What lies in the Locker Room!

Warning: Male/Male relationship, this is a SLASH. Sex between two males is contained in this chapter.

Rating: R/NC 17

Pairing: Nathan/Clay

Spoilers: Yes

Chapter 14- Epilogue

"FUCK!" Clay suddenly screamed as he hit his prostate. Nathan pulled his cock out, a huge slurpering sound sounded.

"You alright babe?" Nathan asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine, I just hit my prostate!" Clay said half laughing and hitting the spot again and again. Nathan said ok and went back to his cock. He pulling it and licked the head, and sucking on his cum.

"Oh god I'm about to cum!" Clay grunted as his cock began to vibrate. Nathan too was getting close, imagining Clay about to cum. It was all over in a matter of moments. Clay's orgasm came first, his cock began to spurt cum all over the place, his hand going deeper into his cock as his ass began to clench up.

"FUCK ME NATHAN!" Clay scream. Nathan moaned as it had gotten to much for him, suddenly Nathan erupted in his own mouth. His cum flowing into his own mouth. Nathan gagged as his load was so huge. Nathan pulled back and swallowed. Both men were panting very hard, their post orgasms slowly subsiding.

"Fuck that was hot!" Clay panted as he pulled his fingers out of his ass, while Nathan slowly began to breath again.

"I can't wait to fuck you for real!" Nathan panted to his lover.

I love you" Nathan said quietly and then leaning down to kiss Clay, who gracefully accepted the kiss.

"No thank you and ditto" Clay said after the kiss ended.

"I just want to thank you for being there for me Clay, I really appreciate you, and all of your help" Nathan went on, his hands rubbing Clay's shoulder.

"I will always be here for you!" Clay said moving the tray of food and plonking it onto the side table.

"Come here" He said to Nathan, pulling at the top of Nathan's white tank top downwards. Nathan knew what he wanted, giving in he lend forward until his whole body was on top of Clay, slowly they kissed, making it one of the most passionate ones they had had so far. Moaning as Nathan straddled his hips Clay's hands ventured up and underneath Nathan's top, feeling the hard muscles.

"I'm leaving tomorrow" Nathan said breaking the kiss, his hands falling down onto Clay's chest, slowly playing with one of his nipples.

"How long?" Clay looked on, his hands tightly holding Nathan.

"I have been contracted for 9 games, so anyone of those for the season, and if I play well enough, I will be picked up for a whole season" Nathan said, pinching Clay's left nipple.

"That's what 2-3 months?" Clay said, his voice breaking, showing his emotion.

"It's a long time, but I'll be right back!" Nathan said reassuringly, he lent down kissing his lover.

"Besides, just imagine all the phone sex!" Nathan continued, after Clay went quiet.

"I'll miss you boyfriend" Clay sobbed leaning up and kissing Nathan hard.

"I'll be back before you know it, now come and take a shower with me"

"OHFUCK, FUCK CLAY I'M CUMING!!" Nathan screamed, Clay quickly downed all of Nathan's 9.5 inch cock right to the base, gagging to the point he never had, Nathan exploded into Clay's hot and awaiting mouth, in his head Clay counted 6 cum shots.

"FUCK ME, OH MY GOD CLAY YES!" Nathan moaned, after having the biggest orgasm he ever had. Clay pulled up and off Nathan's cock, swallowing the cum, and then cleaning Nathan's cock up, he sucked the head, making sure every single last drop was gone.

"Defiantly, I want this, I want you, I need you!"

Clay had these dreams over and over again until Nathan came back home. A championship in his resume. But that wasn't the biggest news to happen. The secret was out! It was the night after Nathan and Clay had had their phone sex activities that their secret was out in the public.

"Breaking new tonight, as shock allegations that Bobcats basketball player Nathan Scott is in a same sex relationship with his agent Clayton Evans!" Clay dropped his glass, the water spraying onto the carpet. The phone was off the hook over the coming days. Clay spoke to Nathan and told him to deny the allegations and insist they were rumours.

"Is it true?" Brooke asked as Clay opened the door to allow the group in, consisting of Brooke, Julian, Quinn, Alex, Mouth, Millicent and Clay was gobsmacked to see Haley walking up the steps.

"Come in" Clay said ignoring Brooke and looking directly at Haley.

"What are you doing here?"

"What do you think Clay? I still care for Nathan, he is the farther of my son!" Haley said looking straight into Clay's eyes.

"Sorry, I understand, is Jamie with you?" Clay asked looking over Haley's shoulder.

"No, I'm not getting Jamie into the middle of this like last time, first I want to know the truth!" Haley said again, and moving into her former home.

"Is it true?" Quinn asked as Clay walked back into the room, facing all of his closest friends.

"Yeah it is!" Clay said, his head falling, as he heard the gasp, and Brooke sigh, a small comment that everyone heard.

"Why are all the cute ones gay?" Haley sat down on the stool at the kitchen counter top.

"How long?" Clay looked up at her.

"Around 7 months" Clay said as Haley only nodded.

"Well how did the media find out?" Mouth asked, looking at the other to try and see if any off them could sink so low.

"I have no idea, but what I need from you guys is to stay quiet, I told Nathan to deny the claims, but he wanted to be honest with you guys, wanted you to know, and so did I" Clay panted, the emotion getting to him.

"No worries Clay" Julian said, standing and patting Clay on the shoulder, who looked up and nodded.

"I told them" Clay said into his cell.

"And?" Nathan asked, his voice showing his urgency to know how his friends and family would react.

"It's ok, there happy for us Nate" Clay smiled, trying to remain calm. Nathan sighed, his heart slowing to normal speed.

"That's great, hang on I have another call.. its Lucas, call you later?" Nathan asked.

"Sure, I love you!" Clay said.

'Love you too" Nathan replied, hanging up, and then answering Lucas' call

"Hey Luke" Nathan said, taking a steady breath.

"Nate, hi, yeah I'm good, really good!" Nathan had a feeling Lucas wasn't being completely truthful, and was about to press on when Lucas continued.

"And how is my little bro doing in the Bobcats?" Lucas asked, trying to make Nathan laugh.

"Good, every things good" Nathan said back, feeling the awkward silence in the conversation growing.

"Well what rock have you been living under?" Lucas demanded. Nathan was confused.


"Oh common!" Lucas said, sighing into the phone. Offcourse Nathan knew what his brother was talking about.

"Oh that?" Nathan hesitated.

"Yeah that!"

"It's nothing, I'm not seeing my agent, just some fan probably making up rumours" Nathan said trying to cover up his secret. For some reason he couldn't tell Lucas the truth, it just felt like a letdown.

"Nate if it is true, and I'm not saying it is, but you can tell me, I won't judge" Lucas said, waiting for Nathan's response.

"Luke, I'm telling the truth, don't worry it's just rumours....."


A month had passed since Nathan and Clay's relationship had been flashed across the media. But lucky for them, the media moved on, and now the media only focused on how many hoops Nathan made per game. And they soon went into a frenzy the moment Nathan made the winning shot for the Bobcats taking the championship for the first time.

"Dad!" Jamie screamed the moment Nathan arrived home for the first time in months.

"Hey bud!" Nathan beamed, leaning down and picking Jamie up and smiling at seeing his son. Clay came up the hall, his heart skipping beats the moment he saw Nathan.

"Hey" Clay could only say, wishing he could hug his lover.

"Hi" Nathan replied as he put Jamie back down.

"Did you get me anything?" Jamie asked looking behind his dad trying to see if a present would all of a sudden pop out of nowhere.

"How'd you know?" Nathan smiled, ruffling Jamie's hair. Jamie smiled in anticipation. Nathan smirked and nodded to the car.

"Yes!" Jamie said running out for the car. As soon as Jamie was out of ear shot. Nathan pounced onto his lover.

"Baby I've missed you!" Nathan moaned, tacking Clay's lips and their kiss was one of the most passionate ones they had ever had. There breathing became so intense that they were making a lot of noise. Nathan pushed Clay up against the wall, his cock thrusting to meet with Clay's equally hard member.

"Fuck I've missed you!" Clay grunted, his hands moving down and grasping onto Nathan solid package.

"O god!" Nathan moaned, his head falling back, as Clay leaned in and sucked onto his neck, making Nathan go wild.

"Dad, thanks for these!" Jamie said, as Nathan and Clay suddenly pulled apart very quickly.

"No worries bud" Nathan panted, looking Clay in the eyes.

Inside the house was the smashing of glass, as Nathan smashed the picture frame of him and Haley at their senior Prom.

"Ok Jamie just run in a grab what you need" Quinn said after driving Jamie home to get some of his belongings. Jamie unlocked the door and walked in. Nathan was gone, and the house was empty. The first thing Jamie noticed was the cracked glass picture of his mum and dad.

Jamie suddenly woke, tears down his face, his dreams continually repeating the said dream. Jamie missed his dad, and his mom wasn't the same.

Jamie stayed the whole week; this was the first time Jamie had been to see Nathan in 3 months, and while Jamie was over, Nathan insisted that there was to be no sex, no sleeping in the same bed, just no sexual antics period. But the moment Haley came by and picked Jamie up to take him home, Nathan and Clay could do whatever they wanted.

"Finally!" Clay moaned out at grabbed his boyfriend into a deep kiss, they fell against the door, their kiss becoming more and more intense by the second. Nathan groaned out as both their hard cocks rubbed against each other.

"I've missed you!" Nathan moaned in between kisses. Clay grunted, his hand moving down south, grasping onto Nathan's bulge. The need for air broke their long make out, breaking apart; both men were panting, and their lips swollen and red.

"Dinner" Clay whispered

"Yeah" Nathan said back their head hitting together, both tasting each other breath.

"I can't wait to make love to you!" Nathan said again, his hands entangling with Clay's.

"Well tonight could be you're lucky night!" Clay teased, a cheeky grin appearing on his face. Nathan got even harder at the thought.

"That was nice" Nathan murmured putting the last bit of bread in his mouth.

"Anything I make is nice" Clay smiled, taking another glass of beer, sculling it down fast. Nathan only smiled, he looked over at Clay.

"I'm really sorry Clay, about everything that's happened" Nathan suddenly said, his smile disappearing immediately. Clay immediately looked up from his plate, he looked intently at Nathan.

"None of this is your fault Nathan" Nathan only sighed, he looked down.

"Why do rumours always hover around me?" Nathan said, pushing his meal away, suddenly losing his appetite.

"Honey" Clay sympathised as he rubbed his lover's foot with his own. Nathan looked up to Clay, their eyes locking with each others.

"I just don't want to cause problems for anyone, especially you" Nathan mumbled. Clay felt his heart melt.

"You could never cause me problems" Clay said heartily back.

"I love you; I love you for understanding me!" Nathan grinned as he began to get turned on by Clay's rubbing leg.

"You like that?" Clay asked as Nathan let out a small moan.

"You should like this more" Clay sniggered. He pushed his chair back and got under the table. Moving forward until Nathan's crotch was level with his face.

"Oh my god you're not!?" Nathan grinned then suddenly moaned as Clay suddenly grasped his lovers crotch, rubbing the thick bulging flesh, feeling it grow in his hands.

"I love your cock" Clay said as he put his hands up Nathan's shirt, his fingers ticking Nathan's hairy trail.

"Fuck Clay" Nathan grunted thrusting his hips forward and releasing some of his pleasure. Clay undid the belt and pulled the buckle of in a hurry. Nathan panted in anticipation, his heart beating fast.

"Yum" Clay said, licking his lips as he pulled Nathan's jeans and briefs off, revealing his monster 9.5 inch pucker. Clay slowly breathed on the mushroom head, Nathan's pre cum leaking out.

"Fuck just suck me" Nathan grumbled, his hands going under the table and grasping onto Clay's blond hair, forcing his lover onto his fuck pole. Clay gagged as the member descended its way into Clay's willing mouth. Grunting as Clay began to adjust to the large organ taking all his oxygen Nathan yelled out as Clay's warm lips sucked around the base, Nathan's whole cock falling down Clay's throat.

"FUCK HONEY THAT'S GOOD!" Nathan screamed as he trusted his cock upwards. Clay continued to gag, deep throating Nathan Scott was no easy task. Pulling up for air, Nathan's cock slipped out with a slurpuring sound. Clay grasped onto the pole, rubbing it up and down, his mouth bobbing up and down on Nathan. After missing Clay too much, Nathan exploded into Clay's mouth.

"OH GOD!" He moaned, as his cum spurted into Clay's mouth. Downing the juices, Clay got up from under the table and pulled Nathan into the bedroom.

They laid in each other's arms for hours, occasionally making out and rubbing their hard cocks together.

"You promised" Nathan said pulling back from a long drawn kiss.

"I know, and I'm willing" Clay smiled, pulling Nathan in for another kiss. They did this for what felt like hours, pulling back Nathan looked down at Clay.

"You ready?" Clay didn't even hesitate.

"Make love to me, please" He whispered, his lips capturing Nathan, the two pouring all their lust into the kiss. Nathan turned Clay onto his knees, his bum facing Nate's mouth.

"Be gentle" Clay smiled looking back.

"Pussy Nathan laughed back, he leaned forwards and kissed both of Clay's butt cheeks, rubbing them and pinching the soft bubble butt.

"Oooh" Clay moaned as Nathan leaned in and kissed Clay's hole, his tongue making its way up Clay's hole.

"GOD" Clay suddenly murmed as he felt the wet tongue slip in and out of his hole. Nathan continued to rim his boyfriend, his hands grasping onto Clays hairy arse. Nathan pulled back, and wet his finger with Clay's leaking pre cum.

"Fuck" Clay groaned as Nathan jerked him off, while gathering the cum, coating it all around his finger.

"Ready to be finger fucked?" Nathan said half laughing. Clay only nodded. Getting the go ahead Nathan proceeded. Moving his index cum coated finger forwards, Nathan breached Clay tight ring of muscle.

"Fuck" Clay said as Nathan was suddenly already in.

"God you're not even tight!" Nathan said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Well I got busy when you were away!" Clay laughed. Nathan only nodded as he could easily slip 3 of his fingers in. After stretching some of Clay and hitting his prostate every now again, Nathan decided to lube his cock up.

"Up ya get!" Nathan said pulling Clay to his knees, turning him around a passionately kissing him. Clay could taste his arse on Nathan's lips.

"Mmmmm" Both men moaned as their cocks rubbed against each other.

"You're going to suck me off!" Nathan said standing up and moving off the bed, and pulling Clay with him. Clay had a confused look on his face, wondering why he couldn't just suck Nate on the bed. Nathan smiled at Clay's confused look. It was in one quick movement that Clay was suddenly upside down, his mouth facing Nathan's cock, and Clay's arse was right under Nate's mouth.

"Wow fuck Nate" Clay screamed as he was suddenly cut short, Nathan's cock buried deep in his mouth.

"Fuck yeah" Nathan moaned, he then shoved his face into Clay's arse, his tongue buried deep in Clay's hole. The pair continued for a while, Clay bobbing his head up and down on Nathan's fuck pole. Nathan pulled his face away, sticking his fingers back in, his three fingers going deep into Clay who was beginning to moan in pleasure.

"Ok, I have to fuck you now!" Nathan screamed, feeling that both of them were close. Letting Clay down onto the bed, and making sure Clay's arse was facing his crotch.

"You ready honey?" Nathan moaned, jerking his wet cock, feeling his monster grew to an astonishing 10 inches through his anticipation. Clay nodded, ready for the biggest intrusion of his life. Slowly Nathan entered Clay for the first time, it was Nathan's first time giving anal sex, and it was Clay's first time being fucked. The head of Nathan's cock was buried deep in Clay's hairy arse. He entered slowly, his mushroom head breaching the ring of muscle, cause Clay to grunt, as he felt the initial pressure begin.

"Fuck babe" Clay said as Nathan finally got his head in, and slowly began to push further in. Nathan was in awe, the heat around his cock was beyond anything Nathan had ever experienced, no wonder gay sex was so popular.

"Fuck this is so hot" Nathan grunted, as he slowly pushed in.

"ARRRG" Clay yelled out, causing Nathan to halt immediately.

"Fuck you ok?" Nathan quickly asked. Clay was panting.

"Yeah, you just hit my prostate!" Clay said as he felt another wave of pleasure go through him.

"OK, well be warned, I'm going to fuck you like there's no tomorrow!" Nathan said as he finally made it all the way in.

"All right I'm in" Nathan said as he felt his stomach breech Clay's arse.

"FUCK YOUR HUGE!" Clay screamed.

"Ahhh, now he doesn't like it!" Nathan sneered remembering back to his first time.

"Hey it's ok, I'll go slow, if you want to stop anytime, all you have to say is stop, ok?" Clay said reassuring him and moving up until he was lying on Nathan's back. He kissed Nathan's neck, as Nathan nodded his response. Moving downward, kissing the muscled back, between the shoulder blades, down the spine. He reached Nathan's arse again, kissed and rimmed his hole for a moment and then sat up. He ripped the condom packet open and slid it over his erect member.

"Ok here I go, Nate just say stop anytime ok" Clay said.

"Just go" Nathan said rather impatiently. Clay moved forward, the head of his cock rubbed against Nathan's stretched hole. Nathan shivered. Clay pushed forward; the lube from the condom helped his hard member enter Nathan's hole a lot more easier than his fingers could. Soon Clay's head had gotten past Nathan's tight ring of muscle.

"OH FUCK THAT HURTS!" Nathan roared with pain. He felt like his arse was being torn in two. Clay stopped immediately, letting Nathan get used to the invasion.

"Keep going Clay" Nathan moaned out a short while later. Clay slowly pushed forward, the temptation to just shove his whole dick in was high, but he didn't want to hurt Nathan. Nathan was grunting and panting.

"FUCK CLAY, IT HURTS!" Nathan wailed. Clay stopped again, he was only half way in.

"Nathan just relax"

"Easy for you o say, you haven't got an 8 INCH DICK UP YOUR ARSE!" Nathan retorted back.

"When I hit your prostate you liked it didn't you?" Clay asked slowly pushing forwards.

"Y—yeah why?" Nathan asked.

"Well, when I get all the way in, I will be continually be hitting your prostate,, it gets better!" Clay reassured him, still pushing forward.

"YEAH WELL LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT WHEN I GET MY 9.5 INCHER UP YOUR TIGHT ARSE!" Nathan screamed back as Clay finally was all the way in, his pubes touching Nathan's butt, making him moan.

"See, you can dish but you can't take" Nathan sneered, as Clay groaned at the soreness his arse felt.

"Just more!" Clay screamed, as the pain was beginning to become unbearable. Nathan began a steady rhythm that took both men to the point of no return. Panting the sweat began to build up, boy adults were moaning as Nathan continued to thrust in and out of Clay, hitting his prostate over and over.

"NATE IM CUMMING!" Clay yelled as Nathan hit his for the 8th time, moving his hand at lightning speed Nathan grasped Clay's cock and jerked him, sending his over the edge into pure bliss. Clay's ass cheeks constricted and sent Nathan over the edge too, his cum exploding into his lover, the most he had ever let out. Both still panting Nathan slowly pulled his still stiff cock out of a spent Clay who was mumbling under his breath.

"What did you say?" Nathan asked breathing out fast, as he suddenly heard his phone ring.

"I said" Clay panted as Nathan reached over to the ringing phone. Picking it up.

"Will'- Nathan saw that it was Lucas calling 'you'- Nathan answered the call, "MARRY ME!?" Nathan sat frozen after Clay's words. The moment Nathan answered the call, Lucas had shouted out.

"I'm coming home!"


OH MY GOD! Sorry to leave the conclusion of the story on such a huge cliff-hanger! I can't believe I have finished the story! I has taken such a long time to write, but I'm glad its finished, well story one it. I would like to say thank you for reading the story and reviewing it! Thank you so much for being patient for updates, and I really hope you enjoyed the storyline, characters, and I look forwards to writing other One Tree Hill Slash stories.

At the moment, I am not planning a sequel, but have been in contact with Lathan Lover, who said is interested in writing a sequel to this story, but I'm not sure when or if there will be a sequel, but I will let you know if another story will begin. To give you an inside of what plot two is based around, I suggest you look back at some of the hints I have left in the last two chapters, regarding a future storyline.

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