What lies in the Locker Room!

Warning: Male/Male relationship, this is a SLASH

Rating: R/NC 17

Pairing: Nathan/Clay (Clayton)

Chapter 1- Nathan is my Fantasy!

Clay was hard, rock hard. His cock was throbbing, but was continually denied pleasure due to his jeans. The reason for Clay to be so turned on was due to Nathan Scott. Nathan was everything, hot, built, handsome, and funny and did I mention hot? Nathan had just taken his top off for his commercial he was doing. God! Clay got an instant hard on. His breath hitched, and he began to sweat.

"I'm going to kill you!" Nathan said throwing his top at his sport manager. Clay flinched in surprise. While Nathan had his back to him, Clay let his eyes roll to the back of his head. Nathan's scent was still on his shirt, and Clay took a quick smell before Nathan noticed.

"Oh my fucking god!" Clay whispered under his breath. He then rubbed his hard cock, and instant pleasure began to flow through him.

"And roll camera's and action" The director said out load. Clay sighed, he couldn't wait. He got up and left for the bathroom. He entered, made sure no one was around, and then locked the door. Clay needed to get off, and get off now. He entered the cubicle and then quickly unzipped his zip, and pulled down his jeans and briefs. Clay's throbbing 8 inch cock bobbed upwards. Clay grasped his hard cock and began to jerk off. Up and down, harder and harder, faster and faster. Clay began to pant and sweat; he was loosing count of how many times he had jerked of to Nathan. He began to get lost in his fantasies. He rolled his head back and began to imagine Nathan down on his knees and sucking him off.

"Oh Fuck!" Clay screamed, trying to remember Nathan's hot built body. Clay moved his hand up and under his shirt and pinched his fat nipples, making it hard. His orgasm was coming; he felt his toes curl in his boots.

"Oh god, Nathan, suck me SUCK ME!" Clay roared, grunting and then coming hard, spurting his hot cum over his hand and on the toilet wall. Clay's nipple ached after being pinched. Panting he grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his hand and the wall clean. Feeling light headed, and breathing very fast, Clay headed out of the toilet and made his way back to his seat. Nathan finished up his third take, and then made for his seat.

"You can't keep it in your pants can you?" Nathan asked.

Clay's heart skipped many beats, he looked over at Nathan.


"I know your secret!" Nathan said.


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