking everyone.

Naruto shot a glance at Tenten and Leela said "What do you mean by go back in time."

Riku said "Exactly that. Naruto, my godson has died twice already and my neice has died once. I have proof of this I can show you. It's also how I know so much about you all. A little over an hour ago my heart quit working. I have about a month of chakra stored in this suit before I will die so I though that since I am going to die I should show you all exactly what I have been doing and why Naruto and Tenten know things they should have no way of knowing. I ask that what you all see you do not interupt."

Temari said "Why should we believe you."

Riku said "If you give me this chance you will see why. Don't you want to know about the group of S-rank nins that are probably still coming after your brothers."

Sarutobi said "Yes."

Hida said "Very well."

Leela said "Alright but I want answer after this."

Ichigo said "Yes."

Riku said "Very well. I should warn you all that this is all from Naruto point of view. You will learn why shortly." as the room shimmered and everyone saw they were in a basement and then they watched as Naruto learned to seal and unseal the armor and then learn how to fly. After that they saw as he flew to Wave and and Tsunami, Inari, and Tazuna were shocked to see the way they were treating Naruto and then as Naruto trained and Naruto stoping the slave prostitution ring. Naruto learning about Tsunami being pregnant from her rape. Naruto visiting Zabuza and Haku grave. Returning to Konoha, the Chunnin exams where Naruto confronted the Sandaime about his parents, where Naruto bitchslapped Neji causing Tenten to cover her mouth to keep from laughing which Dustin had no problem doing.

They watched as Sasuke was disqualified and Naruto fighting Gaara and then him saving the Sandaime life. Then as he lead Shukaku out of the village and blowing the demons head off. Seeing him pinball into several trees and then waking up with a broke arm. Finding Gaara impaled on a tree branch which shocked the Suna nins and then as Naruto and Gaara talked. The Sandaime arriving, then Kakashi and Jiraiya arriving and everyone saw Naruto reaction to Kakashi and then as Jiraiya fixed Gaara seal the video stopped and Riku said "The seal is EXACTLY like the one Jiraiya placed on him." as Naruto was taken to the Hokage office. Learning about the armor he had on as well as his broke arm.

They watched as Jiraiya took Naruto out of the village and gave him the name of Iron man. They watched as Jiraiya gave Naruto a hotel room so he could go flirt which caused Tsunade to scowl and when it got to the part to explain the Rasengan the video turned white and Riku said "I am editing that part to keep it a family jutsu for Naruto." as the video returned to normal they saw as Naruto met Kisame and Itachi and escaped them. They watched as Naruto and Jiraiya continued their journey, learning what Eva could do and finally meeting Tsunade and Tsunade felt like she was being slapped in the face by Naruto words. They watched as Naruto won some money and then began to get the equiptment and him trying to operate on himself shocking everyone and then as he passed out and Eva getting Shizune to help save him. Then as Orochimaru and Kabuto tried to blow him up while he was out and how Eva saved his life blinding Kabuto. His recovery and learning Naruto sexy no jutsu was an actual shapeshift and Naruto closed his eyes as Shizune explained the birds and bees to him causing several to snicker. They watched as they came back to Konoha and Naruto inventing the Rasenshuriken and Naruto was invited to go drinking. Destroying the Hokage door, going drinking, the panty raid and getting his ass handed to him by Yuugao. Earning her respect and the practical joke they pulled. Naruto getting guard duty.

Getting some cloths, being placed on the team with Tenten and then leaving for Suna. Naruto asking to make a detour. Them going to Wave, finding out the people asked him to be a feudal lord, having the respect of the people there, going to Zabuza and Haku grave, Talking to Tenten at which everyone finally understood Naruto feelings, then Kisame showing up and fighting him and Dustin said "You must have brass balls to have said that to Tenten."

Then they watched the underwater fight and Naruto taking Kisame arm. Taking Tenten back to get treated, Gaara having brain freeze, then getting back to the hotel. Naruto talking with the Sandaime and then sneaking out to have dinner with Tsunami, Inari, and Tazuna. Then the next day as Tenten and Temari fought and were hand cuffed together. Getting a hotel room where why Naruto let Tenten in the room was whited out and then Naruto tickling Tenten. Then the trip to Suna where Naruto learned how to walk on the sand, discovering Danzo was in Suna. The Sandaime ordering Naruto to fight and kill Sai, Gaara in Kazekage robes, public announcement of Naruto parentage, the plan to get everyone out of the trap Danzo had them in. Naruto fight with Sai which had all the guys covering themselves. Gaara giving Naruto half of Suna wind jutsu in exchange for the Kagebunshin no jutsu. The trip back along with Naruto being poisoned. His time in the hospital and then they watched as he learned about his bloodline, learn to control the elements, then him training and then when Sasuke tried to kill Itachi only to kill Tenten and Naruto flipping out trying to kill Sasuke and Kakashi who was getting in the way all the way up until Naruto was gone.

After that was over Riku said "When Naruto was dying I was close enough that I was able to have Eva upload his memories to me and I decided to use the time travel jutsu and I went back to give Naruto a fresh start when he was painting the Hokage monument. I kidnapped him and performed surgery on him giving him the armor again....however I learned something I had not expected. Because the armor repairs itself from all damage and the armor knew about the part inside Naruto arm as well as all the seals that Jiraiya put on him when I downloaded the memory files into Eva to give to Naruto, Eva replaced everything the way it was including destroying the bone he had originally destroyed and replacing it without the need for surgery. Now onto Naruto second life where most of you will come in at."

As the group saw Naruto waking up and ANBU surrounding him and him flying away."

Tsunade asked "How did he know how to fly."

Riku who had stopped it said "The brain works on electrical signals. By sending those electrical signals Naruto brain had before he originally died he in essence was reborn right there which is why he thought Tenten was still dead. Now lets continue."

They saw as Naruto flew into a lake and Naruto and then it whited out again and the Sandaime asked "Why are you editing this."

Riku said "Do you want me to compromise the identity of several ANBU agents. If so I can show what is happening. All it is, is Naruto being brought before you and him accidently unmasking a couple of them and him confronting you about his parents." as the video returned and saw Naruto going to the accademy and the Sandaime there at the accademy which raised his eyebrows and him giving a small speech and the marble game where Naruto and Sasuke went to the front of the class and then as Naruto made a reference to Tsunami being a strong woman and Naruto hinting about the truth about Itachi being innocent and the Sandaime telling him to drop it and the blow up with Naruto quiting. They watched as Naruto left and went to wave and met Tsunami, Inari, and Tazuna and how he started helping them as he slept in a cave. As he helped speed up the bridge and tried to motivate the people of wave as he also trained. Finally when Gato killed a mans family and Naruto deciding to take him out. Meeting the next day and planning to attack Gato.

They watched as Naruto attacked the docks and then went to Gato mansion after resting a little and then attacking the men who were going to attack the village and then his fight with Kisame at which time Leela whistled and said "You really did take him out one piece at a time."

Naruto going back and shocking everyone as how the info from Gato, taking Gato back to the people of wave, asking for some sake, drinking it and breaking Gato kneecap before passing out. Waking up nude which caused each of the woman to blush and Tsunami trying to keep him in bed which made everyone laugh as he finally said he had to piss.

Then when he went to get his cloths and Tsunami holding her black panties emberissing her and as she move the cloths and locked the door shocking her and her family and Riku stopped the video and said "Out of your own privacy Tsunami I will skip what happened since everyone here can guess."

Tsunami blushed and said "Thank you."

Then they saw as Naruto awoke in Tsunami bed and then the little lie Tsunami told her father and Inari. Then they offered the job to Naruto again as Wave lord and he took it and asking Tsunami to marry him and her accepting after learning all his truths even about Kyuubi, Inari reaction and then meeting the people of Wave giving them every chance to chose someone else, then as Naruto got Wave back on its feet..

They watched as Inari was kidnapped and Naruto killing the bandits, going to Water country and the 3 nins who wanted protection money and Naruto emberrasing them and then as they attacked him outside of the village and him killing them. Then Naruto meeting Hido to learn about his family and Hido informing Naruto about Leela which caused her to growl. Then as Naruto went to the Hidden mist village and as Leela tricked him into thinking she was a secretary and her taking him back to her place.

Hida said "My my, dear daughter, maybe we won't have to have a match."

Leela watched as her and Naruto talked and she was actually surprised and then as she tried to seduce him and his refusal so he could be faithful to Tsunami and him being ratted out by Eva. Then as Leela dragged him to her bedroom and talked him into it and Riku stopped it and Leela said "If you black it out I will kill you."

Riku said "Fine." as they watched as Naruto and Leela started to have sex with Eva who had appeared and Took Inari to another room and at one point Tsunade who had turned her head to the side asked "is that even possible." even though it was a little faster then it originally happened but Riku added a clock on the side to show how long it went.

After they were done Tenten looked at Naruto as did Leela and Tsunami and Naruto said "Now I know how a fish feels in the market."

They watched as Naruto and Leela went to the council meeting, Naruto being challenged by the head of Tide, Leela asking Naruto to be careful and then they watched as Naruto fought and won his match and Leela said "You actually beat him."

Naruto said "I guess. This is the first time I'm seeing all this."

They saw as Jiraiya and Kakashi were arrested and Naruto and Leela talked another council meeting, meeting Hida again who told them they had no choice but to get married. Meeting Kippy, Then as they danced.

Inari came back in the room now. Then they watched the leaving Water country. Naruto making fun of Jiraiya and Kakashi. Getting some jutsu. Training. Then as they got back to Wave, meeting Ichigo and the Raikage, finishing the bridge, Tsunami hitting the Raikage over the head for breaking her table, finding out she was pregnant.

Inari looked at his mom and said " I going to have a brother or sister."

Tsunami blushed and said "I....I don't know Inari. Maybe someday."

They watched as the bridge was finished, plans for the hospital, Naruto training with Ichigo and hearing stories about his mom. Then as the story about how Temari mom disappeared, returning to Konoha, meeting Tenten. The council meeting where Naruto busted Hiashi bubble. Then when Dustin showed up and a white out was seen and Riku said "Something personal about me was said that I don't want brought up."

They watched as Dustin confessed he didn't want Tenten to be a ninja and the plan to trick her into thinking it was an arrange marriage. Instead of Eva showing up it was Riku who showed up and showed Tenten what really happened and explained about Naruto past life and the film was edited but only Naruto, Dustin, and tenten knew this as she explained it was her who came back. She then showed as Tenten played her joke on Dustin causing him to pail and everyone else to laugh.

They watched as Naruto met the Sandaime and read the letter and they all saw what it said and were shocked and Naruto bloodline destroying the Sandaime office. Then when they learned it was all a misunderstanding but Hida being dead, the council meeting where Naruto blew up again and him and Leela left. Then when the clan heads and the Hokage came to meet them in the woods and what was said and Naruto giving info, going back to wave, massaging Tsunami and Leela. Going back to Konoha to prepare. Meeting Konohamaru, teaching him the sexy no jutsu. Going to take the test. Meeting the Suna sibs, Naruto tricking Temari into opening a blood seal. Then Naruto making Sasuke get beat up. The first test, then the change in the second test and Naruto fighting and defeating Itachi shocking everyone. Then as he fought the Iwas nins who spilled the beans about Temari. Everyone was looking at Naruto in worry when they saw what he did to the Iwa nins and then when he met Temari and told her it was true. Then him explaining his theory. Fighting the sound nins.

They watched as Naruto left and returned to Wave and everyone was dead and finding Madara there along with Danzo and Sai, they saw as Leela was under Madara control and Naruto sacrificing himself.

They showed as the remote ball Eva tried to save Tsunami and everyone and then Naruto dying taking Akatasuki with him.

Riku said "Because the remote ball was destroyed as well as the damage from the blast that killed the Akatasuki I was not able to download Naruto memories again so all I was able to do is show these video footages. The only thing that survived the explosion was Madara foot where he had his journal sealed with details about where he lived and everything. After I recovered what I could from there I retuned to Konoha and told everyone Naruto was dead and asked Tenten to let me copy her memories. She let me and I used the time jutsu one more time and came back. I arrived several months back before I met you Dustin and I began to prepare. I knew Naruto wanted to save Wave again and I wanted what's best for both Naruto and Tenten so 2 weeks before Naruto graduated I arrived and gave Tenten her own armor I made her like Naruto with all my memories of her mom that I have that I used to make that locket. Like Naruto did the first time she believed that she was the one going back in time somehow when I gave her her memories. When Naruto went to paint the Hokage monument I kidnapped him again and gave him the armor and his memories of his first life and told him Tenten came back from a second life. He's never saw any of the things that happened the 2nd time until now. I knew Naruto would most likely try to go save Wave first thing so that is why I took care of Gato myself. I also went to where Madara was because when I read his journal I learned the truth about Naruto family and I figured having him reveal the truth would make Naruto life better."

Sarutobi said "So you meant for Naruto to be kidnapped and killed."

Riku said "No. I had stroked Madara ego telling him that Naruto would probably be the only one to entertain him ever again since he was so bored. That was why I had told Naruto about Ichigo because I knew the thought of going to live with him would pop in his head and Danzo would report to Madara which would cause him to come and brag to Naruto to anger Naruto into wanted to get stronger to fight him. That was why I had the holoprojector with me to show everyone that day. Madara wouldn't kill Naruto normally because he wanted him to get stronger. I underestimated Naruto though which is why things turn....ed out like they did." as she began to stagger slightly.

Naruto was by her side in an instand and Riku said "It's....alright.....showing all that took more out of me then I thought.....He....lp...Help me......Outside." in a raspy voice.

Tenten who had moved over looked at Naruto and moved over to help Riku outside with Naruto.

Everyone followed outside and Riku who was being helped standing up looked up and said "I...m...I'm sorry.....for any pain......or hate I not punish.....these 2. It....was all my legacy is in both of you...I leave everything to you both evenly....Tazuna....I name you the lord of Wave." as she leaned back and looked at the sky and she said "Naruto.....Fly me as high as you can...please."

Naruto asked "Why." in a sad voice.

Riku said "My secrets die with body will explode when I die......Please."

Naruto closed his eyes and said "Alright." as the armor appeared covering him shocking those who hadn't seen it before and he grabbed Riku and began to fly upwards.

When Konoha looked like little lights Riku flew off of Naruto hand and Naruto glared at her and she said "Relax. It's time for you and Tenten to make your own future. I'll return someday and keep my promise.....I care for you but not as the man I love. He died already. Live a long and happy life." as there was an explosion blinding Naruto.

When he could see Riku was gone.

Naruto sighed and slowly went back down to where everyone was and Tenten said "So she gone."

Naruto nods and thought "She said she would return someday."

Tenten thought "I figured as much."

A cough was heard and Naruto and Tenten turned and saw all the others who had come to the meeting looking at them and Naruto asked "What."

The Sandaime said "Why did either of you not tell us about this time travel thing."

Naruto frowned and said "I....I remember Tenten being killed. It seemed so real I thought it was real and....I didn't trust you after seeing you manipulate me and other around me. I mean you were able to tell Suna everything about my parents to stick it to Danzo but after years of being lied to and only finding out about Kyuubi when Mizuki tried to kill me and I didn't learn about my parents until Riku came into my can I be sure if I told you, hey, I'm a time traveler and I got a powerful suit of armor that helps me control Kyuubi. At best I be locked up for the rest of my life and at worst you kill me. After all the needs of the many are more important to the needs of the few. Why else would you let me endure everything I did even though I was family."

Tenten bit her lip and said "I only knew some things. In my time you made a public announcement to the people of Konoha about Naruto after he left the village about how Danzo was responsible for the Uchiha massacre and how you discovered he had stolen Naruto birth certificate and the Yondaimes will when you had ANBU attack and kill some of his ROOT members though he escaped the village. I never met Naruto until it was almost time for the Chunnin exams and then...well you saw how my dad tried to set me up and with Riku telling me the truth about what dad was pulling. What could I do. The last memory I had was us in front of the Chunnin exams in the stadium when Riku came and told us all Naruto was dead having took out the Akatasuki. When Riku said she could save him and asked for me to come back I agreed. I didn't know it was just my memories. I thought I had time traveled and I thought if I told anyone without some proof then people think I was crazy and how was I to rat out my own aunt for trying to save someone life. If I did that then I would be spitting on the will of fire we were taught about."

The Sandaime looked down and Naruto rubbed his face and said "Look, you know everything that we know now. Neither of those futures can exist now because Gato dead and Tazuna the leader of Wave and Madara and Danzo are dead. The only thing that is still possible is Orochimaru attacking us and even that probably will change now that Gaara is here instead of Suna. I've got an even bigger migraine then I had before and all of us need to come to terms that we may or may not have been played on some level by Riku who tried to make things work out. I mean how the hell did you find out Madara was dead so quick all the way in the land of Water."

Hida said "This holographic thing appeared above the castle as well as the hidden mist village and showed you and Madara talking and then you blowing him up from the chest down. I guess I was so excited to see that bastard dead I never questioned how we saw it."

Leela said "Same here. As soon as it was over my fathers guards were calling for me to meet my father and he told me we were coming here to meet you and if you lived I was to marry you."

Ichigo said "I don't care how it happened. I'm just glad to have my nephew alive and in my life. My offer for you to come stay with me is still open."

Naruto bit his lip and said "I....I still have things to do. I made a promise....even if it wasn't in this life, I'm going to find the princess of Snow country and help to return her to her thrown. I owe it to the one who gave me this." as he tap his hand against his body and everyone heard the sound of metal on metal.

Naruto said "I...I remember being so angry at Kakashi I was willing to make a deal with Kyuubi when Riku came into my life."

Tsunade asked "What was that about. We saw you were angry at Kakashi when you hurt your hand. Why do you hate him."

Naruto said "He...he was one of the guards who protected me as a child....and yet when we went to Wave he got trapped in a water prison by Zabuza and I came up with the plan to save him and he thanked Sasuke and Sakura and ignored me. He then gave Sasuke his own training weights and the only thing he trained me or Sakura in before the Chunnin exams was the tree climbing chakra control excercise....then when I made it pass the semifinals and Sasuke did as well he abandon me....he told me 'Look Naruto. I only put you in the Chunnin exam for the same reason I put Sakura in it. For experience. I never imagined you would make it pass the second round and only reason you did was because you couldn't control you bodily functions and farted in Kiba face. Deep down you know that was the only reason you won that match. You are not ready for the exams. I have asked another Jounin to take this month and train you in chakra control since that is your greatest weakness. Perhaps after the exams are over you will have enough control so I could teach you something but I am not going to teach you anything because truthfully, no matter what I teach you, you could not defeat Neji and I will not waste my time training you since at this time your are not worth it. I will be taking Sasuke to train him since he is ready for the Chunnin exams."

At this everyone was shocked and Naruto said "When I pointed out he was betraying his own lessons about abandoning his comrads he shushined away, he refused to listen to me and he never even told me who I was suppose to train under.....that was why when I was offered a choice that could help me get stronger, but might cost me my life I was willing to take it. It made me realise all the respect I had for him from a child, the reason I was happy to have him as my sensei, was because he was ordered to....then when I learned about my father being his sensei, it was a slap in the face."

Tsunade said "But things are different now..."

Naruto shook his head and said "Maybe for everyone else....but to me I still have the same question that nobody can answer. I didn't change, I'm still the same person I was before all this started so why does it matter to everyone else....they are all going from hating my guts to wishing me get wells and smiling at me.....I'm still a Jinchuuriki, I've still got the demon that attacked our village sealed in my what is so different that the people are happy to have me. The answer simple...YOU. Their sucking up to me because of who I am related to....It's Hello Senju-sama this, hello Naruto-sama that.....watching those memories you know the funny thing I see and feel about them...In Wave the people excepted me as me, not because of what I held, not because of who I was related to...I could see why I was so happy to be's why I could see why I cared so much for Tsunami, Leela, and Tenten....none of them gave a shit about who I was related to, or what I had in me...they saw me as me and still wanted to be with me....I don't know what you all decide but I've got a new reason to want to win that fight at the exams. Neither you or I can get out of that Leela because of the laws and the agreement and I hope that I can earn your respect as my....other self did in his life. Tsunami....I hope to earn your respect as well and if you decide that you don't want me in your life I will honor your request......Tenten....I give you the same choice, If you want me in your life then......" as he was silence by her kissing him and she said "Shut up Baka, you talk to much."

Leela said "But he does know how to use that tongue huh." causing all the woman to blush.

After the girls blushed they noticed Naruto was standing there without moving or saying anything and slowly he grew a smirk on his face and said in a sickining sweet voice "Oh remember how I was going to become a pain in the ass to you."

At this everyone seemed a little nervous and Hida said "What about it."

Naruto smirk grew even wider and said "Tell you what, unless you want to find out exactly HOW I can make your life a living hell I would suggest you resign and have Leela take over as Lord of Water now, that way she can complete her dream of not only fixing the hidden mist but the land of water also."

Hida said "And WHY do you think you have the right to tell ME what I should do and not do."

Naruto said "From watching that video of my life I saw and realised something. Even though you are the Feudal lord of Water you couldn't stop Madara with anything he did from turning your son into a Jinchuuriki to killing your wife." causing Leela and Hida to glare.

Naruto said "Leela won't hurt you because your the only family she has left but the reason you won't leave the castle until now is because you know someone could walk right up to you and CHALLENGE you for the seat of Feudal lord....after all the strong lead and the weak follow, that is the law of the land there in Water country."

Leela said "I won't let you hurt my father."

Naruto said "And I don't plan on it. I'm just pointing out that if I wanted to I could get the title from him just like I could from every other feudal lord here and the lord of Wind country where it would give me the power of 3 major hidden villages and over 20 countries where I could make myself the EMPEROR if I so chose to."

At this everyone was wide eyed and Tazuna said "How."

Naruto said "Like I told him, the laws that he's using to make Leela and I fight can be used against him, my uncle said they had a similar law and the land of Wind has a law saying if 2 people wanted the same piece of property they would fight to the death. I could goto Wind country and challenge the Lord of Wind and get that country as well. You, all I would have to do is sell you Nami INC so that way you never have to worry about someone cutting off all of Wave from the rest of the world through trade like Gato did. Then by having all the support I did and surrounding the land of Fire on 3 sides the Fire lord would support my claim in exchange for leaving his country alone and by opening trade alliances with all the island nations I could quickly get them to support my rise for the title.....BUT I don't want to be emperor. I won't be unless Hida-kun here hands the title over to Leela so she can make her dream a reality. I'll still fight her and I will still beat her in battle but I do it for a different reason. I want to do it to earn her respect so that way she might think about letting me be in her life like the other me was in his life. Not by force but by CHOICE."

Hida frowned and said "Very well boy, you have backed me into a corner and I accept, Leela, you are now BOTH the Godaime Mizukage and the Lord of Water."

Leela said "Oh, all that damn paperwork."

Naruto said "Catch." as he threw a scroll.

Leela caught it and asked "What's that."

Naruto said "A Clan jutsu that will help you with your paperwork trouble."

Leela opened it and read it all and her eyes got wide and said "This will definately help. Thanks."

Naruto nods and said "Good, now like I said I never like the idea of political marriages or any of the bullshit the old foggies here came up with so that is why I gave you the power to decide your own future.....Tenten, you do realise now that we are Riku heirs we both have control and responsibilities of Nami INC right."

Tenten frowned and nods and Naruto said "I don't want it, I can tell you don't want it. We both have dreams and goals that are not related to it but the land of Wave needs it. I say we give it to Tazuna and have my uncle here officially recognise Tazuna as the new lord of Wave so that way the threat of anyone else pulling a Gato on their country will never be possible. What do you say."

Tenten said "We just give it away, no strings attached."

Naruto said "None, It should be theirs by right already had Riku not messed with everything. It will also help their country to recover so like Leela they become the masters of their fate though I would make a suggestion that you make a law saying that the title can't be claimed by illegal use so that way when Tsunami takes over after you she doesn't have to fear being raped by Iwa citizens who want control of your country and that way no one can kill your family for the title or blackmail you for the title."

Tazuna said "Alright, I can see that and are you sure that you don't want anything for it."

Naruto looked at Tsunami and Inari and closed his eyes and said "No. You have the right to make the decisions for your own future and decide you own fate. Not be manipulated into it by the actions of others."

Tazuna said "Thank you."

Naruto nods and said "I'll have Eva bring you all the titles tomorrow."

Tazuna nods and Naruto looked at Tenten and said "So....."

Tenten said "Baka....I don't care if we timed travel or not. The memories I have are real. I'll say to you now the same thing I already told you. I want to get to know you and you to know me and go from there."

Naruto smiled and his eyes got a glossed over look and he said "I would have liked that."

Tenten looked confused and said "What do you mean would have."

Eva appeared startling everyone and Leela said "That gets annoying."

Eva said "Sorry Naruto but they deserve to know."

Sarutobi said "Know what."

Eva said "I finally figured out why Naruto has a migraine as well as why he can't feel his right arm and why his vision is doubled."

Tsunade frowned and said "What are you talking about, he's never told us anything but his headache."

Eva said "He thought it was something minor and had me release a little of Kyuubi chakra into him so he could feel better but the problem is we didn't know at the time what the real problem is."

Tsunade asked "Which is."

Eva said "Remember when you punched him earlier today through the roof. When he landed he smacked the back of his head against the armor and he got a crack in his skull." causing everyone to go wide eyed.

Tsunade frowned and said "How bad."

Eva said "The crack healed thanks to Kyuubi chakra but the blood that went inside had no way to escape and has formed a bloodclot in his brain, It's pushing against his brain effecting his vision and motor skills. It's.......when it finishes clotting it will cause his death." causing everyone to gasp.

Tenten looked at Naruto who had his eyes closed and said "How long have you known."

Naruto said "Since I was coming back from Riku death. Eva reported to me about it then. I had asked her to see if there was any cure and she used the remote ball to goto the hospital and speak with the staff there. They said there is no known operation or cure to help someone with this. She just returned and informed me of her discovery."

Leela frowned and said "There is a way, I've got some medical skills also but I would need your assistance Tsunade to save him."

Tsunade said "You got it."

Leela said "We need to get him to the hospital and get him sedated then, Eva, can you pinpoint where the clot is exactly."

A Hologram of bones appeared and it zoomed in on the head and a section became red in the back and she said "The clot and the blood is located here."

Leela nods and Naruto said "What are you going to do."

Leela said "The clots not actually what's going to kill you, it's the pressure on your brain it causes. By releasing the pressure we can save your life and then after the pressure is gone then we can remove the clot. Let's go, times wasting."

As she moved over to help move Naruto and shushined away with Tsunade right behind them.

Tenten looked at her dad and bolted for the Hospital, Ichigo and the Sandaime shushined away.

After everyone was gone but Tsunami, Inari, Tazuna and Dustin Inari asked " Dad going to be OK."

Tsunami bit her lip and said "I....I don't know son.....let's go."

Tazuna said "Wait, your actually going to go through with it Tsunami."

Tsunami said " saw everything I just did. He was willing to accept Inari as his son as well as a child I was carrying from a RAPE. He wanted nothing more to help our, our family. I'm not saying I love him or don't love him. All I am saying is that I am going to go be by his side in the time of need where he had been for me. Once that is over I am going to get to know him and let you and Inari get to know him. Maybe he will become Inari dad and maybe I will have a brother or sister for Inari. I don't know but right now I know my place and that is being there for him and praying that he will be fine. Come on son." as she grabbed Inari hand and began to head toward the hospital.